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Monastero di San Colombano

From the series “The Most Remote Monasteries and Temples in the World”
San Colombano can safely be called the most inaccessible monastery of Italy. It was founded almost 700 years ago, in 1319. The temple can be found in the picturesque province of Trento, or rather, in Piano delle Fugazze. The monastery carved into the cliff looks fascinating. It’s literally locked in the center of the cliff. The monastery is surrounded by incredibly beautiful natural landscapes framed by mature trees. It is more reminiscent of a fairytale mirage than the work of human hands.
The path to the monastery isn’t easy; there is a staircase with very high and steep steps carved in the rock. This staircase is very dangerous, so climbing to the monastery always takes time. Despite the fact that the old monastery of San Colombano is currently open to the public and is very interesting, not everyone dares to rise there. If you didn’t succeed in overcoming a fear of heights, you can admire the shrine from afar. That would be a great experience too. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “The Oldest Inhabited Cities on the Planet”
Mantova is the legendary city of the Etruscans, which was founded in 2000 BC. Advantageous location near the waterways made the city incredibly attractive in eyes of the conquerors, so during its long history, Mantova was often the site of fierce military confrontations. The formation of the city's culture was influenced not only by the tribes of the Gauls and Etruscans, but the Roman Empire as well. Modern art historians and fans of poetry know Mantova as the birthplace of the greatest Roman poet, Vergil.
Representatives of noble Tuscan families lived there in the Middle Ages; those were people who patronized art and contributed to the rapid architectural development of the city. In the Middle Ages Mantova became a haven for many prominent artists and sculptors; Rubens created his unique masterpieces there. Priceless architectural monuments have been preserved in the city to this day. It’s believed that in Mantova you can see the best examples of classic Italian Renaissance.
Among the major historical symbols of Mantova, the Cathedral is noteworthy. That’s a project created by the great architect Giulio Romano in the 16th century. The ancient city also has an artistic symbol, the image of the jester Rigoletto. You can see a monument to this character of Victor Hugo play on one of the picturesque squares. Mantova certainly appeals to those who are fond of culture and art of past years, as the city is literally soaked with atmosphere of romance, mystery and inspiration. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “The Most Active Volcanoes in the World”
The largest active volcano in Europe is Mount Etna; it has formed about 3500 years ago. According to scientists, it has erupted at least 200 times during its existence. Small eruptions take place regularly attracting fans of extreme tourism to Sicily. Etna is about 3,330 meters high, but its height changes after violent eruptions.
One of the main distinguishing features of the largest volcano in Europe is presence of many side craters; lava erupts from them every 2-3 months. According to statistics, major eruption occurs every 150 years. Etna has destroyed many nearby villages and killed thousands of people during thousands of years. The slopes of the volcano and its immediate neighborhood currently feature numerous settlements; people consider them comfortable and attractive place to live.
Planters are attracted by fertile soil and favorable climate, ideal for growing grapes, olives and fruit. Unique black grapes used for several varieties of wine are grown on the slopes of Etna. According to experts, it’s distinguished by a unique taste and aroma. This Sicilian wine is largely popular mainly due to the unique volcanic soils. Every eruption of Etna is an incredibly interesting and attractive show for tourists; extreme sports fans are strongly recommended to walk along the slopes and watch the action of destructive element from afar. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “The Most Active Volcanoes in the World”
Vesuvius volcano situated in the immediate vicinity of Naples is the most important natural landmark of world importance. Its height is 1,281 meters. The structure of the volcano is very interesting; it features three nested cones. Inner third cone is temporary and only appears during violent eruptions. The last time it was detected in the crater of the volcano in 1906.
Vesuvius is not only one of the most active, but also one of the oldest volcanoes of the planet. According to the preliminary version, it had formed in the 7th millennium BC. In the late 19th century there has been built funicular, which immediately became one of the most popular tourist attractions of the region. In 1944 there was the last major eruption of the volcano, which completely destroyed not only the funicular, but two cities, Massa and San Sebastiano.
In 1944, 57 people became disaster victims; during the eruption in 1980 it was managed to avoid human victims. In 1995, the neighborhood of the volcano was declared a nature reserve; now it’s attracting attention of tourists. Guests have an opportunity to walk around the reserve along fabulously beautiful gardens on the slopes of the volcano. There are also unique historical sites in the reserve, the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, which was destroyed by one of the large-scale eruptions. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “Famous Sunken Towns”
The Italian city of Baiae has very unusual fate. Once it has occupied the picturesque coastal territory of the Bay of Naples. It has gone under water as a result of volcanic activity centuries ago. Even today Baiae is synonymous with corruption and indolence, as incredibly rich people unfamiliar with honesty have lived there. According to one version, even in the prehistoric era there have been hundreds of workshops, which have been producing copies of priceless statues and other historical relics.
Trade of fake artifacts went on an incredible scale, the bulk of them was supplied to the markets of Rome, which caused prosperity of Baiae. The ancient city has been living in a constant atmosphere of idleness and pleasure. Incredibly beautiful mansions have been erected there, and their luxurious finish would be more impressive than in many royal palaces. At the decline of the Roman Empire the town was destroyed and eventually fell into neglect.
The heart of the old city is the Bay of Pozzuoli, which is incredibly popular among divers. It’s located just a hundred meters from the shore. While diving, you can see the ruins of old buildings decorated with artful mosaics, as well as remaining pieces of luxury villas that are now home to exotic marine life. Several fine antique statues have survived in the flooded city; they have being standing proudly on unbroken stone pedestals for over a thousand years. The seaside town of Baiae is a popular resort, despite the fact that some of its priceless historical artifacts are hidden beneath the water. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “Most Spectacular Mountain Roads”
Those enthusiasts who are not afraid of difficult roads and planning to visit Italy should definitely go for a ride on the mountain serpentine Pasubio. The road lies in the mountainous region of Vicenza, it is very narrow and slippery that’s why not all the locals prefer to drive on it by car. To start a journey around the track on a massive SUV is meaningless as it is impossible to overcome the sharp turns, especially the narrow parts of the road. A significant part of the transport stream are motorcycles and bicycles. Too many dangers lurk drivers of two-wheeled transport on the road.
One of the most dangerous sections of the route is considered the one passing through the rocks and including a small tunnel. There are no barriers on this section of the route so road users are literally in a few inches from the deep abyss. According to the stories of local residents, the first mountain trail in this area was built thousands of years ago. With the advent of motor vehicles the road has been slightly improved. But still a trip on the highway Pasubio by car remains an incredibly dangerous event. Many tourists prefer walking down the road on foot as some of its sections offer fantastic views of the mountains. ... Complete sights collection

