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Paintings with incomprehensible motives, archaeological finds, hidden under the thickness of armored glass and decayed historical documents - what exhibits are you used to see in modern museums? Not every contemporary, having even the most violent imagination can imagine, that it is possible to form a unique collection from ordinary rubbish, old beer cans, workshops of fakes or strands of hair. In fact, such museums exist not in the inflamed imagination of dreamy people, they are real. A visit to one of such original cultural institutions can be an unforgettable and cognitive event. In the world, there are a lot of strange and original museums, which will be especially interesting to those who do not like classical and boring excursions.

Museum of Lies, Germany

The German town of Kyritz is home to one of the most original museums in the world - the Lügenmuseum. The location of the museum is the beautiful building, which reminds of the dilapidated historical building from the outside. In reality, the museum building is modern, and its decayed facade, as well as 'the old' wooden benches placed in the garden are the pure lie. The founder of the museum is the famous painter Reinhard Zabka. Through the exposition in the museum, he wanted to show people how fine is the difference between reality and lie in art.

Museum of Lies, Germany All exhibits presented in the museum are the counterfeits, which are supplemented with very interesting information signs. Amongst the variety of the exhibits, the museum visitors can find the old radio, which has been left by a miracle at the shipwreck Titanic, as well as the real flying carpet and even the scrubber, which once belonged to the son of Stalin. Certainly none of the presented exhibits is genuine. The upswing of the imagination of the excellent painter and his sense of humor meet are however simply surprising.

The museum collection is huge and is located in 10 large rooms, so the visit of the whole museum can take a while. The Lügenmuseum is the only institution of its kind in Europe and will definitely please the tourists who are already tired of the typical art galleries and traditional historical museums. The Lügenmuseum has the very beautiful bordering territory with many comfortable benches and lush plantings. The beauty of the surrounding nature is probably the only thing that is real here. Next - Museum of Bad Art

Museum of Bad Art, USA

Museum of Bad Art, USA Travelers who are interested in contemporary art can visit the original art museum located in the American city of Dedem. In the Museum of Poor Art, the collection of unique works is presented, each of which can at least be described as strange. The first branch of the museum in Dedem was opened in 1993, when its founder, the antiques dealer Skott Wilson, had the rather large collection of paintings. Complete article

Museum of Snowflakes, Japan

Museum of Snowflakes, Japan One is accustomed to see the old paintings, the archaeological artefacts and the other antiques among the museum expositions. A very original collection is presented in one of the Japanese museums, which is located on the island of Hokkaido. Its main features are the snowflakes. Certainly, the museum founders were unable to preserve the fragile nature, which consists of 95% air, so they decided to show the photos of the most beautiful and unusual snowflakes to the visitors. Complete article

Museum of Hair, Turkey

Museum of Hair, Turkey Guests of the Cappadocia region can take a break in the recreation by visiting the original museum, which houses the world's largest collection of women's hair. The museum is located in the tiny town of Avanos and was founded by the locals named Chez Galip. The history of the museum foundation is incredibly interesting and romantic. In 1979, the founder separated himself from his lover, who left him a curl of hair. Complete article

Garbage Museum, USA

Garbage Museum, USA The guests of New York are one of the most unusual cultural institutions in the country - the garbage museum can not overlook. As one can guess by the name, the museum excerpt consists of different garbage, which was found by the museum owners on the ordinary municipal rubbish heap. It has to be taken into account that before the museum expositions became 'garbage', they served as ordinary household items: dishes, lamps, furniture, technology and even works of art. Complete article

International UFO Museum, United States

International UFO Museum, United States The American town of Roswell is known all over the world for the important event of 1947, the so-called accident of the extraterrestrial space ship, which has been controversial for more than 60 years. No wonder the most famous and most popular UFO museum in the world is located in this city. The museum presents a unique collection of extraterrestrial exhibits. Complete article

