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To walk on a suspension bridge or to climb a tower is a task not for the faint-hearted. To climb to the heights and find courage to look down is a task even more complicated. There are such brave souls who climb to the altitude with the only fantastic goal - to jump down. Bungee jumping can be safely called one of the most extreme entertainments, that modern rides and dangerous sports can not be compared with. The essence of the entertainment is incredibly simple. It's enough to just fix the insurance, come to the edge of a platform and not to resist the gravity. Big fans of the entertainment are ready to go to the end of the world in search of the best sites for bungee. It is much more interesting to jump from a huge height, if the rushing river is noisy below or sharp peaks of the rocks shine eerily in the sun.

Royal Gorge Bridge, USA

At the moment is the highest place for bungee jumping in the USA, in the small town of Canyon City. Here is the famous bridge of the King's Gorge, which is located over the Arkansas River at the height of 321 meters. The enormous height, the stormy river and the strong wind - not all dare to go over the Hängebrücke.

Royal Gorge Bridge, USA The legendary bridge had received the evil call for a series of tragic events. It attracts not only the supporters of extreme sports, but also the people who want to commit suicide. The authorities of the city make every possible effort to make the fences on the bridge insuperable. Each year, however, choose the new suicide Royal Gorge Bridge. As far as the fans of the breathtaking entertainments are concerned, many of them are ready to overcome a great path for the six-seater jump into the abyss.

To make the uniqueness of this entertainment clearer, one must say that the jump from the bridge is similar to the leap from the roof of the 90-storey skyscraper. It has to be mentioned, that one does not jump from the bridge itself, but from the specially equipped platform, which is located at the height of 290 meters. Those who have dared to jump, should not close their eyes at all during the jump. For six seconds you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Arkansas River and the surrounding mountain landscapes. Next - Navajo Bridge

Navajo Bridge, USA

Navajo Bridge, USA Many bungee jumping fans visit the Grand Canyon National Park, located in the USA. Here is the Navajo pedestrian bridge, on which the special platform for bungee was equipped. The experienced travelers prefer to visit this area in September. At this time, the surrounding landscapes look simply delightful. Complete article

Macau Tower, China

Macau Tower, China The tourists, who are planning to visit the Chinese city of Macau, will not miss their tallest building - the tower of the same name. The visitors of the skyscraper have a wide selection of interesting entertainments. The most breathtaking of these is the special place for bungee jumping. After visiting the city of Panama you can make an unforgettable jump lasting 5 seconds. Complete article

Livingstone Bridge, Zambia

Livingstone Bridge, Zambia In search of the ideal place for the jump, many fans of the breathtaking entertainment visit Zambia, where the Livingstone Bridge is next to the wonderful Victoria Waterfall. From the bridge you can enjoy the panorama of the natural sights and the unforgettable jump close to the beautiful waterfall. The steel arch bridge over the Zambezi river was built in 1904. Many tourists know it under the other name - the bridge of Victoria waterfall. Complete article

Verzasca Dam, Switzerland

Verzasca Dam, Switzerland For the Bungee jumpers the dam was converted in Switzerland Verzasca dam. Guests of the unusual attraction can jump from the height of 220 meters. The history of the emergence of the popular attraction on the embankment of the Verzasca river is very interesting. While filming the film 'Agent 007', the director Martin Campbell has selected this dam for shooting on one of the episodes. Complete article

Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa

Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa Bloukrans Arch Bridge, which is situated over the river of the same name, is located in the Republic of South Africa. The bridge height is 216 meters. Recently, one of the highest arch bridges in the world was equipped for bungee jumping. The duration of the freefall is about 5 seconds, the speed reaches 120 kilometers per hour in the lower point of the flight. The price for this memorable entertainment is quite modest and makes only 5 USD. Complete article

Niouc Bridge, Switzerland

Niouc Bridge, Switzerland In Switzerland, Niouc Hängebrücke was built in 1922 above the deep ravine at the bottom of the river Navizence. In contrast to many other Hängebrücken, it was built not for the improvement of the transport infrastructure of the region, but for the optimal installation of the pipeline. The height of the bridge is 190 meters. The last major reconstruction was carried out in 1996. Complete article

The Last Resort Bridge, Nepal

The Last Resort Bridge, Nepal In Nepal is the real spa resort for extreme sports fans - The Last Resort. There is a deep ravine on the territory of the 'Kurzone', on the bottom of which flows the river Bhote Koshi. Above this ravine was the steel bridge, which is used today for the jumps. The height of the bridge is 160 meters. On the bottom of the ravine there are always a few people waiting to take the jumpers and to help them get free after the jump. Complete article

Perrine Bridge, USA

Perrine Bridge, USA In the US, Perrine Bridge is laid across the deep ravine to connect the district of Twin Floss to Jeremy City. The construction of the arch bridge is somewhat similar to the construction of the Navajo bridge. The difference is that Perrine Bridge is 6 meters larger than their 'twin brother'. The tourists, who like nerve kitzel, can walk not only on the bridge, but also jump from it with the capture. Complete article

Ponte Colossus Bridge, Italy

Ponte Colossus Bridge, Italy In Italy there is also a suitable place for fans of the breathtaking entertainments, which have long dreamed to jump from the heights. The height of Ponte Colossus bridge forms 152 meters. The most courageous travelers have a chance to feel the strange feeling of the freestyle for five seconds. The bottom of the canyon, over which the bridge was constructed, has grown with the lush vegetation, so many tourists prefer to visit this attraction in the summer. Complete article

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico The enchanting Mexican town of Puerto Vallarta is popular among tourists who like to relax and wander through picturesque areas. Until a few years ago, this picturesque spa town attracted only the supporters of the extreme sports, namely, the mountaineers, who were striving to conquer the local rocks and mountain peaks. A few years ago, the special tower for bungee jumping on the coast was built, whose height is 37 meters. Complete article

Kawarai Bridge, New Zealand

Kawarai Bridge, New Zealand Ledge Urban Bangee is probably the best spa for extreme sports in New Zealand. This spa is popular with fans of skiing, rafting and alpinism, as well as among the tourists who like the jumps from the breathtaking heights. On the territory of the Kurzone is Kawarai Bridge, whose height is 47 meters. From this bridge the trailers of the Bunjee Jumping can jump. Complete article

Corinth Canal, Greece

Corinth Canal, Greece The wonderful Corinth Canal - one of the most beautiful and longest canals in the world, is very popular among tourists. Over the canal is the small metal bridge, on which the place for jumps was equipped. In Greece there is no better place for Bunjee Jumping. The experienced travelers recommend to visit the attraction in the evening - on the decline, the canal looks incredibly beautiful. The height of the bridge, from which one can jump, forms 80 meters. Complete article
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