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High narrow windows decorated with artful stained glass, carved turrets, and a facade supplemented with sculptures – the Gothic style of architecture has many unique features. It is believed that the very first buildings built in the Gothic style were French abbeys and monasteries. The main part of the unique Gothic monuments is directly related to religion today. However, city halls, stately mansions, and castles were built in the Gothic style later. Even hotels known all over the world are located in the Gothic buildings of today. Each of these buildings has its history and fate. Belonging to a single architectural style unites unique historical monuments.

Bath Abbey, England

You can see Bath Abbey in Somerset. It was founded in the 7th century. It was reorganized 300 years later. Large-scale reconstruction of the monastery began in the 12th century. It is almost unknown what the original Abbey buildings were. The Anglican Church became a spectacular example of the Gothic style after numerous alterations. The church, which visitors can see today, was completed in 1611. It took more than a hundred years to build it.

Bath Abbey, England The building impresses not only with its rich facade design but also with its incredible scale. Up to 1,200 parishioners can stay in the Abbey at a time. The old church has long been used not only for religious services. It has become a real cultural center for residents. Classical music concerts and various lectures, as well as other significant events for the city, are often held there.

Huge windows are the main architectural feature of the monument. There are 52 of them on the facade. They occupy about 80% of the area of the walls of the church. The walls that face east are among the most beautiful. Scenes from the life of Jesus are captured on them. Visitors will have the opportunity to appreciate the luxurious interior of the church during a tour of it. The ancient organ is one of the main decorations. It was installed more than 300 years ago. Visitors to the Abbey will also have the opportunity to climb its bell tower. A wonderful panoramic view of the city opens from there. You need to overcome a narrow staircase of 212 steps to do this. A small museum is located in the basement of the church. It is dedicated to its rich history. Next - St Stephens Cathedral

St Stephens Cathedral, Austria

St Stephens Cathedral, Austria St. Stephen's Cathedral is located in Vienna. It is one of the most important national symbols of Austria. It is located in the heart of the historic district. The first church was built in its place in the middle of the 12th century. The cathedral, which visitors to Vienna can admire today, was built between the 13th and 15th centuries. The Gothic cathedral was badly damaged during the Second World War. Its restoration continues today. Despite this, the main religious relics are still kept in the cathedral. The 17th-century Pötsch icon is among them. Complete article

Mir Castle, Belarus

Mir Castle, Belarus You can see a beautiful old castle in Belarus in the village of Mir. It is also a striking example of Gothic architecture. This castle was built in the 16th century. It is one of the main national symbols of the country. According to historical data, the feudal manor was located on the site of the castle earlier. The exact date of construction of the first defensive structure in these places is unknown. According to historians, the castle was originally built in the village of Mir not to achieve any strategic goals. These places were quiet during the middle ages. Complete article

Natural History Museum, England

Natural History Museum, England London's Natural History Museum is of interest to travelers not only for its priceless exhibits but also for its unique architecture. Dr. Hans Sloane is considered the founder of the museum. He managed to collect a very interesting collection with a herbarium, as well as skeletons of rare animals in the first half of the 18th century. The museum's collection became very large in the mid-19th century. It was decided to build a new building for its presentation. Complete article

Antwerp Cathedral, Belgium

Antwerp Cathedral, Belgium The Cathedral in Antwerp is also an architectural landmark of world significance. It began to be built in 1352. Construction work continued continuously until 1521. Even though the cathedral has been operating continuously since the middle ages, it is still officially considered unfinished. Jean Amel was the main architect who designed the cathedral. Residents and visitors of Antwerp can admire the unique Gothic features of the cathedral today thanks to his efforts. Complete article

Dom Cologne Cathedral, Germany

Dom Cologne Cathedral, Germany The beautiful Gothic Cathedral is located in Cologne. It also deserves the attention of discerning travelers. Its construction also lasted several hundred years. It began in 1248. But it was necessary to stop the construction of the cathedral due to a lack of funds at the end of the 15th century. It acquired unique features only in the 19th century. It keeps them up to date. Cologne Cathedral is considered the richest and most beautifully designed Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe. It will impress not only with its unique appearance but also with its chic interior design. Complete article

