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From the series “The World's Highest Observation Decks”
Travelers planning to visit the Bavarian Alps will have a great opportunity to enjoy their spectacular scenery. Most recently, Alpspix platform was built in Alpspitze. That is the unique observation deck of a rather unusual shape; it is ideal for admiring natural beauty of these places. The platform is framed with two crossed pavements 24 meters long. More than half of the platform protrudes above Hollental Valley. Protruding parts have transparent areas adding thrill.
In clear weather beautiful views of the Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany, can be admired. Alpspix observation deck is available all year round. Thanks to its unique shape, you can see spectacular scenery, invisible from other places. Despite the fact that the observation deck is very popular among travelers, it has a number of opponents. After its opening, group of climbers, which has chosen this venue for the annual training, said that this massive construction only spoils the perfect mountain landscape. According to them, the only way to enjoy beauty of these places is to conquer one of the mountain peaks. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “The Scariest Mines in the World”
Travelers who prefer walking through the deserted dark subterrenes have to go to the German town of Aalen. Here is the deserted iron ore mine, which is currently available for a visit. Production of iron ore in this field has begun in 1635; during hundreds of years the network of underground labyrinths has being risen to enormous scale. Today, its total length is about 6 kilometers.
In 1924, ore mining became unprofitable and it was decided to close the mine. The entrance was concreted, depriving thousands of curious people of opportunity to visit the mysterious cave. For many years the interest of local residents and tourists to the old mines hasn’t exhausted, so in 1979 Aalen government decided to unseal the entrance and set an iron gate beside it. The mine is open to visit only in the period from May to September; you can move through the tunnels only by special electric train and only in special equipment.
Before traveling, all participants must wear helmets and special cloaks, which will protect them from low ceilings and dripping water. Tunnels of the mine are very long and narrow, and the most spacious site is called Railway Station, that’s a place where the workers were waiting for the train. This place really looks like a real station, furthermore there is a small platform with benches. There are a few narrow shaft and tunnels available for hiking. Old equipment has survived in the underground labyrinth; nowadays it’s gathered in some interesting installations. A tour along Aalen mine promises to be an interesting and frightening experience at the same time. ... Complete sights collection

Zeche Zollverein

From the series “The Scariest Mines in the World”
The city of Essen also has a deserted coal mine that enjoys attention of tourists. The former coal mine is enlisted in the number of valuable industrial sites in the world and is under UNESCO protection; some of its quarries were converted into an interesting museum dedicated to the history of the mining industry. Mining has begun there in 1834; the famous businessman, Johann Franz Haniel, was a founder of the facility.
Coal mining has been conducted in the mines until 1986, until the field was completely exhausted. However, it was decided not to close it. Currently, extensive underground tunnels and old factories house interesting thematic museums, and desert tunnels attract curious tourists no less than the halls with unique exhibits.
After admiring priceless artifacts in museums, it’s worth to have a stroll through the deserted underground; just the simple descent via worn metal ladders makes adrenaline go rushing. Many mysterious stories are associated with Zeche Zollverein mines, as many industrialists have faced there with phenomenon of abnormal knocks. Tourists who visit these places often hear unexplained sounds. They are so distinct and realistic, that it seems that there is still active work in some areas of mines. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “Most Enchanting and Vibrant Festivals”
Oktoberfest is an event that thousands of beer lovers are looking forward every year. The world’s most famous and popular beer festival, which is held annually in Munich, attracts more than 6 million visitors from around the world. The date of the festival changes every year. It is a 16-day celebration running from late September to the first weekend in October. Every year on the Theresienwiese (meadow of Therese) special beer tents are placed in which the participants of the festival can taste the best varieties of a frothy drink. The biggest tent can accommodate up to 10 000 people.
Another remarkable feature of the beer festival is a huge amount of colourful rides and stalls with interesting souvenirs. That is the reason for many travellers to go on holiday with their families. The best breweries in Munich take part in the festival. In honour of the holiday they brew special beers. And renowned chefs prepare luxurious menus of fares that are best suited to frothy drink.
The founder of the festival is the Bavarian Prince Ludwig I. In 1810 in honour of the marriage to Princess Therese he arranged a luxurious holiday where all residents were offered a free beer. It was in honour of Ludwig I wife that a beautiful meadow where celebrations were held had got its name. By the will of the heir it was decided to spend the holiday every year. The modern Oktoberfest it is a lot of ​​beers and popular Bavarian treats, colourful rides and everyday entertainment, solemn processions through the city and exciting gastronomic events. ... Complete sights collection

