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Veneration. The Most Iconic Temples in the World

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The opportunity to hear fascinating sounds of ancient organs, see unique religious and artistic relics, as well as beautiful icons with faces of saints seem incredibly boring and uninteresting events? Well, you have not yet visited the most magnificent temples of the planet. These are not just religious buildings, which, among others, only highlight a huge scale and an impressive age. These are truly unique and symbolic monuments of history, each of which keeps its secret. Travellers who want to visit world famous temples have an opportunity to learn a lot of incredible romantic stories and legends, to see world-famous religious relics and precious ornaments. Unique temples exist literally in every country, and each of them has a special history.

Taj Mahal, India

The legendary Taj Mahal is one of the most recognizable attractions in the world. A very romantic and fateful story is connected with the construction of the mausoleum. Its construction lasted more than twenty years and ended in 1653. The mausoleum was begun by order of the great Mogul Shah Jahan, who dedicated the mausoleum of his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal, who died during his birth.

Taj Mahal, India In the middle of the huge architectural complex is the crypt with two tombs - the great emperor and his great love. The construction surprises with the impressive extent. The height of the mausoleum is 74 meters. The most unusual and most recognizable element of the mausoleum is the huge marble dome with the height of 35 meters. According to the historical data, about 22,000 workers participated in the construction of the mausoleum. In the course of more than twenty years the construction work was literally broken off for a minute.

A must also be the garden surrounding the architectural complex, whose area is 300 q. M forms. Since the foundation, the mausoleum has been surrounded with the numerous cypresses and fruit trees that symbolize death and life. In front of the architectural complex is the large basin, where the huge building is very impressively reflected. The unique structure, whose architectural parameters are ideally symmetrical, creates a lot of optical illusions. When you turn your face to the Taj Mahal and walk forward with your back, it seems that the building is expanding. Next - Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, England

Westminster Abbey, England One of the most remarkable monuments of medieval architecture in the world is in London. The construction of the abbey of Westmünster was begun in the 13th century. The fact that the buildings of the monastery, which had been vacant since the 16th century, have survived to the present seems simply unbelievable. Many elements of the great complex have remained unchanged for more than seven centuries. The monastery church has completely preserved its original form. This is a typical example of Gothic architecture. A part of the old building was put at the disposal of the college, which is now in the abbey. Complete article

Notre-Dame de Paris, France

Notre-Dame de Paris, France The legendary cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris, which is located in the center of the French capital, is the most famous Catholic cathedral in the world. The beautiful cathedral that visitors see today Paris was built in the middle of the 19th century, although the construction of the first cathedral was completed in 1345. During the revolution, the cathedral was almost completely destroyed and destroyed. It was only after the publication of the novel by Victor Hugo that it was decided to renovate the cathedral. Complete article

Kolner Dom, Germany

Kolner Dom, Germany Cologne Cathedral, which has many myths and legends, is popular among tourists from all over the world. The main attraction of Cologne has been preserved only through a miracle during the war. In the immediate vicinity of the cathedral, the numerous explosions, which completely destroyed the surrounding buildings, popped. The construction of the cathedral on the site of the older Romanesque cathedral began in 1248. Remarkable that the new cathedral was built in Gothic style, although the Romanesque style was much more widespread during this period. Complete article

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, United Arab Emirates

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, United Arab Emirates Sheikh Zayid Mosque, one of the largest mosques in the world, is the landmark of national importance in UAE. There are 40,000 people in the mosque. The huge snow-white building with the numerous domes and the fine gilding painting surprises with the magnificent figure. The main hall of the mosque is counted on 7,000 people. Next door is the impressive and large men's and women's rooms. Complete article

Al-Haram Mosque, Saudi Arabia

Al-Haram Mosque, Saudi Arabia The largest mosque in the world is located in Mecca. On the territory of the Al-Masjid al-Haram Mosque is the most important Islamic sanctuary - the Kaaba. As the legend tells, the construction of the first mosque near the great sanctuary began in 638. The mosque, which is visited by millions of believers today, was mentioned in the historical documents for the first time in 1570. The mosque area is 357 000 sqm, and the height of the minarets reaches 95 meters. Four huge gates serve as an entrance into the mosque. In addition, the mosque was equipped with 44 entrances all round. Complete article

