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Noisy crowded streets, busy roads, where traffic does not stop even with an advent of the night, nightclubs, and entertainment centers with thunderous music make it difficult for residents of large cities to escape from the fuss. Still, in the world there are numerous tiny cities that are hard to believe in. They attract tourists with marvelous scenery, unique architecture and a special way of life. These villages can be found in various parts of the world. Population in miniature town is sometimes less than a thousand people that makes them attractive for tourists wishing to relax in a truly secluded and quiet location. Each of the towns represented in this survey makes you wish to live there forever.

Yangshuo Town, China

Yangshuo is one of those towns of the world, where everyone wants to stay forever. It is framed by high mountains, which are covered by a thick vegetation during warmer months. Many people appreciate Yangshuo for fabulously beautiful scenery. Swift streams and rivers with crystal clear water flow between high limestone cliffs. These beautiful places are very popular among fans of outdoor activities. Enthusiasts of rock climbing come here. Tourists have an opportunity to stroll along the scenic places or go cycling.

Yangshuo Town, China The picturesque town is situated on the banks of the Li River, near the city of Guilin. Its area is about 1 428 square km. About 310 000 people constantly live in town. According to historical data, the first little village on the site of the modern place was founded more than 2 000 years ago. Over time it has become a big thriving city, whose residents were engaged in agriculture and fishing. Today, Yangshuo is a world center of tourism. Travelers from around the world come to admire its fabulous mountain scenery.

Many of the tourists who once have decided to come here on vacation, decided to move there. There are many small hotels and restaurants in Yangshuo that are owned by expats. Tourists will enjoy lots of amazing activities. Travelers will learn about the natural and architectural attractions, and even go rafting on the Li River using a bamboo raft. The town has several climbing schools. Even beginners can participate in this kind of entertainment. Next - Bled Town

Bled Town, Slovenia

Bled Town, Slovenia The picturesque town of Bled is in Slovenia, close to the border with Austria and Italy. The main character of this ancient city is the castle, the first mention of which dates back to the beginning of the 11th century. The Bled Castle is located on a cliff top that is 130 meters high. This cliff overlooks the other prominent attraction of the region - Lake Bled. Complete article

Jiufen Village, Taiwan

Jiufen Village, Taiwan In Taiwan, there is the charming town of Jiufen that also conquers travelers with its incredible atmosphere. The history of this town is very interesting; it had been founded many years ago as a small settlement of gold miners. There have been several mines, in which the bulk of the population has been employed. When the gold rush was over, locals did not leave their homes. After a few years, their hometown became a thriving tourist center. Complete article

Hallstatt Village, Austria

Hallstatt Village, Austria The picturesque town of Hallstatt is hidden in the Austrian Alps. The settlement is located on the shores of the lake. Despite the fact that it’s quite difficult to get to the town, it is visited by thousands of tourists every year. One of the main attractions is the Hallstatt Salt Mine that is one of the oldest in the world. Its development has begun more than 3 000 years ago. In the 19th century, the archaeological research was first carried on the territory of the modern village and its surroundings. In the course of excavations, scientists were able to detect traces of more than 2 000 graves, which were created as far back as the Iron Age. This unique discovery allowed Hallstatt to be considered one of the oldest settlements in Europe. Complete article

Riomaggiore Town, Italy

Riomaggiore Town, Italy Riomaggiore in Italy can claim the title of one of the most beautiful places in the world. This town is located on the coast of La Spezia province. It is conveniently located on the cliffs. The place is known to many tourists because of its small houses that are painted in various colors. Travelers are attracted by the wonderful mountain scenery. Tourists can also visit some of the most picturesque beaches in Italy, which managed to maintain their original beauty. Complete article

Cochem Town, Germany

Cochem Town, Germany The town of Cochem is located in Germany, at the banks of the Moselle river. Fans of vacations in quiet and secluded places will find it pleasant. The area of ​​this town is about 21 square km; it’s permanent population is about 4 900 people. The main attraction of the town is the old German imperial castle at the foot of the hill. On the slopes of the hill you could see famous Moselle vineyards. They are growing grapes for local wineries, where unique varieties of wine are brewed following old recipes. Complete article

