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Enemies all around. The Most Inaccessible Buildings in the World

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Complicated tangled trails lead to them, steep stairways with hundreds of stone steps and dangerous suspension bridges laid over bottomless abysses. Some outstanding historical buildings are reliably isolated from the world. Since ancient times they served the only purpose - to protect their hosts from uninvited guests. Beautiful castles and monasteries are located on steep rocks, peaks of inaccessible cliffs and in a difficult mountainous area, where you can easily get lost without a guide. The more interesting is for experienced travelers to visit these hard-to-reach sights, each of which keeps a lot of secrets.

Blejski Grad, Slovenia

One of the most impregnable buildings in the world can be found in Slovenia. Here the old castle Bled is located on the summit 130-meter-high rock. Bled is one of the oldest castles in the country. The castle is located in the incredibly beautiful terrain, next to the lake of the same name. The rocky cliff, on whose summit Bled is located, literally hangs over the shores of the lake and is covered with the lush forest from all sides. Surprisingly, people built the castle in this difficult-to-access area more than a thousand years ago. The first mention of the castle date from 1004.

Blejski Grad, Slovenia In the course of a hundred years of history the castle has preserved many old architectural elements. The Romanesque tower used to monitor the surroundings is considered the oldest. The exterior of the old castle changed greatly in the Middle Ages and was supplemented with new buildings, including stone towers and fortress walls. The entrance to the castle is hidden in the thicket of the forest. A narrow stone staircase leads to it, which can not be easily found among the hundred-year-old trees without a guide.

Through the castle testion the excursions are carried out, in the course of which one learns a lot of interesting facts about the history and the interior furnishing of some buildings. The largest part of the castle is dedicated to the historical museum, where a large collection of everyday objects, old clothes and weapons is presented. Many tourists strive to visit this strange sight at sunset. At dawn, the high rock and the old castle are illuminated with the impressive illumination. Next - Hrad Trosky

Hrad Trosky, Czech Republic

Hrad Trosky, Czech Republic In the surroundings of Prague lies the mysterious and beautiful castle Trosky, which was considered one of the most impregnable defense facilities in the Czech Republic. The castle was built in the rock between two craters of the ancient extinct volcano. The construction workers built the castle towers in the craters. Together with the dark inaccessible rocks, the castle looks just unique. The forest surrounding the rocks forms an impressive contrast with the dark shades. Complete article

Pitigliano, Italy

Pitigliano, Italy The ancient town of Pitigliano, situated in picturesque Tuscany, is probably the most impregnable settlement in the world. This ancient city was literally built on the rock. The stone buildings and the fortress walls form a whole with the rocks. According to the historical data the settlement was founded several centuries ago by Etruscans. They deliberately chose the high hill surrounded by three sides with the inaccessible rocks as a building site to protect themselves from the conquerors. Complete article

Schloss Lichtenstein, Germany

Schloss Lichtenstein, Germany Among the steep and enchanting Bavarian Alps in Germany you can find the strange castle Lichtenstein. The castle lies on the summit of a steep rock, whose height is about 817 meters. The Honau hill, on whose territory the castle is located, is considered one of the most picturesque in the country. Here the inaccessible rocks alternate with the incredibly beautiful forests. At first glance, you can hardly guess how to get to the rocky summit, to the old castle. Complete article

Palacio Nacional da Pena, Portugal

Palacio Nacional da Pena, Portugal The National Palace Pena in Portugal is the landmark of the importance of the state. The palace is located in the surroundings of the city of Sintra and was built on the top of the steep rock in 1840. From the outside, the palace is a typical medieval castle, although its age is only a little over 150 years. The palace was built by order of King Fernandu II, who used the majestic building as a summer residence. Complete article

Phuktal Gompa, India

Phuktal Gompa, India Phuktal Monastery is one of the most difficult and accessible structures in India. This isolated Buddhist monastery was founded in the 12th century and was built on the slope of the high stone rock. At first glance, it seems that the buildings can collapse at any time. In reality, the monastery has existed for more than 800 years. Today, there are about 70 monks. The monastery can only be reached by foot on the secret mountain path. Complete article

Predjamski Grad, Slovenia

Predjamski Grad, Slovenia In Slovenia there is a strange castle, one of the most impregnable defense systems in the world. It is the Predjamski Grad (Cave Castle Lueg), built on the rock wall, whose height is 123 meters. The age of the castle is more than 700 years. The first official mention of the castle date back to 1202. In the course of a long history, the castle belonged to various knights 'orders, during which the knights' tournaments and the mediaeval banquets were held. Complete article

Monastery of George Khozevita, Israel

Monastery of George Khozevita, Israel In Israel there is a building, on the road to which one is extremely complicated. It is about Gheorghe Hozevitul Monastery. This Orthodox monastery is considered one of the oldest in the world and is located on the territory of the Celt Valley, in the Jewish desert. The monastery building was built on the slope of the rock wall. The nearest settlement is the old town of Jericho, which is about 5 km away. Complete article

Chapel of St Michael dAiguilhe, France

Chapel of St Michael dAiguilhe, France In the tiny French town of Le Puy-en-Velay is the famous chapel St. Michael dAiguilhe. This place was known for its unusual location around the world. It was built on the top of the hill whose height is 100 meters. To get up on the top of the rock and watch the old chapel close, you have to climb the long staircase, which consists of 268 steps. The courageous tourists who are not afraid of the long and steep staircase are rewarded on the summit - from this rock, the unforgettable panorama opens up to the tiny town and its surroundings. Complete article

Potala Palace, Tibet

Potala Palace, Tibet In Lhasa, in the picturesque Tibetan mountains, is the famous Potala Palace - the tallest among the ancient buildings in the world. The palace is located at the height of 3 767 meters above sea level. The summit of the Marpo Ri mountain serves as the site of the palace. Potala Palace is the largest monumental structure on the territory of Tibet and is located on the top of the mountains and on its slope. The height of the multi-storey building is also quite impressive and forms 170 meters. Complete article
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