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Admiring spectacular panoramic views is one of the most impressive, romantic and peaceful activities. Observation decks can be found on tops of modern skyscrapers, over deep canyons and high mountains. Some bridges are ideal to explore scenic surroundings. The most attractive are natural viewing platforms formed by natural forces. Some viewpoints have long been landmarks of world importance; they are visited annually by thousands of professional photographers, fans of unusual entertainment and active travelers.

At the Top, United Arab Emirates

The highest observation deck in the world is located in Dubai, on the 124th floor of the tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa, at a height of 472 meters. The viewpoint occupies the entire floor and has a circular panorama. High quality technical equipment is among its main distinguishing features. Thanks to high-tech telescopes, visitors can not only see any interesting object nearby, but also get more information about it and see pictures of the object taken at different times of day. There are several interactive models at the observation deck, so visitors have a great opportunity to learn a lot of interesting things about city's history and culture of the locals.

At the Top, United Arab Emirates At the Top platform is closed, but there are several open outdoor terraces for thrill-seekers and fans of outdoor activities. It's also worth noting that there is a great gift shop selling exclusive products, including gold bullions. At the Top is the most expensive lookout in the world, the entrance fee for visitors is about 110 USD. However, visitors still have a great opportunity to save money; they are recommended to book a ticket in advance (at least 30 days prior to the visit) - in this case it will cost three times cheaper. It's important to note that time of exploring At the Top isn’t limited, so you can admire the view of Dubai until the deck will be closed. Next - View from the Shard

View from the Shard, UK

View from the Shard, UK Guests of London traditionally visit The Shard skyscraper. It is home to one of the highest viewing platforms in Europe. View from the Shard was opened to the public Feb. 1, 2013. The viewing platform occupies last three floors of the skyscraper, from 70th to 72th. The observation deck is 243 meters above the earth; it is equipped with 12 high-tech telescopes that can be used to see all the details of the most popular attractions of the British capital. Complete article

Stratosphere, USA

Stratosphere, USA The highest observation deck of the United States can be found at Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas. It is 264 meters above earth. The viewing point is open. Besides classical telescopes and comfortable benches for rest, it features three unique rides. Stratosphere observation platform is a unique entertainment complex designed for various activities. Complete article

Alpspix, Germany

Alpspix, Germany Travelers planning to visit the Bavarian Alps will have a great opportunity to enjoy their spectacular scenery. Most recently, Alpspix platform was built in Alpspitze. That is the unique observation deck of a rather unusual shape; it is ideal for admiring natural beauty of these places. The platform is framed with two crossed pavements 24 meters long. More than half of the platform protrudes above Hollental Valley. Protruding parts have transparent areas adding thrill. Complete article

Aiguille du Midi, France

Aiguille du Midi, France Aiguille du Midi can be called the most popular observation deck of France. It is situated on the peak of the same name in the picturesque Mont Blanc region. This multilevel viewing platform features infrastructure, so the journey to it promises to be an unforgettable adventure. To reach the site you need to overcome an impressive way on the lift and then pass the remaining part of the way by Chamonix Aiguille du Midi cable car. The latter has being operating since 1955 and is still the highest in Europe. Complete article

Preacher’s Pulpit, Norway

Preacher’s Pulpit, Norway An observation deck with an unusual name 'Preacher's Pulpit' is a unique structure created by nature, absolutely no effort was made by man. The point is a natural cliff 604 meters in height located above the Lysefjord. The huge stone platform has an almost perfect square shape with a side of 25 meters; in appearance resembles a really huge pulpit. This natural observation deck offers a gorgeous panoramic view of the fjord, the nearby Kjerag plateau and other amazing attractions of Forsann. Complete article

Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia One of the main attractions of Malaysia and the greatest achievement of engineering is Langkawi Sky Bridge. This footbridge of incredibly beautiful curved shape is located on the island of Langkawi, in the Ganung mountains. It was designed to cross the chasm. Opening of the bridge took place in 2005; it instantly became popular among travelers. For almost 10 years, it has being used only as a lookout. Complete article

Grand Canyon Skywalk, USA

Grand Canyon Skywalk, USA Grand Canyon Skywalk is in the U.S., within the National Park Grand Canyon. It has a horseshoe shape and hangs over a precipice giving visitors an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the Grand Canyon in full. Wall and floor pads are made of durable laminated glass, so nothing can disturb from admiring natural sights. The observation deck is located at an altitude of 1450 meters above sea level; it is about 200 meters above the bottom of the canyon. Complete article

Aurland Lookout, Norway

Aurland Lookout, Norway Aurland Lookout is situated in Norway, over Aurlandsfjord. World-famous architects, Tommy Wilhelmsen and Todd Saunders from Saunders Architecture, were developers of the project. The primary task of architects was to create the most reliable and harmonious design that wouldn't violate the natural harmony. For this reason, it was decided to build the observation deck of natural light wood. Aurland Lookout can safely be called a true masterpiece of modern Scandinavian architecture. Complete article

Dachstein Sky Walk, Austria

Dachstein Sky Walk, Austria Dachstein Sky Walk was built for admiring the amazing Alpine scenery in Austria. The location of the site is Dachstein glacier, or rather, the edge of Hunerkogel cliff being 300 meters high. The viewing platform is 2700 meters above sea level; its original design provides an opportunity to enjoy views of four corners of the world. In clear weather you can see not only the surrounding mountains in all their glory, but also the territory of neighboring states, Czech Republic and Slovenia. Complete article

Canopy Tower, Panama

Canopy Tower, Panama Soberania National Park in Panama features the green hotel Canopy Tower. This is where one of the most famous and attractive panoramic sites in the world can be found. The hotel occupies an old radar tower, which was used by the authorities of the United States to observe the Panama Canal. Today, travelers and scientists from around the world use its rooftop as an observation deck for admiring the surrounding scenery. The radar tower is surrounded by lush tropical forests all around. Complete article
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