Hotel Chelsea, USA

Hotel Chelsea, USA The Chelsea hotel is a real New York City landmark. It is located in the quarter of the same name. It occupies a beautiful 13-story building. It was built in 1884. Dark red brick served as the main building material for the construction of this building. The spectacular historical building also has unique Gothic features. The housing cooperative was located in the building until 1905. It was decided to open a luxury hotel in it later. It is considered one of the most mystical in the world today. Complete article

Cathedral of Burgos, Spain

Cathedral of Burgos, Spain Burgos Cathedral is also a prime example of Gothic architecture. It was built in the 13th century. It remains in all its glory until now. Many modern experts note that this cathedral is a building very well planned from an architectural point of view. Its facade is decorated with many small details. Unique Gothic elements in the exterior are harmoniously combined with elements in the Renaissance style. This cathedral is the only one in Spain, the world value of which was officially recognized in 1984. Complete article

St Vitus Cathedral, Czech Republic

St Vitus Cathedral, Czech Republic St. Vitus Cathedral is located in Prague. It is difficult to describe its Gothic beauty by words. This cathedral is the most important and revered in the country. There is no building equal to it in terms of the scale and beauty of the design. The beautiful cathedral has many unique features. Crypts of famous kings, as well as representatives of the highest clergy, are located in it. A huge 18-ton bell is located in the cathedral. It is one of the largest in the world. Detailed tours are conducted for tourists in the cathedral. They can see its main values during these excursions. Complete article

Mark Twain House, USA

Mark Twain House, USA In addition to the majestic cathedrals and castles, some old houses can also claim the title of outstanding monuments of architecture in the Gothic style. A great example is Mark Twain's house. It is located in Hartford. This beautiful neo-Gothic mansion was built in 1874. The world-famous writer lived in it. It was here in his office that he wrote his most outstanding works: "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", "The Prince and the Pauper", "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court", and many others. Complete article

Westminster Abbey, England

Westminster Abbey, England The Cathedral Church of St. Peter is a striking example of the Gothic style in architecture. It is located in Westminster. According to historical data, a small church was located on the site of the abbey in the 11th century. Henry III ordered the construction of a new elegant cathedral in its place in 1245. 15 Royal weddings, as well as other celebrations, were held at the abbey afterward. Complete article

Chartres Cathedral, France

Chartres Cathedral, France The amazing Chartres Cathedral also never ceases to amaze with its unique Gothic appearance. It was built in 1194. The main part of the huge cathedral was built in 1250. Many elements of the building's architecture have remained unchanged since then. The ancient cathedral is an important center of pilgrimage. An important catholic relic is located in it. This is the Holy Shroud of the Virgin Mary. It is believed that this shroud was on Mary at the time when she gave birth to Jesus. Complete article

Scranton City Hall, USA

Scranton City Hall, USA Beautiful building in the old city hall remained in the city of Scranton. It is located in the very center of the city, at the intersection of Mulberry and Washington streets. Edwin L. Walter was the chief architect who designed the building. Sandstone served as the main building material for the construction of the three-story building. The city hall was completed in 1888. It has retained almost all of its original features since its construction. Complete article

Burg Rheinstein, Germany

Burg Rheinstein, Germany The beautiful Rheinstein Castle is located in one of the most picturesque corners of Germany, in the Middle Rhine Valley. It was built on top of a hill in the 13th century. Initially, it had a very important strategic significance. However, the castle fell into disrepair by 1344. It was empty for a long time. It was purchased by a Persian prince in 1794. The first large-scale reconstruction of the castle took place under his leadership. It belonged to the descendants of the prince in the future until 1863. Complete article

Oudenaarde Town Hall, Belgium

Oudenaarde Town Hall, Belgium An incredibly beautiful town hall in the Gothic style has been preserved in the Belgian city of Oudenaarde. The author of this architectural masterpiece is Hendrik van Pede. The spectacular building was completed according to his project in 1537. It took only 11 years to build it. The population of the miniature city is less than 30,000 people. The town hall continues to be the main symbol for this place for almost 500 years. Complete article
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