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Do you think that outstanding monuments can only be dedicated to famous historical personalities and cultural figures? In the world, there is an incredible number of original monuments, the meaning of some of which can only be guessed. Futuristic and abstract figures from bronze and steel are established to commemorate the achievements of great musicians and politicians. They are meant to pay attention to the global problems of mankind and to think about the frailty of being. Unique creations of sculptors can nowadays be seen not only on busy squares. To touch some of them, you will have to reach remote areas of lifeless deserts or find the most hidden corners of small parks. Each amazing monument has its own secret. Touching one of them can grant happiness or even realize the most cherished desires.

Cloud Gate Monument, United States

In Chicago on the territory Millenium Parks is one of the most unusual sculptures in the world - 'The Skypost'. The author of the sculpture is the well-known Indian sculptor Anish Kapur. According to the author's idea, the unusual sculpture is supposed to imitate a huge mercury drop, which has fallen on the surface of the earth. The original mirror sculpture is reminiscent of the huge bean, which is why it is often referred to by the locals as a 'mirror bean'.

Cloud Gate Monument, United States The sculpture is impressively large, its mirror surface reflects the surrounding urban landscapes very beautifully. From the mathematical point of view the 'mercury drop' is a huge ellipsoid. The sculpture was made of stainless steel. Their surfaces were polished to a smoothness of the mirror, so the shape of the composition is simply unique.

One of the main particularities of sculpture is the great arc, one can go under and see one's own reflection in the mirror surface. Since the opening, the original monument has been incredibly popular with both city dwellers and Chicago guests. On the background of the huge mirror bean you can make very impressive photos. In good weather, the blue sky and the sun are mirrored on the outside very beautifully. Next - Sibelius Monumentti

Sibelius Monumentti, Finland

Sibelius Monumentti, Finland In Helsinki there is a memorial to the well-known Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. The sculpture is so original and abstract that one can hardly guess at first glance who it might be dedicated to. The author of the monument is the Finnish painter Eila Hiltunen. Their masterpiece is a composition of 600 steel listeners, which form an abstract figure and are brazed together. Complete article

Mano del desierto, Chile

Mano del desierto, Chile One of the most unique sculptures is in the midst of the lifeless landscapes of the Chilean desert of Atakamas. The author of the monument under the name 'Mano del Desierto' (hand of the desert) is the sculptor from Chile Mario Irarrázabal. The unusual monument is impressively large - the height of the hand forms 11 meters. It looks incredibly impressive and evokes the hand of the giant, who is buried in the boundless sands of the desert. The importance of the monument is very symbolic. It should remind people that they still remain powerless before the element and nature. Complete article

Headington Shark, United Kingdom

Headington Shark, United Kingdom In Oxford on New High Street street is a very remarkable house № 2, whose roof is decorated with the sculpture 'Headington Hai'. The huge shark model literally 'penetrated' into the roof of the old building symbolizes anger and despair. The monument was opened in 1986 and was devoted to the victims of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Complete article

Crocodile and Capitalist Monument, United States

Crocodile and Capitalist Monument, United States The followers of the unusual monuments that plan to visit New York can stroll to the Brooklyn Polytechnic University building. At the entrance to the university is a very nice monument 'The Crocodile and the Capitalist', which looks like a funny caricature of old newspapers. The importance of the monument is simple and intuitive; It calls the officials to be honest and to cope with the greed. Complete article

Keyboard Monument, Russia

Keyboard Monument, Russia The city of Ekaterinburg is one of the top ranks among the Russian cities according to the number of original monuments. During the promenade on the picturesque waterfront of the Iset river, one can see the only monument of the computer keyboard in the world. The monument was designed by the sculptor Anatoly Wyatkin. The unusual 'Computerdenkmal' was opened on the Uferstraße in October 2010. The monument is an exact copy of the keyboard on a 30: 1 scale. Complete article

Marcel Ayme Monument, France

Marcel Ayme Monument, France Among the most unusual sculptures in Paris, one must definitely mention the monument dedicated to the writer Marcel Aymé. The monument, opened in 1989, is located in the Montmartre district and is known to the general public under the unofficial name of 'man walking through the wall'. The unofficial name completely reflects the main particularity of the sculpture. The monument is the outstanding writer who walks through the stone wall. Complete article

Friendship Cheese Monument, Russia

Friendship Cheese Monument, Russia The monument to the processed cheese 'Druzhba' (Friendship), which is located at the entrance to the Moscow factory of processed cheese 'Karat', is a good confirmation that the strange and peculiar sculptures can be dedicated not only to the sublime ideas and outstanding personalities . 'Druzhba' processed cheese has long been a legend and one of the main symbols of Soviet times in Russia. Complete article

Homeless Cats Monument, Germany

Homeless Cats Monument, Germany In Germany, in the city of Braunschweig, there is the monument dedicated to the men without cats. The monument, which was erected in 1981, is impressively large and looks like a high stele, on which the bronze cats are fixed in different poses. All people who see the monument for the first time notice its incredible realism. The cat bellows opened more than 30 years ago became one of the main attractions of Braunschweig. Complete article

Great Depression Monument, United States

Great Depression Monument, United States In Washington, next to the memorial Franklin Delano Roosevelt is the Great Depression Monument. Five bronze figures of men, who are frozen in the patient poses symbolize a series around bread. During the Great Depression the ranks around the free foods were much longer. The author of the sculpture composition is George Segal, the well-known American sculptor and painter. Complete article
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