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How long can you stay underwater? A few minutes, breathing stopped, or a couple of hours, with the first-class diving equipment. Another, more attractive way to get acquainted with the beauty of the underwater world is to visit one of the underwater restaurants or hotels. People have always been attracted by the water element not accidently. It is associated with a serene and solitary rest. That is why modern designers and architects are doing their best to implement the most incredible projects of buildings located on the water and under water. An original hotel with underwater rooms, surrounded by a peaceful lake surface, a floating sauna, a restaurant in a glass dome or a romantic villa built on stilts above the water - everyone can choose a suitable place for relaxation.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Hotel, Maldives

In Maldives, one of the most unusual, chic and romantic hotels of the planet, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island hotel is located. Exclusive villas are available to its guests. Some of them are located on the coast, while others have been built on stilts above the water. The main feature of the hotel is a unique underwater room. It is a double room and enjoys incredible popularity with newlyweds and couples in love. The underwater room is located at a depth of about 5 meters, the ceiling and walls in it replaces a transparent acrylic dome.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Hotel, Maldives The design of the room is very reliable, so its guests can enjoy the underwater world in an atmosphere of complete tranquility and privacy. Especially popular is the amazing number with newlyweds who choose it for the first wedding night. Another interesting feature of the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island hotel is the underwater Ithaa restaurant. Its design, as well as the design of the room, is based on the use of a high-strength acrylic dome, which reliably protects the internal space from water pressure.

While sitting at one of the tables, visitors can enjoy specialties and simultaneously admire the colorful fish and sharks passing by. Ithaa restaurant is a landmark of world significance. The most unusual hotel in the Maldives enjoys an incredible popularity with travelers from all over the world. It provides excellent conditions for high-class recreation and familiarity with features of the underwater world of the Maldives. Next - SeaScape Villa

SeaScape Villa, Emirates

SeaScape Villa, Emirates One of the most unusual houses on the water is the SeaScape villa, the project of which has been presented by the company BMT Asia Pacific. This villa can fulfill the dream of thousands of people to live in the open sea. The main feature of the house on the water are sleeping rooms that are located under the water. SeaScape villas are incredibly popular nowadays.They make up a worthy competition for yachts. Organizers of the project believe that soon floating villas will be able to completely replace yachts, because living on them is much more comfortable. Complete article

Sea.Fire.Salt.Sky. Restaurant, Maldives

Sea.Fire.Salt.Sky. Restaurant, Maldives In the Maldives, there is an unusual restaurant Sea.Fire.Salt.Sky. It attracts not only gourmets from around the world, but also lovers of exclusive recreation in unusual places. This four-story restaurant is partially located under the water. Everybody finds here a place for soul. The original name of the restaurant has also been chosen not accidentally. Each floor is decorated in a certain style, corresponding to one of the elements. Complete article

Floating Hotel Catamaran, Serbia

Floating Hotel Catamaran, Serbia The project of one of the most unusual floating hotels in the world has been presented in Serbia by the Salt & Water company. Floating Hotel will be completely located on water. Its design will include a stationary base with rooms nearby. Each room will represent a separate villa, which can also be operated as a catamaran. Having settled in the room, guests can move freely around the territory of the reservoir and choose where they will rest and have fun: fish, swim and enjoy the surrounding landscapes. Complete article

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, China

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, China For many, visiting an oceanarium is the best way to get acquainted with the versatility and beauty of the underwater world. One of the most unusual oceanariums of the planet is in Shanghai. The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium has not only a rich collection of underwater creatures, but is also unique in design. The main feature of the oceanarium is an underwater tunnel, the length of which is more than 150 meters. It is situated completely under water and is constructed of high-strength glass. A walk along the underwater tunnel will give a lot of unforgettable impressions. Complete article

Cloud 9 Bar, Fiji

Cloud 9 Bar, Fiji Not far from the island of Viti Levu, which is a part of the Fiji archipelago, an amazing floating Cloud 9 bar is located. It offers its guests a chance to relax in an incredible atmosphere, surrounded by the sky-blue waters of the ocean. The bar is a two-storey wooden platform, equipped with anchors. It has many excellent recreation areas. Complete article

