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The oldest temples, landmarks for alien ships, tombs of the great pharaohs and calendars of astronomical events are just a few of the presumptive options for assigning mysterious pyramids. If the pyramids of Giza nowadays are known to thousands of enthusiastic tourists, then about the existence and exact location of some other pyramids know only researchers. Dozens of pyramids located everywhere in the world were found on the planet for the last hundred years. To see some of them, you need to go through steep mountain passes, others are hidden behind a string of lifeless desert landscapes or completely flooded with the waters of the world's ocean. To say that pyramids with a thousand-year-old history hide a lot of secrets means to say nothing. The mere fact, that thousands of years ago mankind was able to erect such majestic structures seems incredible. Time and elements do not dominate over the grandiose constructions. Each of them has its own hidden and unexplored purpose.

Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

Cheops pyramid is the majestic Pyramid of Giza and the most famous, most recognizable and most visited object of this kind in the world. The giant Egyptian pyramid is a real world-wide - the only one of seven pyramids that has survived until the present. The pyramid has both the impressive size and the impressive age. The modern scientists believe that it was erected not later than the 26th century BC. Thus, the building's age is at least 5,000 years.

Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt The length of the pyramid baseline is 230 meters, and its height today reaches 138.7 meters. Unfortunately, the pyramid did not retain its original shape after several thousand years. It is partially destroyed. Originally, the height of the grandiose building was more than 146 meters. The most famous Egyptian pyramid was built for Pharaoh Hufu, whose name in Greek is called Cheops. After the main presumption, it was built as a burial ritual complex and served as a prototype for the construction of all subsequent pyramids of Egypt.

The fact that Cheops Pyramid remained the tallest building on Earth until the beginning of the 14th century seems simply unbelievable. It is also today one of the highest pyramids in the world. The stone blocks, whose average weight is 2.5 tons, and the maximum weight - about 10 tons, were used as the main building block in the construction of the pyramid. In what ways have people built more than 4,000 years ago from an architectural point of view ideal building without any special equipment, remains still one of the main rulers of the world. Cheops pyramid is a real world-wide. Next - Piramide di Caio Cestio

Piramide di Caio Cestio, Italy

Piramide di Caio Cestio, Italy The other mysterious and interesting pyramid is located in Rome. The Cestio Pyramid, built in the first century BC, has a very interesting location. In antiquity it lay on the crossroads two important ways. The busy motorways are still close to the tourist attraction, so it is very popular among travelers. The Pyramid is an ancient Roman mausoleum built for the judge Gai Cestio Epulon. The concrete served as the main construction material in the construction of the pyramid. To make the exterior appearance of the building more beautiful, the pyramid walls were covered with marble and brick. Complete article

Chinese Pyramids, China

Chinese Pyramids, China The Egyptian pyramids are known and recognizable all over the world. Not all but know that the unique pyramids can also be found in China. It must be noted that the mysterious oriental country with the unique culture remained almost completely closed until the beginning of the 20th century. Of the first people who have informed the world of the unique buildings were the travelers Oskar Meman and Fred Schröder, who visited China in 1912. Later American aircraft James Gausmann told the Chinese pyramids. Among the mountain peaks on the small plateau he saw the snowy pyramid, which could not be compared with any other architectural building in the world. Complete article

Piramides de Guimar, Spain

Piramides de Guimar, Spain The Guimar Pyramids, located in the Spanish city of the same name, have recently become one of the most visited sites in the country. At present there are six pyramids on the territory of the popular Canarian spa. They have the regular step form and are made of stone. In contrast to the other old buildings of this kind, the Guimar Pyramids have no burden of terrible secrets and legends. They were built by the locals without any deep purpose. Complete article

Pyramids Nubian Desert, Sudan

Pyramids Nubian Desert, Sudan The lifeless Nubian desert is a site of unique sights. The modern scientists have found that many more pyramids were built in Sudan than in Egypt a thousand years ago. The African deserts are the world's top rider after the number of the pyramid. Many, of the pyramids of Sudan, which are located on the banks of the Nile, are now partially or completely shed from the sand, so there is no way to start the research. Complete article

Greek Pyramid, Greece

Greek Pyramid, Greece The travelers who plan to visit Greece also have a chance to see the ancient pyramids covered with legends. Three to present preserved pyramids are located on the territory of the Peloponnese peninsula. The first researchers have explained them as prototypes of the world-famous pyramids of Giza. However, the remote location in the hard-to-reach mountain range has disproved the theory of possible similarity. The people who built the pyramids in the inaccessible mountains hardly knew about the existence of Egyptian pyramids. Complete article

