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Frozen catastrophe. The Surviving Remains of Shipwrecks You Can Observe Yourself

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Ocean ships that were wrecked but didn't drown became the most popular tourist sightseeing. They don't navigate now but this attracts people more. Every ship has its unique history. Some of them became famous during the war, other thanks to numerous legends connected with contraband and treasures. In the world, there are a lot of beaches that within hundred years turned into a real ship breaking yards. Even lakes can be dangerous because their bottom could be also a place for wrecked ships. Today some famous places of the shipwrecks are open for tourists.

Dimitros-P Wrecks, Greece

The old 35 meters long rust ship "Dimitros-P Wrecks" has placed not far from the port area of Imeri Gramvousa island. According to the official returns, in January 1968 this huge ship loaded with cement went from Halkida to North America. When the ship was coming near the Cythera island, the great storm has begun. The ship has to come to anchor near the Diakofto gulf.

Dimitros-P Wrecks, Greece The storm didn't go down for several days. That's why the ship has to change its course and come to anchor on other islands. On January 8, 1968, the ship was wrecked with the anchors and ran aground on the Imeri Gramvousa island. Fortunately, everyone was safe and sound and on January, 8 all were evacuated from the island. Since the wreck, the ship wasn’t transported from this island. Today it is a place of interest for tourists. We can call it a real sightseeing of this place. Next - SS Ayrfield Wrecks

SS Ayrfield Wrecks, Australia

SS Ayrfield Wrecks, Australia SS Ayrfield Wrecks has set for eternal display near the Olympic village in Sydney. Its second name is "The Floating Forest", this name is closer to travellers than the official one. It was given because its right part is densely forested. The steamship is a real historical landmark. It was built in Great Britain in 1911. Complete article

Panagiotis Wrecks, Greece

Panagiotis Wrecks, Greece Panagiotis Wrecks is a shipwreck on the coast of Zakynthos in a picturesque Navagio Bay, Greece. This abandoned ship turned a lovely almost secluded isolated bay with a sandy beach into a real world sightseeing. The vessel has a very interesting history. For a long period of time, it was used for contraband shipments. People call the Bay with the wrecked ship "The Bay of Contrabandists". Complete article

Battleship Murmansk Wrecks, Norway

Battleship Murmansk Wrecks, Norway Not far from the Norway village Sørvær you can see Russian abandoned Battleship Murmansk. It went ashore there in 1994. The battleship adores with its size, its length is about 200 meters. After the wreckage, some parts of the vessel went under the water. That's why now this ship reminds something between a submarine and a battleship. It was used since 1955. Murmansk had 12 fighting items, some of them you can see even now. Complete article

Gallant Lady Wrecks, Bahamas

Gallant Lady Wrecks, Bahamas Bahamas shore has also seen a lot of wrecks. One of the ships you can see is in the Sothern part of Bimini archipelago. There you will see a skeleton of the cargo ship with a romantic name "Gallant Lady". Several decades ago when the ship went from Belize City a great storm has found the vessel and its crew. The crew failed to control the ship and it had been brought to the shore of Bimini island. The ship was very beautiful, however, for many years this beauty has left it. Complete article

Cabo de Santa Maria Wrecks, Cape Verde

Cabo de Santa Maria Wrecks, Cape Verde The freight ship Cabo de Santa Maria has an outstanding history. In 1968 it was transported very precious cargo – presents from Francisco Paulino Hermenegildo Teódulo Franco for Spanish alliance partners that support the country at the time of the economic crisis. There were expensive cars, products, medicine, clothes and other precious things. Complete article

BOS 400 Wrecks, South Africa

BOS 400 Wrecks, South Africa Near the South African shores were buried the wrecks of BOS 400 ship. They have placed in Duiker Point not so far from Sandy Bay. In 1994 this French cargo ship transported the Russian tug-boat to the place of work because the ark didn’t have its own motors. If the transportation was successful, BOS 400 would be the hugest seahorse in South America. Complete article

Evangelia Wrecks, Romania

Evangelia Wrecks, Romania Evangelia is a one more mysterious wrecked ship. It ran upon the sands near the Romanian shores, not far from Costinesti town in 1968. There is some evidence that the ship got aground at the disposal of the owner. According to the rumours, he wanted to get the insurance proceeds. At that time when the catastrophe has happened, there was a fog-bank on the shore, although the sea was calm. After the accident, all ship equipment was thoroughly checked. No one failure was fixed. Complete article

Riverdance Wrecks, United Kingdom

Riverdance Wrecks, United Kingdom Passenger-and-freight ferry "Riverdance" now has found its eternal anchorage near Blackpool, Lancashire, Britain. It has happened in 2008 during the huge storm. The ship was transported about a thousand packages of McVitie’s cookies. Then, after the wreck, the shore was full of them. The ship crew consisted of 14 people, all of them struggled to the last breath to save the ship and its cargo. Complete article

Kaiolohia Wrecks, USA

Kaiolohia Wrecks, USA Kaiolohia is a picturesque beach in the USA. This place is also known as a "Shipwreck beach". This beach you can find at the Lanai island. It is one of the most beautiful and attractive islands among Hawaii islands. Notwithstanding that fact that the beach isn’t used for swimming, it is quite popular among tourists. Complete article

Thunder Bay, USA

Thunder Bay, USA Tourists, who visit America, can also see several wrecked ships. The most attractive place for it is Lake Huron located on the border between the United States and Canada. For about hundred years this lake was a passable one, approximately 6 000 wrecked ships are now at the bottom of it. A great number of drowning boats and ships you can see near the Thunder Bay. Complete article

Plassy Wrecks, Ireland

Plassy Wrecks, Ireland Irish Aran Islands have the abandoned trawl ship "MB Plassy". In 1960 it was run aground on the rocky Inis Oírr island, the smallest island of the archipelago. The reason of it was a strong storm in the sea. The ship was built in 1940 and was used as a cargo ship. Its last cargo was a huge consignment of whisky and yarn. The ship has to transport it through Galway Bay. Complete article

Mulheim Wrecks, United Kingdom

Mulheim Wrecks, United Kingdom Rocky outcrop Land's End is the most South-West point of Great Britain. There you can find the ship "Mulheim" that was wrecked in 2003. Its last cruising was connected with a huge consignment of plastic from Ireland to Germany. Unfortunately, this cargo wasn’t departed to Germany because the ship was ashore on the rocky island. As it has happened not so far, the cargo doesn’t have time to fall into decay. Even more, the ship girder has saved its original colour. Complete article
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