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Ancientry of the New World. Famous Unesco Sites in North America

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Incredibly picturesque national parks are rich with unique attractions. Local historical monuments and mysterious ancient monasteries are world famous. Indian tribes fascinate with their exquisite culture. Unique geological formations are worth visiting. Where can you see all of these wonders? Of course, in North America. Grand Canyon, the world famous Niagara Falls, the ancient Mayan city, and Indian reservations are the main sights of the continent known throughout the world. There are attractions literally for any traveler, including those who like to walk along the nature reserve, and those who tend to visit the iconic historic places. This review contains the most amazing and unique UNESCO sites that can be visited in North America.

Yellowstone National Park, USA

Yellowstone National Park is one of the world's most famous attractions. That’s the world's first national park, which was founded in 1872. The area of ​​this unique biosphere reserve occupies around 900 000 hectares. Every year, it’s visited by about 3 million people from around the world. The main feature of the reserve is not its rich nature and picturesque landscapes, but the unique geothermal facilities.

Yellowstone National Park, USA In fact, Yellowstone is a huge geyser field in the park. There are about 3 000 geysers. One of the main symbols of the park is the Grand Prismatic Spring. It’s the largest hot spring in the United States and third largest in the world. Its images taken from a height are simply amazing. The beautiful lake is iridescent. This unusual color of the water is due to pigmented bacteria colonies, the color of which varies depending on the time of year.

In addition to the vast number of geysers, park guests can see incredible pine forests, look into mysterious caves, and admire waterfalls hidden from the eyes of millions. The area of ​​the park is divided into five districts, each of which has its own unique features. Developed tourist infrastructure has appeared here about hundred years ago. Several hotels, shops, and eating places work on its territory. The park is open for visits at any time of the year. There are hundreds of amazing routes, so many vacationers prefer to stay in these picturesque places for a few days. Next - Biosphere Reserve of Sian Kaan

Biosphere Reserve of Sian Kaan, Mexico

Biosphere Reserve of Sian Kaan, Mexico There is an amazing biosphere reserve in Mexico, which deserves attention of travelers from around the world. Sian Kaan is located in the eastern part of the Yucatan Peninsula. Sian Kaan got the status of the national reserve in 1986. The park will be a real boon for those who love to explore natural attractions. A large part of its territory is covered by tropical forests. It’s also worth noting that the reserve embraces coastal waters of the Caribbean Sea. There’s a part of the barrier reef, so fans of diving will be glad to visit these places. Complete article

Nahanni National Park Reserve, Canada

Nahanni National Park Reserve, Canada One of the most famous national parks in Canada is the Nahanni. It was founded in 1976. The reserve occupies an area of ​​4 776 square km. Travellers who choose to visit this wonderful nook of the world will be able to see a lot of unique attractions. One of the main symbols of the park is the South Nahanni River. For many travelers, it is known for its beautiful Virginia Falls. Its height is 90 meters, so this waterfall is almost twice as high as the world-famous Niagara Falls. Complete article

Old Havana and its Fortification System, Cuba

Old Havana and its Fortification System, Cuba Those who love exploring the historical sights more than natural ones, definitely have to go to Havana. The historic center of the city houses an incredible amount of historical and cultural attractions. The very first settlement on the site of the Old Town was founded by the Spaniards in the early 16th century. The center of the historic district of Havana is the Malecon. It was founded in 1902; the length of the promenade is about 5 km. This is where the most prestigious hotels in the city, popular casinos and restaurants, as well as some amazing monuments and an observation tower of the 18th century are situated. Complete article

Grand Canyon National Park, USA

Grand Canyon National Park, USA Grand Canyon National Park, located in Arizona, is also among the world's foremost attractions. The Grand Canyon situated there is one of the natural wonders of the world. The area of ​​the national park is 4 927 square km. The southern region is the most visited. The national park was founded in 1919. In recent years, it was annually attended by 5 million people. Complete article

