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When architects get drunk. The Most Bizarre and Fancy Living Houses

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In what house do you prefer to live? Large and modern, equipped with fashionable technology? Or in a beautiful ancient castle, which is more like a museum and reliably hidden from prying eyes beyond the walls of a dense forest? Just imagine that in the age of advanced technology, some people live in houses, that are more like a prehistoric cave. Or huddle in tiny apartments, the size of which is only a few square meters. While connoisseurs of comfort consider it a matter of honour to purchase apartments in a unique house-park, others are happy to possess a modest capsule room where they can only place a bed and a miniature table. Not all modern residential buildings are close to modern standards. Curious? Then go ahead and study of the most original houses of the planet!

Narrowest House in the World, Poland

The closest house in the world can be found in Warsaw. The search for this attraction can take a while. In an unusual construction, which is literally pushed into 'between two high-houses', one can not immediately recognize the dwelling-house. The author of the unusual project was the Polish architect Jakub Schesny, who has succeeded in constructing the modern, comfortable house on the smallest surface.

Narrowest House in the World, Poland The maximum width of the house is 122 cm, and the minimum - 72 cm. Despite the modest width, the house was equipped with all necessities. The depth of his rooms reaches 7.5 meters, so one could place the modern furniture, the household technology and even the decor elements in the house. The narrowest house in the world is three storey and has the bathroom, the living room, the rather original bedroom and the cozy kitchen.

The Israeli writer Edgar Keret was the first person to spend a few days in one of the most unusual houses in the world. The original house is highly demanded by the artists, so its owner offers all interested parties a possibility to live in the unusual atmosphere some time. The architect thinks that one can compare life in the narrow house with life in the space ship. There is absolutely everything you need for comfortable living, but the guests of the house need some time to get used to the unusual conditions. Next - Flintstones House

Flintstones House, United States

Flintstones House, United States The animators of flintstones can visit Malibu and find the famous house of Flintstones. The original house is an exact copy of the 'cave dwelling' in which the family lived from the animation film. The original house belongs to the television supporter Dyn Clark. From the outside the house is reminiscent of the real cave, only the attentive visitors can notice the large panoramic windows, the sliding glass doors and the other modern things in the house, which harmoniously harmonize with the cave style. Complete article

God Loftstory, Netherlands

God Loftstory, Netherlands In the Netherlands there is the unique house that can not be found in any other country in the world. The house with the original name God's Loftstory was set up in the empty building of the old church. The best specialists of the design studio Zecc Architecten have worked on his project. The original house is located in the church on the territory of the picturesque province of Gelderland. During the reconstruction of the building, its external appearance has remained unchanging. Complete article

Senosiain Arquitectos Nautilus, Mexico

Senosiain Arquitectos Nautilus, Mexico In Mexico is the strange house 'Nautilus', which reminds from the outside of a shell of the huge Molluske. When you visit the unusual house you can think of it as a monument in the futuristic style or for an unusual attraction, rather than for the living space. The main feature of the so-called building façade is the colorful panel, which is made of the many-colored glass. Complete article

Transparent House, Japan

Transparent House, Japan To hide from the hectic life and the strangers in your own house is a natural desire of all the owners of the house. It is not so easy in multi-million Tokyo, especially in the transparent house. The specialists of the architectural firm Sou Fujimoto Architects have erected the unique house in one of the lively districts of Tokyo, whose walls are the transparent panels. On sunny days all the rooms of the transparent house are flooded with the light. Its inhabitants have to take care to hide from the foreign eyes. Complete article

Smallest House in the World, Germany

Smallest House in the World, Germany The house, whose area is 1 square meter, is enough for the life of man. This is what the outstanding designer and architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel thinks. He has designed the unique house, which has all the usual household elements: the entrance door, the windows and the roof. When the house is placed vertically, its 'resident' can sit in the comfortable chair at the tiny table and graze in the surrounding landscapes through the rather large window. If you put the house on one of the walls, its only room becomes the cozy bedroom with the comfortable bed. Complete article

Stone House, Portugal

Stone House, Portugal The hikers can see the unique stone house in Portugal. In contrast to millions of other houses, it was not built 'out', but 'in' the stone. The house is located in the picturesque mountain area, not far from Fafe city and was still built in 1974. The huge stone has excited the attention of the resourceful construction workers more than forty years ago. They decided to save the money for the building materials chiseling out the rooms in the stone. The realization of the original project has required a lot of time and energy. Complete article

Casa de Pedra, Brazil

Casa de Pedra, Brazil The original dwellings can be found not only in the elite districts of the big metropolises. A really unique house is located in the Elander district of São Paulo. The house called Casa-de-Pedra was built by the ordinary local gardener. Just a few years ago, the poor gardener had no money to build the smallest house. He found the simple exit from the complicated situation and built the house from the various materials that have come to pass. Complete article

Skateboarding House, United States

Skateboarding House, United States The original house, which is located in Malibu, will definitely please the young people and the sports friends. The house is intended for those sports fans who can not spend the day without skateboarding. The original house was built on the individual order. Its owner and buyer is the founder of Etnies company. The latter is very well known among the skateboard fans, since the company produces the special sports accessories. Complete article

Water Tower Conversion, Belgium

Water Tower Conversion, Belgium In Belgium there are quite unusual houses. One of the most famous among them is the design studio BHAM. The gifted modern designers have converted the old water tower, whose height is 30 meters, into a comfortable house. The diameter of the unusual house is also quite impressive and is 20 meters, and the general area of ​​the six-storey house forms 400 sqm Complete article

House with Slide, Japan

House with Slide, Japan Among the unusual and original houses in the world you have to mention the house with the slide. The original three-storey house is located in the district of Nakameguro and was built by the architectonic studio level architects. From the outside the house looks quite strict and elegant, although inside it is furnished with the play equipment. The main feature of the house construction is the slide, which replaces some traditional stairs. Therefore, the householders do not descend the staircase from the third to the first floor, but slide down. Complete article

Waldspirale, Germany

Waldspirale, Germany The house with the symbolic name 'Waldspiral' is one of the most original architectural sights in Darmstadt. Its construction began in 1998 and lasted two years. The natural theme served as a basis for the project of the unusual building. No symmetrical forms, which are so untypical for nature, the spacious terraces with the numerous plants and the huge domes, which remind one of the onions - there is no random element in the building structure. Complete article

Habitat 67, Canada

Habitat 67, Canada Montreal's Habitat 67 residential complex is one of the most distinctive architectural attractions in Canada. It was built in 1967 on the occasion of the exhibition 'Expo 67'. The main theme of this exhibition was the residential building. To commemorate the important cultural event Montreal has won the original house, which is composed of the huge number of regular cubes. Such construction is not accidental. Since ancient times cube has been a symbol of prosperity and stability. Complete article

Kettle House, United States

Kettle House, United States In the USA, on the territory of the state of Texas is the original teapot house. The author of this unusual architectural project is the ordinary employee of one of the local oil companies. He has designed the steel capacities for lifelong storage life long. His professional life inspired him to form the unusual house. The first house was built entirely of steel. A few years later, however, it had to be renovated. Complete article

Nakagin Capsule Tower, Japan

Nakagin Capsule Tower, Japan Japan is one of the countries in the world where the problem of lack of living space is particularly relevant. The inhabitants of Tokyo and other cities in the country have been worried about this for several decades. The architect Kise Kurakavo proposed an original variant for solving this problem. In 1972 he built the residential complex under the name 'Nakagin Kapselturm', which immediately became the architectural monument of the world. Complete article
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