Freud Dream Museum, Russia

Freud Dream Museum, Russia Many people are interested in the interpretation of the dream, including for the works of Siegmund Freud connected with this theme. Not all, however, know that the museum dedicated to 'dreamthematic' is located in Saint Petersburg. The location of the Museum of Dreams Freud is the magnificent 19th century villa, not far from the Winter Palace. The museum was opened in 1999 on the occasion of the important event - the 100th anniversary of the publication of Freud's book 'Traumdeutun'. Complete article

Marzipan Museum, Hungary

Marzipan Museum, Hungary The best museum in the world for Hungarians is located in Hungary, in the city of Szentendre. All exhibits in the 'sweetest' museum of the planet are made of marzipan. The founder of the museum is the world-famous confectioner Károly Szabó. The marzipan museum was opened in 1994, since then its collection has been constantly expanded and renewed. The museum halls are a mediatory between the sumptuous pastry shop and the art gallery. Sometimes you can hardly believe that the masterpieces presented in the glass-paneled glass windows are literally made of sugar. Complete article

Museum of Smoking, Indonesia

Museum of Smoking, Indonesia Although millions of people around the world report about the health damage from smoking and propagate the healthy lifestyle, there is the incredibly interesting museum of smoking in the Indonesian town of Kudus. The emergence of this cultural institution in Indonesia is not accidental. For the locals, smoking is not the bad habit, but a real part of the culture. They believe that smoking enlightens the mind and soothes the human being, as well as the magical powers. Complete article

Bread Museum, Russia

Bread Museum, Russia The Kremlin in Ismailovo is one of the most interesting sights of Moscow. More than three hundred years ago the Tsar's Residency, which served as a prototype for the complex of beautiful wooden buildings with domes, was located here. There are some interesting museums in this fairy-tale 'Schloßhof', including the Museum of Bread, which is probably one of the most original museums in the world. Complete article

National Museum of Pasta, Italy

National Museum of Pasta, Italy The pasta is one of the landmarks of Italy, where you can learn a lot of new and interesting things at the Museum of Pasta in Rome. The museum guests will learn the secrets of cooking the real Italian macaroni and learn how the locals used to make a pasta pasta. In the museum you can see an interesting collection of photographs showing the well-known pasta pasta and the people who eat pasta. Complete article

Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum, The Netherlands

Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum, The Netherlands The guests of Amsterdam have a unique opportunity to visit the Museum of Marijuana. Such a facility can hardly be imagined in any other city in the world. The museum was opened in 1991. Its founder was Ben Dronkers, for whom the breeding of hemp became the life-work. Visitors to the museum will learn that hemp is one of the oldest grasses on the planet, which has long been applied. Complete article

Museum of Dead Souls, Italy

Museum of Dead Souls, Italy The followers of the mystical stories of the beyond can be recommended to visit the Museum of the Dead Souls, located in Rome. Its location is the sacristy of the ancient Del Sacro Cuore del Suffragio church. Before the visit of the museum, all visitors should receive the blessing of the priest. One should not worry about it, since this formality is only due to the peculiarity of the museum. Complete article

Guinness Storehouse, Ireland

Guinness Storehouse, Ireland Located in Dublin, the Guinness Storehouse (Museum of Beer Guinness) serves as a tourist center for beer lovers for almost ten years. The museum was opened in 2006. The exposition of the original museum is presented on three floors of the large building. On the last floor is the extensive collection of old beer bottles and cans, as well as the advertising leaflet and the posters, with the help of which one can learn the history of beer brewing. Complete article

Celebrities Underwear Museum, Belgium

Celebrities Underwear Museum, Belgium One of the most extravagant and original museums in the world is in Brussels. Celebrities Underwear Museum presents visitors with literally the most sensual and provocative exhibits. In the museum one can see the underwear of the showbusiness celebrities and the politicians. From some exhibits the museum founder has formed the very original photocollagen. It must be noted that all the garments presented in the museum were not only owned by the celebrities but were attracted at least once. Complete article
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