Vang Vieng Village, Laos

Vang Vieng Village, Laos Vang Vieng in Laos is one of the most beautiful and, at the same time, one of the most dangerous places in the world. Vang Vieng is considered a youth resort. Many nightclubs, discos, bars, and other entertainment facilities are concentrated along the main street. More than 170 000 tourists from around the world come here in search of alcohol and drugs that are sold freely in this small town. Complete article

Shirakawa-Go Town, Japan

Shirakawa-Go Town, Japan Shirakawa-go is one of the few Japanese towns, which for hundreds of years has been maintaining its historic charm. This place is home to about 1 600 people; its area is ​​356 square km. The main feature of the town is its unique architecture. You can see small houses of local residents even today. Buildings are exactly the same as 200 years ago. Complete article

Cemoro Lawang Town, Indonesia

Cemoro Lawang Town, Indonesia One of the smallest and most beautiful towns in Indonesia is Cemoro Lawang. The town is located close to the volcano Bromo, to which it owes its fame. Tourists visit the  town in the framework of sightseeing tours across the surrounding area. Many travelers stay here for a night to start for a walk along mountains and enjoy the majestic volcanoes after dawn. Complete article

Xinyi Town, China

Xinyi Town, China In China, there is an amazing town of Xinyi that got its name after the river that is flowing nearby. This place attracts travelers with its exotic landscapes. There is no coincidence that Miss World competition has being held there for many years. Fabulously picturesque deserted beaches and exotic gardens wait for holidaymakers. The resort has a lot of high-class hotels and restaurants that will delight even the discerning travelers. Complete article

Positano Village, Italy

Positano Village, Italy Several beautiful villages can be found in Italy, and the charming Positano is among them  The main attraction of this colorful town is the church of Santa Maria Assunta that stores the religious relic that is known to the whole world - the icon of the black Madonna. A lot of amazing stories and legends are associated with the icon. According to one of them, a few hundred years ago, pirates have stolen the relic. On their way, they were overtaken by a violent storm. Pirates heard the mysterious voice that commanded them to bring the icon to the nearest church. This is how the relic got to Positano. Many pilgrims come here especially to bow to the amazing icon. Complete article

Qaqortoq Village, Greenland

Qaqortoq Village, Greenland In Greenland, fans of vacations in unusual places can visit the miniature town of Qaqortoq. After the archaeological research, scientists were able to find out that the very first settlement on the site of the modern town has appeared more than 4 000 years ago. Many tourists recognize modern Qaqortoq thanks to its unusual colorful houses. On the background of snow-covered hills, they look look like colorful beads scattered on a snow-white tablecloth. Complete article

Livno Town, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Livno Town, Bosnia and Herzegovina In Bosnia and Herzegovina there is the ancient town of Livno. The first settlement there was founded by the Dalmatians more than 4 000 years ago. Subsequently, these places were inhabited by the Romans. Today, the town is the centre of the eponymous community. The population is more than 10 000 people. The first mention of Livno dates back to the end of the 9th century. The town reached its heyday during the Ottoman rule. Complete article

Goreme Town, Turkey

Goreme Town, Turkey Goreme is the unique town that is well-known far beyond the borders of Turkey. The world fame was brought to the area by the unusual rock formation. During the reign of the Roman Empire, the first settlers cut down their homes there. Rocks were durable and reliable, so several houses have managed to survive after a thousand years. People are still living there. Tourists from all over the world come to admire this unusual settlement. Complete article

Tenby Resort, United Kingdom

Tenby Resort, United Kingdom There are some beautiful little towns in Britain, among which the most popular tourist destination is Tenby. This town is located on the Bay of Carmarthen, in the south of Wales. That’s a popular seaside resort. The modern town is home to about 4 900 people, while the number of tourists who annually visit these scenic spots, is ten times more. Complete article
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