Temple of Emerald Buddha, Thailand

Temple of Emerald Buddha, Thailand The famous Wat Phra Kaeo or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which is located in Bangkok, is not only a prominent religious site, but also one of the holiest places in the world for Buddhists. The temple was named in honor of its main reliquary - the statues of Emerald Buddha, whose height is 66. Unlike in general, the statue is not cut out of the giant emerald, but from the jadeite, which is an emerald green variety of nephrite. Complete article

Lotus Temple, India

Lotus Temple, India By far not all the world famous temples were built several centuries ago. The construction of the Lotus temple next to New Delhi was completed in 1986. This is one of the most beautiful and unusual temples in India. The name of the unique religious edifice fully reflects its primary particularity. From the outside, the temple recalls the huge lotus flower, which is surrounded by the beautiful basins and the beautiful landscape. In the evening, the most important Buddhist temple in India is illuminated with the wonderful artillery, so many tourists go to the temple in the evening. Complete article

Hassan II Mosque, Morocco

Hassan II Mosque, Morocco The tourists, who are planning to visit Casablanca, are not to overlook the religious main attraction of Morocco, the Hassan II mosque. It is located in the incredibly beautiful terrain, on the coast of the Atlantic. One can find 105,000 people in the mosque and on the adjacent territory. The height of the only minaret of the mosque is 210 meters. The project of the unique mosque was designed by the architect Michel Pinseau. Complete article

Imam Mosque, Iran

Imam Mosque, Iran In Iran, in the ancient Isfahan city, which boomed in the 16th century and was a majestic capital of the Persian Empire, is the unique religious monument. In the heyday of the city, the Imam Mosque was erected for more than four centuries with the impressive size and the peculiar beauty. The height of the mosque is 52 meters. Since its foundation in 1638, it is the tallest building in the city. The general area of ​​the building is about 20,000 square meters, which makes the mosque very majestic. Complete article

Basilica di San Pietro, Italy

Basilica di San Pietro, Italy The Vatican has been associated with religious ceremonies and Catholic traditions for several centuries. The landmark of the sovereign state city is a wonderful St. Peter's Basilica. The construction site of the cathedral was not chosen by chance. In ancient times there were the circus gardens of Neron, where according to the legend of the Apostles Peter found the martyrdom. The first religious building was erected on the cathedral site in the period of Emperor Constantine. The first temple existed for more than a thousand years. Complete article

St. Isaac Cathedral, Russia

St. Isaac Cathedral, Russia St. Isaac's Cathedral is one of the most beautiful dome-shaped buildings in the world. The area of ​​the cathedral is about 4,000 square meters, and the height is 101.5 meters. The St. Isaac's Cathedral is one of the five largest domes in the world. Although the cathedral lost its religious significance after the revolution of 1917, its original religious and cultural status was restored. Complete article

Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Russia

Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Russia The cathedral of Christ the Savior, located in Moscow, has been the religious landmark of Russia for several years, and a place where the most important services are held. The construction of Russia's largest religious building began in 1839. However, the cathedral was already completely destroyed in 1931. Its restoration lasted several decades. The cathedral was completed only in 1997. Complete article

Borobudur Temple, Indonesia

Borobudur Temple, Indonesia The Indian island of Java has a wonderful religious symbol. On the isterritorium is the beautiful Buddhist temple Borobudur. It was built in the beginning of the 9th century. The mythical Mount Meru served as a prototype for the temple building. The location of the temple is the high hill on whose summit and slopes the huge architectural complex is located. The temple has a very unusual step form and looks very impressive despite its age. The numerous steps of the temple are adorned with the fine stone section. Everywhere you can see the ancient statues of Buddha and the mythical beings. Complete article

Las Lajas Sanctuary, Columbia

Las Lajas Sanctuary, Columbia Tourists who want to see one of the most unusual and most majestic religious buildings in the world can be recommended to go to Colombia, and in the surroundings of the city of Ipiales. Here is the unique neo-Gothic Las Lajas cathedral, which is more reminiscent of the ancient castle than of a typical religious building. You have chosen a rather original place for cathedral construction. It was decided to build them over the deep gorge of the Guitara river. Complete article
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