Piramide de Kukulkan, Mexico

Piramide de Kukulkan, Mexico The legendary pyramids of the Kukulcán, located in the ancient city of Chichen Itza, are connected with the numerous legends about the ancient Mayan civilization. The huge stepped pyramid, dedicated to the supreme god Kukulcan, is a temple located in the middle of an extensive stone terrace. The height of the building is 24 meters, it is directed to the sky and has nine steps on each surface. The pyramid has a lot of the unique peculiarities associated with the astronomical and geographic cycles of the earth. Complete article

Bosnian Pyramid, Bosnia

Bosnian Pyramid, Bosnia Today, the Bosnian pyramids are considered a pseudo-scientific sensation that has shattered the world about ten years ago. The unique geological formations, located in the surroundings of Visoko, have attracted researchers from all over the world. These are the huge pyramid-shaped green hills covered with forest. The explorers, inspired by the discovery, have assumed that the hills conceal the largest pyramids in the world, called the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. Complete article

Gunung Padang, Indonesia

Gunung Padang, Indonesia On the island Java in Indonesia is the mysterious Gunung Padang pyramid. For many years the pyramid was hidden under the soil layer of the Pandang Mountain. The local population thought that the mountain was of natural origin, and had cultivated it diligently and the vegetable gardens on the mountain slopes. To the great astonishment of modern researchers, the mountain has proved hollow. A huge pyramid was discovered beneath the thick layer of soil, the age of which was at least 15,000 years. Complete article

Pyramid Huaca Ualyamarka, Peru

Pyramid Huaca Ualyamarka, Peru One of the main attractions of the Peruvian city of Limas is the pyramid Huaca Ualyamarka. The scientists have found that it was relatively recent, built in the 4th century. The locals held the truncated pyramid, hidden under the earth layer, for an ordinary stone plateau until the end of the 20th century. The researchers who arrived in Lima in the 80s of the last century have excavated the pyramid, which was recognized as a distinctive historical monument. Complete article

Pyramid Guachimontones, Mexico

Pyramid Guachimontones, Mexico Mexico is the main attraction for hundreds of tourists who are interested in secrets of the ancient pyramids because the legendary Pyramids of Maya are located here. Since 1998, not only the ancient town of Chichen Itza but also the tiny town of Guachimontones has attracted many travelers from all over the world. During the archaeological researches in 1998 the unusual round stepped pyramid was discovered on its territory, which had the working title 'Kreis 2.' got. Today it is known to the general public under the name of the pyramid Guachimontones. In addition to the millennium, the ruins of the ancient settlement were discovered. Complete article

Pink Pyramid, Egypt

Pink Pyramid, Egypt In Egypt, there are the unique sightseeing pyramids also outside of Giza. One of them, known to the general public under the romantic name of the Pink Pyramid, is located in Dahshūr. The third-largest pyramid of Egypt has the height of 140 meters and was built in the 27th century BC for Pharaoh Snefer. The main particularity of the pyramid is the use of stone blocks that are colored by the sun's rays in light pink color. Complete article

Pyramids Kailash, Tibet

Pyramids Kailash, Tibet The site of the largest pyramid complex in the world is Tibet, namely the holy mountain Kailash, which the researchers have been looking at since decades. It is remarkable that the mountain, whose height is 6 700 meters, is also pyramidal. The strange Kailash pyramids are located on the mountain slopes and in its surroundings. Altogether there are more than one hundred pyramids of different shapes and sizes. Complete article

Pyramid of Djoser, Egypt

Pyramid of Djoser, Egypt The Pyramid of Djoser, located in Saqqara, is one of the most explored and recognizable Egyptian pyramids. Today it is not only the exact date of pyramid construction (2630-2612 BC) but the so-called architect, the priest Imhotep. He has designed the project of the majestic pyramid designed for the funeral of Pharaoh Djoser and the members of his family. The height of the pyramid is 62 meters, its construction consists of six high steps composed of several limestone blocks. Complete article

Pyramids of Copan, Honduras

Pyramids of Copan, Honduras The Pyramids of Maya can be found not only in Mexico, but also in Honduras. To the followers of the walks through the archaeological districts one can recommend the tiny town of Copán. Three thousand years ago, when the unique pyramids were built, Copán was one of the largest cities of the Mayan civilization. The city was on the crossroads of important trade routes. Modern archaeologists consider Copan's pyramids as a single complex with nearby buildings of a different purpose. Complete article
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