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They were erected more than 1500 years ago for spectacular gladiator fights, public executions and other mass events. Ancient amphitheaters nowadays are considered to be one of the most amazing historical sights that are able to impress with their scale and beauty of decoration. Visit to the amphitheater was one of the most important components of cultural life for the ancient Greeks and Romans. Many once majestic arenas have been forgotten by people with years. Modern travellers have a unique opportunity to visit the world's oldest arenas, which have been restored by talented architects and are now used for cultural events. On the stages where bloody battles and competitions were held thousands of years ago, theater performances, concerts and most interesting festivals are held nowadays.

Colosseum, Italy

The majestic Colosseum is the world's most famous architectural monument of Ancient Rome. The largest amphitheater of the ancient world, which continues to be used for large-scale events nowadays. The construction of the amphitheater began in 72 AD, in just eight years it became possible to build a huge structure capable of accommodating up to 50000 spectators. The height of its walls is 48.5 meters, and the length of the longitudinal axis of the elliptical structure reaches 188 meters.

Colosseum, Italy For many years the amphitheater has been used for the most spectacular and sometimes incredibly violent events. Here spent the last minutes of their life criminals sentenced to death. The amphitheater was used for gladiatorial fights, and later for public execution of the first followers of the Christian faith. For almost 2000 years the Colosseum remains the unchanging symbol of Rome. In 2007 it was recognized as one of the Seven New Wonders of the World.

Until recently, the unique antique attraction was available to tourists for free visits. But after the last reconstruction, the Coliseum is under state protection and can only be visited within the framework of organized excursions. Another great way to feel part of the ancient world is to visit one of the concerts or performances, taking place in the ancient arena. Particularly beautiful is the ancient sight in the evening, when it is decorated with carefully formed illumination. Next - Teatro Greco Antico di Taormina

Teatro Greco Antico di Taormina, Italy

Teatro Greco Antico di Taormina, Italy The Italian town of Taormina has also its own unique antique symbol - a beautiful amphitheater that recalls the culture and traditions of the past. According to researchers, the construction of the theater took place in the 2nd century BC. For the erection of the arena local residents had to do a tremendous job. They have leveled a huge mountain, having moved more than 100000 cubic meters of limestone for this purpose. Complete article

Anfiteatro romano de Merida, Spain

Anfiteatro romano de Merida, Spain Travellers who will visit the Spanish city of Merida will also have an opportunity to see one of the most beautiful antique attractions. Local amphitheater is considered a classic example of a monument of Roman architecture. The main feature of its design is a presence of three sections, in which viewers were located according to their social status. Complete article

Amphitheatre in Orange, France

Amphitheatre in Orange, France The main historical symbol of the French city of Orange is an ancient theater, which is distinguished by a special exquisite design. It was built in the first century AD, during the reign of Emperor Augustine. The majestic arena came to desolation already in year 391. The amphitheater was closed by the decree of the Church and remained in desolation until the 19th century. After a complete reconstruction, the arena was again used for large cultural events. In summer the traditional Opera Festival is held here. Complete article

Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Greece

Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Greece On the southern slope of the Acropolis is its most important antique attraction - the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. Its name was given to the ancient theater in honour of the founder, Herodes Atticus - an outstanding political and public figure. The history of the construction of the theater is very romantic. The great Greek speaker built it in memory of his wife Regilla. An incredibly beautiful spouse died quite young, Herodes suffered a loss strongly and the whole year did not leave the walls of his house. Complete article

Arena di Verona, Italy

Arena di Verona, Italy Romantic Verona has also its own unique antique symbol - the Roman amphitheater known to general public as the Verona Arena (Arena di Verona). In addition to the huge historical value, the theater has also a cultural value, which is difficult to overestimate. Its unique acoustic properties make it possible to put enchanting theatrical and opera performances, which are annually visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. Complete article

