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How can an ordinary elevator, whose main appointment is well known even to children, surprise a modern man? Every day millions of people use the elevator in their house and office without even realizing that some elevators have the status of unique attractions. Completely made of glass, rising to a record height and high-speed, they differ in non-standard design and a construction inside the aquarium. Futuristic elevators are not limited to engineering and architectural imagination. Some unique elevators are able to charm with their non-standard appearance, while others are very frightening, the third ones are considered to be priceless historical sights. If you also like to use elevators and visit unusual places, be sure to include a visit to one of the most amazing elevators of the planet in your excursion program.

AquaDom, Germany

The unique AquaDom lift can be seen at the Radisson SAS Hotel in Berlin. The main feature of the elevator is its unique design. It was equipped with a huge cylindrical aquarium with thousands of colorful fish. The height of the aquarium is 25 meters, and its circumference is about 900,000 liters. During the ascent and descent, the AquaDom Elevator literally moves inside the giant aquarium, so the people in it can watch the tropical fish.

AquaDom, Germany The exotic inhabitants of the aquarium lift need special care, so at the Hotel Berlins two divers who feed the fish every day. The huge aquarium of the cylindrical shape is made of acrylic glass. Its diameter is 11 meters. This impressive size makes AquaDom the real global leader - the world's largest acrylic glass cylinder.

The strange elevator was opened in the hotel in 2003. It is the result of the joint project of the companies International Concept Management, Inc. and Reynolds Polymer Technology. According to the calculations, the construction of the elevator cost almost 13 million euros. The elevator in the chic hotel of Berlin is two-storey. From the beginning it should serve not only as a practical element of the building, but also to decorate the interior. Next - Baylong

Baylong, China

Baylong, China In China, on the territory of one of the most scenic nature reserves, located in the district of Wulingyuan, is the unique Bailong Elevator. The elevator was mounted next to one of the mountain masses. It raises the visitors of the nature reserve to the viewing platform, which is equipped at the height of 360 meters. The elevator has the two-storey cabin and can transport up to 50 people uniquely. The main feature of the elevator is the transparent walls and the glass floor. The ride with Bailong is a truly stunning adventure. Complete article

Hammetschwand, Switzerland

Hammetschwand, Switzerland The Hammetschwand lift, which is located in Switzerland, will definitely please the tourists who like nerve kitzel. This elevator was built in 1905 and is located in the surroundings of Lucerne, not far from Lake Lucerne. The elevator lifts the passengers to the beautiful viewing platform, which is located at the height of 153 meters. Complete article

Elevator in Eiffel Tower, France

Elevator in Eiffel Tower, France The Eiffelturm is probably one of the most famous sights in the world. It is a location of excellent viewing platforms, museums and restaurants. For the convenience of the visitors the tower was equipped with the beautiful elevators. A total of five elevators are available to visitors. The first lifts were opened more than 110 years ago. According to statistics, about 6 million tourists visit the Eiffel Tower annually. Such number of visitors are thus transported by the five historical elevators annually. Complete article

Falkirk Wheel, Scotland

Falkirk Wheel, Scotland At the first sight of the Falkirk Wheel, one can hardly suspect that this complicated construction of the unusual shape and the impressive size is an ordinary lift. Actually, Falkirk Wheel is a unique rotatable ship lift that connects two canals - Union and Forth Clyde. The height difference between these channels is 24 meters, so the original revolving elevator was an ideal means for their connection. Complete article

Elevator Without Bottom, UK

Elevator Without Bottom, UK Not all people look under their feet when they enter the elevator. In London's famous shopping center, Southside, such inattentive people can get a terrible scare. This is because one of the elevators in this shopping center has 'no floor'. Of course, the lack of a floor is just an optical illusion created by the talented painter Andrew Walker. Complete article

SkyView Elevator, Sweden

SkyView Elevator, Sweden The most unusual lift in Sweden can be found in Stockholm. SkyView is an original elevator that is located on the southern side of the spherical building Globen Arena. The latter is the largest spherical structure in the world, which makes the original circular elevator even more attractive. The SkyView elevator is a complex of two glass gondolas that run along the southern wall of the spherical sports arena and lift the passengers to their roof. Complete article

Gateway Arch Elevator, United States

Gateway Arch Elevator, United States One of the main attractions of Saint-Louis is the memorial with the symbolic name 'Gate of the West' - a beautiful high arch, on the top of which the viewing platform is located. There is only one way to climb up to the lookout platform - go with the special elevator. The elevator is a 'train' consisting of eight cars, in each of which 5 people can drive once. Complete article

Elevador de Santa Justa, Portugal

Elevador de Santa Justa, Portugal One of Lisbon's landmarks is the old Elevator Elevador-de-Santa-Justa, which locals call Elevador do Carmo. This unbelievably beautiful old elevator, opened in 1901, connects one of the streets in the city district of Baixa with Largo do Carmo. The beautiful lift shaft is built in Neo-Gothic style, its height is 45 meters. The elevator cabin is quite large and can accommodate up to 20 people. Complete article

Hydraulic lift in Louvre, France

Hydraulic lift in Louvre, France Louvre has been one of the most visited museums in the world for several years. However, you can see not only the valuable historical and artistic exhibits. One of the main features of the world-famous museum is the ultramodern hydraulic elevator, which lifts visitors from the ground floor of the museum to the first floor. Complete article

Lacerda Elevator, Brazil

Lacerda Elevator, Brazil Elevador Lacerda is one of the main tourist attractions of the city of Salvador. It connects the business center with the old town. From engineering point of view, the elevator is a tower with the elevator shafts and the complicated counterbalancing system. The height of the tower is 72 meters. The elevator construction has 4 large cabins, each of which can accommodate up to 32 people. Because Lacerda Elevator belongs to the system of urban public transport, one has to pay for the trip with it. Complete article

Mercedes-Benz Museum, Germany

Mercedes-Benz Museum, Germany The tourists who visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart have a chance to drive with one of the most remarkable elevators in the world. In the central museum hall, the vertical rails were fixed to the walls, on which the futuristic elevators, which look like large metal capsules, are mounted. To get up from the ground floor of the museum to the last floor, the elevator takes less than 30 seconds. This elevator is astounded by the peculiar shape and interior design of the cabins. Complete article

Asansor Elevator, Turkey

Asansor Elevator, Turkey The Turkish city of Izmir has the landmark lift - Asansör. The elevator is located in the city district of Konak and is one of the most striking urban sights. The history of the construction of this elevator, opened in 1907, is very interesting. The lift was built on the initiative of one of the rich local traders who wanted to connect the Karatash quarters with the summit of the hillside. Complete article

Elevator Long Island Center, USA

Elevator Long Island Center, USA The trailers of the unusual lifts can be recommended to visit the elevator located in the business center Long Island City Business Center in New York. The unique elevator has long been a well-known attraction. The lift is characterized by a unique interior designed by the famous modern painters. The floor of the elevator imitates the old worn parquet, and its walls of the unusual shape are dyed in bright colors. Complete article

Elevator Sky Tower, New Zealand

Elevator Sky Tower, New Zealand The legendary radio and television tower Sky Tower is one of the landmarks of Auckland. Its visitors have an excellent opportunity to drive with the chic glass elevator and enjoy the panorama of the city from the height of 196 meters. Sky Tower is the fast-moving train and takes visitors to the last floor of the skyscraper in just 40 seconds. When you look at the transparent section of the floor and look down during the ascent, it seems that you fall into the abyss. The ride with the elevator will give a lot of the unforgettable impressions to the followers of the nerve kitzel. Complete article
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