Rhein in Flammen

From the series “Most Enchanting and Vibrant Festivals”
Those travellers who are attracted by spectacular pyrotechnic shows, should definitely visit the festival with the symbolic name ‘’Rhine in Flames’’. Towns and villages along the Rhine valley are the places where the firework displays take place. The festival begins in May in the small town of Bonn. Explosions of fireworks that light up the sky are the main symbols of the festival. In the daytime guests can visit interesting holiday concerts and fairs, and in the afternoon people gather on the banks of the river and look forward to the beginning of the firework spectacle which is certainly an absolute highlight.
It is believed that the most beautiful fireworks are held in Bingen. The firework displays are performed on both sides of the river. The country’s historical sites are very popular with the participants of the festival at this time. Firework displays and stylistic performances are usually held near the medieval castles.
The Bengal Lights’ Night is a very symbolic event which is accompanied by a flotilla of the decorated and illuminated riverboats. It usually starts in Linz and goes to the town of Bonn. Everyone can reserve a place on one of the boats and enjoy a romantic cruise. Each ship offers its guests a unique entertainment program. Traditionally, the festival begins in early May and ends only in September and gradually turns into a series of no less interesting and unique traditional wine festivals. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “Greatest Man-Made Waterways and Channels”
You can’t travel across Germany and not be aware of nation’s network of waterways. Top of the list is the Kiel Canal. German Kiel Canal links the North Sea with the Baltic. It is one of the most favourite tourist attractions in Europe ideal for leisure. The canal was named after the nearby city of Kiel and the Bay of the same name. Its length is about 98 km. Having a relatively small width, about 100 metres, the canal proved to be the busiest and highly demanded shipping route in Europe.
The official opening was held in 1895. Its infrastructure includes an abundance of ferry lines, vessels of all sizes and types pass the canal regularly. It took more than eight years to build the Kiel Canal. It's incredibly beautiful and harmonious and attracts plenty of tourists. A tour on the Kiel Canal takes about 7, 5 hours. Travellers enjoy the fabulously beautiful scenery and the unusual sight of big ships moving serenely across land.
As has been said, the Kiel Canal is the busiest waterway, it is used by about 250 vessels per day. Almost all the vessels pass through the canal under the pilotage which makes the traffic flow streamlined and safe. Nearly 24 hours and many kilometres of way were saved by using the Kiel Canal instead of going around the Jutland peninsula. It is therefore no surprise that the relevance for its use is increasing year by year. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “Greatest Man-Made Waterways and Channels”
The Mittelland Canal is a true country’s leader in a number of economic indicators. For many years it has formed an important link in German waterway network. The stretch of the longest German canal is 325 700 metres, it links Rhine with the country’s main water arteries such as Elbe, Ems, Weser and Oder Rivers. The canal is interesting for its picturesque landscapes and historical sights.
Lush forests covering the banks of the canal, charming ancient bridges and crossings form a harmonious sightseeing complex which is interesting to explore. The construction works were started in 1906, during the Second World War the pace of work was reduced to a minimum. Although the first section of the canal was opened for navigation in 1915, the construction was far from finished.
The building of the Mittelland Canal took more than 50 years to complete. It is constantly being improved and reconstructed. In 1998 a new aqueduct across the Elbe was built and thus supplemented the structure of the canal. The Mittelland Canal is considered to be the most important architectural object for local residents, so there have been many efforts to preserve its historical appearance. ... Complete sights collection

