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Visiting castles and palaces is a must for many excursion programs. Majestic old castles have long attracted fans of history and those who prefer to walk in unusual places. Some castles are sights of world significance, others house world famous hotels, restaurants and even wineries nowadays. Some castles are famous for ghosts living in their walls. Thousands of curious tourists are waiting to see them. All the castles are incredibly different and have their own history. But there are some that have a very important distinctive feature - a solid age. The planet has preserved several unique fortresses that are in a dignified state and are preparing to celebrate (and some have already celebrated) the millennium anniversary. Some of the ancient fortresses are well known throughout the world, while only a few experienced travellers know about other thousand-year-old castles.

Kisimul Castle, Scotland

Great Britain is a real leader in the number of old defense systems. In Scotland is the legendary Kisimul Castle, which is considered to be the oldest castle in Europe. According to the historical data, the castle was built on the small artificial island, near Barra no later than in 1039. The first building has not survived to the present. The castle that the tourists can see today was built in the 15th century.

Nevertheless, in the course of archaeological research, the elements of the older defenses were discovered. According to the official conclusions of the archaeologists Kisimul is the oldest castle in Europe. The first Burgherren were the representatives of the MacNeil clan, whom Barra belonged since the 11th century. The castle name is translated by the Gaelic dialect as 'place of tax collection'. It is believed that the castle was originally used for this purpose.

By the Gulf near Barra Island the important trade routes extended. The castle has the MacNeill Klan thanks to the numerous dealers. It is remarkable that the descendants of the clan nowadays own the castle. Already in the first half of the 19th century, the defense system was abandoned. In 2001 their current owner decided to rent the castle. The 'Historical Scotland' Foundation rented the castle. Your representatives will manage the castle over the next 1,000 years. The last reconstruction of Kisimul ended in 1937. Today, the castle looks as impressive as 500 years ago. Next - Prazsky Hrad

Prazsky Hrad, Czech Republic

Prazsky Hrad, Czech Republic The Prague Castle is one of those ancient castles, which are not only known outside the city, but also far from the country. The castle is a huge architectural complex, which is located on a part of the long rock and consists of a series of buildings of different purpose. During the walk through the extensive Burgterritorium one can see not only the preserved defense systems but also the old churches, the houses and a lot of the picturesque streets and squares. Complete article

Zamek Berstejn, Austria

Zamek Berstejn, Austria In Austria there is the wonderful amber castle. This is still a candidate for the status of the oldest castle in Europe. The castle is located in a wonderfully beautiful area, not far from Lake Neusiedl. The first mention of the castle date from the 9th century. Currently, the castle of the Berger Almazi family, which has opened the unique Hotel - Hotel Burg Bernstein in the historic building. The room design of the hotel is simply peculiar. All rooms were decorated with antiques and real art. Complete article

Burg Hohenzollern, Germany

Burg Hohenzollern, Germany The legendary Hohenzollern Castle is situated in Baden-Württemberg, not far from Stuttgart. For the first time the huge castle, which is situated on the summit, was mentioned in 1267. The archaeologists suspect that the castle was built almost 200 years earlier. The defense system has received important strategic importance until the 18th century. The last major reconstruction of the castle was carried out in the middle of the 19th century and was directed by Prussian King Frederick William IV. Complete article

Alcazar de Segovia, Spain

Alcazar de Segovia, Spain In Spain, many followers of the walks pass through the historical sites of Segovia. In this picturesque town is the Alcazar Castle. The castle, built in the 9th century, is more than a thousand years old and today is one of the most important sights of the country. The impressively large castle with the high towers was built on the high rock and has changed over the course of more than a thousand years the status several times. Complete article

Corfe Castle, England

Corfe Castle, England Among the castles of England you must mention the dark castle of Corfe, located in the county of Dorset, not far from the picturesque Purback hills. The Saxon fort was the first defense system built on the site of the castle. As a legend tells, the King Saint Edward has perished. Later, the Norman Tower was built on the site of the destroyed fortress. As early as the end of the 12th century the tower was considerably expanded and became an impressive castle, which served as a royal residence. Complete article

Neuchatel, Switzerland

Neuchatel, Switzerland Neuchâtel, which has named the surrounding canton and the nearby picturesque lake, is one of the oldest castles in Switzerland. The castle was founded more than a thousand years ago. As early as 1011, King Rudolf III. His wife. Originally the castle had a very advantageous strategic location. The narrow rock formation between Lake Neuchâtel and the Sion river became the site of the castle. The historic building is also used today for government purposes. Some of the rooms of the ancient castle are open for visitors. Complete article

Guaita Tower, San Marino

Guaita Tower, San Marino In the tiny state of San Marino, you will find the World Heritage site - the ancient Guaita castle, whose construction dates back to the 11th century. In reality the old castle is only a part of the architectural complex, which consists of three towers. They were erected much later than Guaita, which had served as a prison since its foundation. The hill Monte-Titano, on which there are three castle towers, is the highest point of the state. Its height above sea level forms 750 meters. Complete article

Arundel Castle, England

Arundel Castle, England Arundel is one of the most beautiful and mostly majestic castles in England. The first owner of the castle, built in the 11th century, was Count Roger Montgomery, one of the richest English magnates. Less than a hundred years later, after completion of the construction work, the castle was expanded and expanded. She served as the main residency of Queen Matilda. Later the wedding of Henry Bolingbroke and Mary de Bohun took place here. Complete article

Alnwick Castle, England

Alnwick Castle, England In the northern part of England, on the territory of the county of Northumberland is the castle Alnwick, whose age makes nearly 1,000 years. The castle, which was founded in the 11th century, now serves as a government residency. The exterior of the castle is simply irresistible. It is reminiscent of the majestic castles seen in modern films about the knights. From the Middle Ages to the present, the castle is the property of the Northumberland Duke and was recently opened for a free visit. Complete article

Castle Woodstock, England

Castle Woodstock, England The legendary Woodstock Castle is not only an ordinary historical building, but a true historical legend. Today it is the largest residential castle in the world. As early as the twelfth century, the strange love stories had taken place here. The most interesting legend of the castle is associated with the name of King Henry II Plantagenet. After one of the versions he has hidden his secret-loved Rozamunda Clifford for several years in one of the towers before his wife. Complete article

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland Among the historical landmarks of Edinburgh the old castle are mentioned above all. The Edinburgh Castle is one of the most famous in the world under the so-called 'ghost castles'. There are several ghosts living in the castle. As a legend tells, the bagpiper was disappeared a few centuries ago in the Burgkellern, whose ghost today some tourists during the excursion see. For more than 500 years the spirit of the headless drummer lived in the castle, whose appearance is unknown. Complete article

Zamek Zbiroh, Czech Republic

Zamek Zbiroh, Czech Republic Among the oldest castles in the Czech Republic, one must definitely mention the 13th-century Zbiroh Castle. Literally his name is translated by the Czech as 'collecting the horns'. The history of the castle is incredibly interesting. A legend tells that its founder was the hunter Zbynek Zaits. In the 13th century he lived in this area with his entourage. After sunset the hunters have climbed up to the top of the hill where they have stayed. In the morning they discovered the huge number of deer horns all around. Complete article
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