Pre-Hispanic City of Chichen-Itza, Mexico

Pre-Hispanic City of Chichen-Itza, Mexico Ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza, located in the northern part of the Yucatan Peninsula, is one of the most visited attractions in the world. Every year, tens of thousands of travelers come to the Mayan cultural center to stroll through its streets, admire the mysterious pyramids and unique places of worship. According to scientists, the city was founded in the 7th century BC. Complete article

Historic District of Old Quebec, Canada

Historic District of Old Quebec, Canada Quebec's Historic District is also famous for its unique monuments, which have no analogues in the world. The construction of this part of the city began in 1608. As many hundreds of years ago, the territory of the historic district is divided into the Upper and Lower Town. At the very beginning, the Upper City was a political and religious center, while the Lower Town housed craftsmen and merchants. Complete article

Archaeological Site of Panama Viejo and Historic District of Panama, Panama

Archaeological Site of Panama Viejo and Historic District of Panama, Panama Panama, the capital of the eponymous state, has a picturesque historic district. Panama Viejo is a great old city that was once destroyed by pirates. The city was founded on the Pacific coast as far back as 1517. At that time, it was the utmost European city of the continent. Since its founding, Panama Viejo had a single meaning. It was an important defensive point of the trade route from Peru to the Old World. It was used for transporting precious metals and treasures of the Incas. Complete article

Independence Hall, USA

Independence Hall, USA One of the main attractions of Philadelphia is Independence Hall. That’s an outstanding architectural and historical monument. In this building in 1776 the Declaration of Independence, and later the US Constitution were signed. Construction of the magnificent Georgian building begun in 1732, but was completed only in 1753. Complete article

Earliest 16-Century Monasteries on the Slopes of Popocatepetl, Mexico

Earliest 16-Century Monasteries on the Slopes of Popocatepetl, Mexico Popocatepetl is one of the most important natural attractions of Mexico. The height of this active volcano is 5 426 meters, but it is famous not because of scale. Several ancient monasteries that are considered the historical heritage of world significance, have survived on the slopes of an active volcano. Complete article

Rideau Canal, Canada

Rideau Canal, Canada Among the important public landmarks of Canada, a special place is occupied by the Rideau Canal that connects Ottawa and Kingston. Rideau is the oldest channel continuously operating in North America. Its opening took place in 1832. The channel length is 202 km, it is able to handle ships over 27 meters long and up to 8 meters wide. Complete article

Chaco Culture National Historical Park, USA

Chaco Culture National Historical Park, USA The National Historical Park in Chaco Canyon in New Mexico is one of the most important sites in the world in terms of archeology. The park is about 137 square km. Researchers found that Chaco Canyon was a flourishing center of the Anasazi culture. Archaeologists discovered the ruins of the biggest constructions, which were built by hand. Complete article

Taos Pueblo Village, USA

Taos Pueblo Village, USA Many travelers are attracted to the United States by an opportunity to explore the authentic Indian settlement. One of such places is the Taos Pueblo. It is located in New Mexico, near the town of Taos. The Taos Pueblo community is considered one of the most hidden and conservative in the country. The main symbol of the settlement is a multi-storey residential complex built of clay. It divides the Rio Pueblo river into two parts. Complete article

Pre-Hispanic City of Teotihuacan, Mexico

Pre-Hispanic City of Teotihuacan, Mexico Fans of walking along historical sites will be able to visit the pre-hispanic city of Teotihuacan, which is located not far from Mexico City. The exact age of the abandoned city is unknown. According to scientists, it could reach the area of ​​28 square km, the population was about 200 000 people. The enormous scale, elaborate design, and preserved ruins of the once majestic buildings testify to the fact that the city has flourished over the years. It came to desolation in the middle of the 7th century AD. Complete article

Precolumbian Chiefdom Settlements with Stone Spheres of the Diquis, Costa Rica

Precolumbian Chiefdom Settlements with Stone Spheres of the Diquis, Costa Rica Costa Rica is also ready to surprise travelers with unusual sights. One of the major mysteries of the country are stone spheres. In total, there are about 300 of them. They can be seen at Kiko peninsula and on Cano Island. The mysterious balls of limestone, sandstone or gabbro vary in size. Some of them are only about an inch in diameter, while others reach two meters in section and weigh over 15 tonnes. Complete article
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