Kolner Dom

From the series “The Most Iconic Temples in the World”
Cologne Cathedral, which has many myths and legends, is popular among tourists from all over the world. The main attraction of Cologne has been preserved only through a miracle during the war. In the immediate vicinity of the cathedral, the numerous explosions, which completely destroyed the surrounding buildings, popped. The construction of the cathedral on the site of the older Romanesque cathedral began in 1248. Remarkable that the new cathedral was built in Gothic style, although the Romanesque style was much more widespread during this period.
Before the cathedral building is the important and symbolic event - the relocation to Cologne of the unique religious sanctuary, the relics of three fortune-tellers. The first stage of construction was finished in the early 15th century, and in 1842 the large reconstruction of the building, which lasted 38 years, was begun. In 1880, when renovation of the cathedral was completed, its height formed 157 meters. For four years he remained the tallest building in the world.
The well-known architect Gerhard has worked at the Domprojekt. As the legend tells, the devil helped him. This was the only way to explain the construction of such a grand architectural project. Every day, more than 20,000 people visit the Cologne Cathedral, which is to be graced by its magnificent interiors and the golden sarcophagus with its main sanctuary. The latter is a real masterpiece of jeweler art. For the decoration of the sarcophagus thousands of precious stones were used. In the cathedral there are also other sanctuaries - the Gerokreuz and the Milan Madonna, a unique statue from the 13th century. All those who are interested can climb up the Domgipfel and enjoy the panorama of Cologne, for which only 509 steps have to be overcome. ... Complete sights collection

Burg Hohenzollern

From the series “Amazing Ancient Fortresses Preserved to This Day”
The legendary Hohenzollern Castle is situated in Baden-Württemberg, not far from Stuttgart. For the first time the huge castle, which is situated on the summit, was mentioned in 1267. The archaeologists suspect that the castle was built almost 200 years earlier. The defense system has received important strategic importance until the 18th century. The last major reconstruction of the castle was carried out in the middle of the 19th century and was directed by Prussian King Frederick William IV.
The old castle was the house for the last Prussian Crown Prince Wilhelm and his family. The couple were buried in the Burgterritorium. Today, the famous historical landmark is known as the place where the most valuable artefacts tell the history of Prussia. In the castle are preserved the crown of William II, the collection of the personal belongings of Frederick the Great and the collection of the ancient letters. The castle is located at the height of 855 meters above sea level, so its visitors can not only see the historical artifacts, but also enjoy the panorama of the wonderful landscapes.
The followers of the mystical stories can wander through the ancient underground vault. This is often the strong din, for which there is still no physical explanation. Perhaps the movement of air through the narrow underground corridors is the reason for this. The locals believe that the ghost lives in the underground vault. Throughout the year the interesting cultural events, which are dedicated to the national traditions and history of Baden-Württemberg, take place in the castle. In summer, the open-air cinema is set up on the Burgterritorium. ... Complete sights collection

Smallest House in the World

From the series “The Most Bizarre and Fancy Living Houses”
The house, whose area is 1 square meter, is enough for the life of man. This is what the outstanding designer and architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel thinks. He has designed the unique house, which has all the usual household elements: the entrance door, the windows and the roof. When the house is placed vertically, its 'resident' can sit in the comfortable chair at the tiny table and graze in the surrounding landscapes through the rather large window. If you put the house on one of the walls, its only room becomes the cozy bedroom with the comfortable bed.
The author presented his original project at the design festival, which was held in Berlin. A few tiny houses were set up on the territory of the picturesque park. All interested could spend a few hours or a couple of days. With this original project, the designer wanted to put the current modern problem - the problem of housing buying in the spotlight. The author is convinced that this tiny dwelling will lend a feeling of security and secrecy to people who can not afford their own home or home.
All that ordinary people need for comfort is a square foot of their own living space. The tiny cottages were built of wood and were equipped with small wheels for mobility. All the furniture is collapsible, so you could easily reorganize the only room from living room to bedroom. The project organizer has valued the rent of such living space as 1 euro per day, making the tiny cottages the cheapest living space in the world. ... Complete sights collection
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