Pulska Arena, Croatia

Pulska Arena, Croatia In Croatia, the most famous and well-preserved amphitheater is to be found in Pula. The construction of the ancient monument had been lasting more than forty years and was completed in 68 AD. Nowadays, it is a permanent venue for theatrical performances, military ceremonies, public gatherings and enchanting concerts. The antique monument is perfectly preserved to this day. All three Roman orders and four towers have miraculously survived. In scale the largest amphitheater in Pula takes the sixth place in the world. Complete article

Arenes de Nimes, France

Arenes de Nimes, France One of the largest amphitheaters in the world is located in the French city of Nimes. The magnificent exterior facade of the amphitheater is decorated with 120 arches. The length of the elliptical arena of the theater is 133 meters, and the width is 101 meters. The ancient theater can accommodate up to 24000 spectators. The unique historical sight is well-known to those who visit film and music festivals in Nimes. The most important cultural events take place on the old arena. Complete article

Κourion Ancient Amphitheater, Cyprus

Κourion Ancient Amphitheater, Cyprus One of the most beautiful and interesting for visiting amphitheatres is located in Kourion. It will amaze travellers with its majestic appearance, the beauty of the preserved antique mosaics and the magnificent panoramic view that opens from spectators’ seats. The antique landmark is very popular with travellers. For them, part of the amphitheater has been covered with galleries that prevent penetration of the rays of the hot sun. Complete article

Aspendos Amphitheatre, Turkey

Aspendos Amphitheatre, Turkey Turkey is famous for a variety of beautiful ancient amphitheatres. Nowadays, however, only a few of them are used today for cultural events. One of these amazing ancient theaters is located in the city of Aspendos. Together with the preserved aqueduct, the amphitheater is the main historical attraction of the ancient city. Many beautiful legends are associated with these constructions. According to one of them, two talented architects dreamed of marrying the emperor’s daughter, who was famous for her spiritual beauty. Complete article

Amphitheatre Bosra, Syria

Amphitheatre Bosra, Syria The main historical symbol of the Syrian city of Bosra is an ancient amphitheater, which was built in the 2nd century AD. The ancient amphitheater, designed for 15000 spectators, was built from black basalt, the most common building material for these places. The ancient arena, like many other similar structures, is distinguished by its unique acoustics. Despite its greatness, 200 years after the construction, the amphitheater began to lose its primary importance. Complete article

Amphitheater in Arles, France

Amphitheater in Arles, France In Arles is a huge and incredibly beautiful antique amphitheater. It was built in 90 AD and is distinguished by its impressive size. Originally, the theater was designed for 20000 spectators. Such a large amphitheater was built not accidentally, it was used for large-scale battles, as well as chariot races. Now in summer, a completely restored arena is used for bullfighting, various concerts and theatrical performances. Complete article

Caesarea Theater, Israel

Caesarea Theater, Israel In Israel, an operating amphitheater is situated in the city of Caesarea. The history of the ancient city is not simple. For hundreds of years it has repeatedly been destroyed by conquerors. The sea hasn’t spared the city either. Part of its territory was completely flooded. The main witness of a number of important historical events was an ancient Roman amphitheater, which archaeologists managed to discover in the 20s of the last century. Complete article

Amphitheater Amman, Jordan

Amphitheater Amman, Jordan In the early 2nd century AD, one of the new provinces of the Ancient Rome, Arabia Petraea, was located on the territory of modern Amman. The modern city of Amman was then called Philadelphia and was the capital of this province. So it is no wonder that one of the most majestic amphitheaters has been built in this city. Its bowl has been carved right in the rock. The unique antique building has been well preserved up to our days and is now actively used for music and theater performances. Complete article

Epidaurus Amphitheater, Greece

Epidaurus Amphitheater, Greece In Greece, one of the most interesting amphitheatres is located in Epidaurus. It was built in the 4th century BC and designed by Polykleitos. The ancient theater in Epidaurus is not only one of the oldest, preserved to this day, but is also one of the largest. It was originally designed for 15000 spectators. The history of the construction of the theater is very interesting. It was not built for bloody battles and executions. Complete article
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