Utter Inn Hotel, Sweden

Utter Inn Hotel, Sweden In Sweden, there is a world-famous underwater Utter Inn hotel, owned by an artist Michael Genberg. To get to this hotel, you need to come to Västerås port, which is in the immediate vicinity of Stockholm, and then go on a swim in an inflatable boat on Lake Mälaren. It is among the peaceful waters of this lake that the Utter Inn hotel is located. For its customers it offers the only double room. Complete article

Restaurant Per Aquum, Maldives

Restaurant Per Aquum, Maldives Gourmets who prefer to visit the most exquisite and unusual restaurants of the world, should not ignore the underwater restaurant Per Aquum. It will also appeal to those who have long dreamed of diversifying their leisure with an incredible entertainment. The unusual restaurant is situated in the Maldives, near the resort of Niyama. The restaurant hall has been equipped at a depth of 6 meters, it has panoramic windows that allow visitors to fully enjoy the beauty of the surrounding underwater world. Complete article

Floating House Giancarlo Zema, Qatar

Floating House Giancarlo Zema, Qatar The author of the project of a floating house, which consists 98% of the secondary raw materials, is a world-famous architect and designer Giancarlo Dzema. Built on his project, the house promises to be absolutely safe for the environment. If necessary, 98% of the building material can be recycled. According to the idea, similar houses on water can provide housing for thousands of people in the event of an increase in the world ocean level. Complete article

Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge, Panama

Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge, Panama Over Water hotels have long been popular with modern tourists, among the most interesting and famous hotels of this category Punta Caracol hotel is especially worth noting. This hotel is located in Panama, on the Bocas del Toro Archipelago. It is a complex of nine individual thatched-roofed villas that have been built on stilts above the water. The villas are interconnected by a convenient system of wooden bridges. The over water hotel is popular with fans of relaxation in exotic places, as well as tourists who are in search of seclusion. Complete article

Paperhouses, Great Britain

Paperhouses, Great Britain A few years ago in the UK, a concept of ultralight dwelling houses called Paperhouses was introduced for the first time. The London studio of design and architecture Carl Turner Architects slightly corrected this project and presented a model of floating houses. It is worth noting, that the idea of creating such an unusual dwelling turned out to be very relevant, since floods became more frequent in Europe. Complete article

Hudson River Park, USA

Hudson River Park, USA Hudson River Park is an excellent example of the fact that futuristic projects of modern architects and designers can be realized. This incredibly beautiful and interesting over water park was designed several years ago, and The Hudson River Park Trust company recently announced the beginning of its construction. The park has been decided to be built in one of the busiest and most popular tourist areas of New York - the West Side. It is in close proximity to the "Pier 55". Complete article

Floating Surfing Park, Australia

Floating Surfing Park, Australia An unusual recreation area will appear in Melbourne in case of realization of another bright project. Here, an over water surf park is to be built. The Damian Rogers Architecture company is going to work on the construction of the park in cooperation with the Arup engineering bureau. The specialists of these companies created a project of an unusual park. It is planned to place it in one of the city harbors. One of the most attractive locations is the Victoria Bay. Complete article

Houseboat Saunalautta, Finland

Houseboat Saunalautta, Finland Many experienced travelers note that Finnish sauna is best visited in Finland, despite its wide distribution in various countries around the world. The most unusual Finnish sauna can really be visited in its native country, Saunalautta has been built on water and offers clients a very special conditions for recreation. The sauna has been built of recycled materials. One of the main materials used for its construction was wood. Complete article

Jules Undersea Lodge, USA

Jules Undersea Lodge, USA In the Key Largo district of the USA, a legendary underwater Jules' Undersea Lodge hotel is located. Its history dates back to the 70s of the last century. Originally, the underwater building, in which today is the only hotel room, served as a laboratory and belonged to a researcher Ian Koblick. Later, the underwater construction lost its original function and was converted into the hotel. Complete article
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