Stelvio Pass

From the series “Most Spectacular Mountain Roads”
Mountain winding road Stelvio Pass located in the eastern part of the Alps has always been famous among experienced motorists for the multitude of its sharp turns and no less steep slopes. The route passes at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level and has 60 hairpin bends. Not only a great driving experience but also a strong vestibular apparatus is required to overcome it. The very first road in this area was built in 1829. It connected Austria with the remote mountainous province of Lombardy.
It is noteworthy that for almost two hundred years the route has virtually remained unchanged. It has been reconstructed and supplemented with barriers. One of the main distinguishing features of mountain serpentine is the abundance of narrow areas where to make way for an oncoming car is simply impossible. The route is open for travelling from early summer to late September. In winter and spring travelling on it is not possible because of the difficult weather conditions.
The Italian Government is very concerned about the safety of drivers, so the track Stelvio Pass has been upgraded over the past few years. Beside the hairpin bends, the angle of which can reach 180 degrees, were built the so-called small "pockets" - descents that allow you to skip the oncoming car and make travelling on the road more comfortable. The Stelvio Pass road designed by the renowned engineer Carlo Donegani is a landmark of world importance nowadays and is one of the most mountainous trails of the planet. The road with many steep turns attracts both motorists and cyclists. Moving along it on two-wheeled transport is also very interesting. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “The Most Impressive Abandoned Cities on the Planet”
The deserted town of Balestrino is one of the great mysteries of Italy. The exact date and purpose of foundation of the town is unknown, the first record of it dates back to the middle of the 19th century. In 1860 the settlement had a population of around 850 people mostly consisting of farmers and villagers engaged in the production of olive oil. Balestrino is located on the northwest coast of Italy. At the end of the 19th century earthquakes severely affected this region. Most of the buildings were destroyed. The natural element took human lives and those who survived were displaced from their homes.
Today the antique deserted town receives the most attention from explorers and curious tourists. Archaeologists who had explored the area found that the first large city in the area of Balestrino existed even in the 11th century. It is worth noting that the territory of the settlement is closed to public access because of the threat of falling of ancient buildings. But it does not bother curious tourists at all.
There exist a considerable amount of priceless historical attractions. Visitors can see the beautiful St. Andrew church that survived by some miracle after the devastating earthquakes. Beautiful St. George Cathedral which is remained untouched and which is decorated with priceless frescoes of the 15th century. New earthquakes pose a real threat to Balestrino. The risk is high and the unique historical objects may be ruined at any time. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “The Most Impressive Abandoned Cities on the Planet”
Ancient ghost towns are of particular interest to travellers. It is always interesting to explore the unique historical monuments. Lovers of historical sites should definitely visit the Italian town of Craco which was founded more than a thousand years ago. For centuries agriculture has been the main source of livelihood for the locals. But at the end of the 19th century their lands were so depleted that the agrarian crisis was just inevitable. Many of the local residents were forced to leave their homes in search of better living space.
In the middle of the 19th century the Craco’s population was more than 2000 people but in 50 years it has dropped by half. Those who were not afraid of hunger had to leave their homes due to periodic hard earthquakes. In the 60s of the last century the city became completely abandoned. A new town was founded nearby in a place with a symbolic name Craco Valley.
Although the tiny medieval town stands uninhabited nowadays, a stroll through the deserted streets is hardly possible. Craco never ceases to attract tourists, journalists and photographers. A large number of people comes here to admire the ancient ruins every day. Abiding travellers are sure to be surprised to see the signs out front that prohibit approaching to the ruins. The town was built on a hill so visitors can see not only the invaluable historical monuments but can also admire its vivid surroundings. ... Complete sights collection

Ponte Colossus Bridge

From the series “Thrilling Points for Bungee Jumping”
In Italy there is also a suitable place for fans of the breathtaking entertainments, which have long dreamed to jump from the heights. The height of Ponte Colossus bridge forms 152 meters. The most courageous travelers have a chance to feel the strange feeling of the freestyle for five seconds. The bottom of the canyon, over which the bridge was constructed, has grown with the lush vegetation, so many tourists prefer to visit this attraction in the summer.
The bridge is not far from the tiny town of Valle-Mosso. Notwithstanding the great distance from the tourist centers, this area remains a permanent resort for many travelers. For the first jump the visitors have to pay about 125 USD. Each subsequent jump costs a little less. It must be considered that not all tourists can enjoy the jump. Bunjee Jumping on Ponte Colossus is only accessible to visitors with the appropriate size and weight. ... Complete sights collection
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