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Ceremonial processions, plenty of fun activities, exciting musical and theatrical performances, a variety of treats and overwhelming atmosphere of fun - all these attributes are well known to those who at least once in their lives visited a large festival. People started to celebrate their grand holidays thousands of years ago. They rejoiced the arrival of spring and the rich harvest, honoured their Gods and the ancestors. Each holiday required a compliance of several important traditions that had remained unchanged for centuries. Today many enchanting celebrations lost their original deep meaning. Just a sense of unity and fun remained, as well as solemn atmosphere, which is characteristic to all holidays without exception. In this review we will focus on the most unusual and popular festivals that the supporters of event tourism from around the world tend to visit.

Tomatina, Spain

Miniature Spanish town of Bunol became famous thanks to one of the most original and largest festivals of the world - the festival Tomatina. The event is dedicated to a well-known vegetable - Tomato that literally appears at the centre of events during the celebration. On the last Wednesday of August real battles unfold in the streets of the city. Juicy and over-ripe tomatoes are the participants’ main weapon. Traditionally locals and guests throw tomatoes and get involved in the tomato fight. During the Festival the city streets are covered with tomato juice.

Tomatina, Spain The history of the festival is very interesting. More than 60 years ago in the Plaza del Pueblo local youths went on strike. Some of them in a fit of rage started to pelt each other with tomatoes. Young men instantly forgot about the reason for the quarrel and continued to gamble until they ended up "weapons". A year later it was decided to repeat the event, but the city authorities considered it immoral. Only a few years later the town dwellers managed to get permission for the festival.

During 60 years the holiday has gained international fame and popularity. Each year the city's population increases fivefold during the festival. That’s about 30 000 participants, who are provided with 100 tons of excellent tomatoes. The holiday program is not limited by just street battles, interesting performances, music concerts and firework displays are offered to the guests. Next - Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest, Germany

Oktoberfest, Germany Oktoberfest is an event that thousands of beer lovers are looking forward every year. The world’s most famous and popular beer festival, which is held annually in Munich, attracts more than 6 million visitors from around the world. The date of the festival changes every year. It is a 16-day celebration running from late September to the first weekend in October. Every year on the Theresienwiese (meadow of Therese) special beer tents are placed in which the participants of the festival can taste the best varieties of a frothy drink. The biggest tent can accommodate up to 10 000 people. Complete article

Mardi Gras, USA

Mardi Gras, USA New Orleans is a wonderful place where the destructive force of hurricanes can be compared only with the love of the locals for holidays. Interesting street festivals are held in the city every single week. A special place in a series of national holidays belongs to the Mardi Gras festival. The name Mardi Gras is French for "Fat Tuesday". The festival is religiously rooted and celebrated on the last Tuesday before the start of the Catholic Lent. Complete article

Diwali, India

Diwali, India India is no doubt the birthplace of one of the most emblematic and interesting holidays. The festival of Diwali from a significant Hindu festival turned into a cultural heritage of world significance long ago. The symbolic "Festival of Lights" is incredibly popular with tourists. The main symbol of the beautiful religious holiday is the fire that spiritually signifies a victory of good over evil. Its celebration includes millions of lights shining outside doors and windows and amazing firework displays and fireworks in the streets. Complete article

Rio carnaval, Brazil

Rio carnaval, Brazil The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is a world famous and the most recognizable carnival in the world. The main city event begins on Friday before Ash Wednesday. Best samba schools in Brazil are involved in the preparation for the holiday. The exact origin of a fabulous holiday is unknown, according to some, the carnival was originally a Greek spring festival. The Romans adopted the same tradition. Complete article

Baltic Herring Festival, Finland

Baltic Herring Festival, Finland Among the numerous festivals and symbolic national holidays a special place belongs to gastronomic festivals. One of the most unusual and interesting among them is the Festival of herring which is held annually in Helsinki. For residents of Finland herring is not just one of the favourite delicacies, but a real national symbol. The Herring Festival is usually celebrated in early October. Complete article

Semana Santa, Spain

Semana Santa, Spain Semana Santa is the name of the famous Spanish annual festival that can literally be translated as "Holy Week". This is one of the few religious festivals in the world which is known far beyond the country. The festival is based on the performance of solemn religious processions that are held in absolutely all cities. A few dozen ceremonies can march past in one day of the festival in one city, they are usually accompanied by the performance of religious music and all old customs are kept up. Complete article

Istanbul Lale Festivali, Turkey

Istanbul Lale Festivali, Turkey Not everyone knows that the tulip is one of the Turkish traditional symbols. Every spring the annual Istanbul Tulip Festival takes place. The festival is held in April, millions of fragrant flowers are planted everywhere in squares and city avenues forming spectacular landscape compositions. In April lush flower beds in Istanbul are seen literally everywhere you look. They bloom for several weeks and may delight the eye for a month. Complete article

Songkran festival, Thailand

Songkran festival, Thailand The Chinese New Year celebration became an event of world importance long ago. This holiday is known to public as the Songkran festival and is celebrated in the middle of April. Although it is a family holiday the abundance of interesting street traditions makes it very attractive among the tourists. According to ancient tradition water pouring on Buddha statues that present in every home is considered a ritual for this holiday. Jasmine petals are also added to the water to make it scented as a sign of respect. Complete article

Holi Festival, India

Holi Festival, India Holi Festival, also known as the Festival of Colours, is the craziest and the brightest event on the planet. This fete began over 2000 years ago. It is celebrated in the New Moon in March and represents the long-awaited arrival of spring. Travellers who get used to wear their best clothes for the holiday should better quit this time. To the Festival of Colours one should go in the simplest and the most modest clothing. Complete article

Queen's Day, Netherlands

Queen's Day, Netherlands Every year at the end of April the Dutch celebrate the "most orange" festival on the planet - Queen's Day. The date of the event varies from year to year and falls on the 29th and 30th of April. The symbolic significance and grand scales are the main features of the huge party. The festivities are dedicated to Juliana, the ex-Queen of the Netherlands. It is also the day of national unity. This beautiful holiday, which has long received the status of important international event, is very symbolic and traditional. Complete article

National Cherry Blossom Festival, United States

National Cherry Blossom Festival, United States Each year, the National Cherry Blossom Festival – traditionally oriental holiday - celebrates spring in Washington. It is a truly unique event that attracts the attention of thousands of people. In 1912 the mayor of Tokyo donated Washington 3000 cherry seedlings as a sign of friendship and cooperation between the great cities. It was decided then to plant the seedlings on the territory of the Potomac Park. The trees had taken roots very quickly. And more than a hundred years they delight citizens and tourists with their splendid blossoming every spring. Complete article

Rhein in Flammen, Germany

Rhein in Flammen, Germany Those travellers who are attracted by spectacular pyrotechnic shows, should definitely visit the festival with the symbolic name ‘’Rhine in Flames’’. Towns and villages along the Rhine valley are the places where the firework displays take place. The festival begins in May in the small town of Bonn. Explosions of fireworks that light up the sky are the main symbols of the festival. In the daytime guests can visit interesting holiday concerts and fairs, and in the afternoon people gather on the banks of the river and look forward to the beginning of the firework spectacle which is certainly an absolute highlight. Complete article
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