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No sun, plants, wind and rain – it is possible only under the ground. A lot of people think that it can't be true. However, on our planet, we can find some underground towns. Note that, the first tunnels were built even in the ancient times. Such towns were built in order to hide from the conquerors and safe household items. Also, these catacombs were the shortest ways that connected different parts of cities and even nearby towns. People went under the ground because of the severe climate. At about 10 meters under the ground, they tried to escape from the extremely hot or cold weather. Every catacomb city has its unique history. During the researching, there were found a lot of historical artefacts.

Undergrounds of Beijing, China

In 1969 in Beijing at the direction of Mao Tse Tung has begun building of the temporary underground shelter. In 10 years there has appeared an amazing complex of underground tunnels. The whole length of which is about 30 meters. Undergrounds of Beijing were built for defensive goals. The main part of the structure consists of 1 000 bomb shelters. Among them were schools, hairdressing saloons and theatres, and even restaurants and shops.

Undergrounds of Beijing, China The area of this underground city is quite huge. These tunnels could place under 40% of city population. In 2000 the unique complex became open for everyone. Some rooms have saved the inner decoration of old times. There are placed some pieces of old furniture, portraits of Mao Tse Tung and other outstanding antiques.

Several years ago, in the underground tunnels were opened hostels for tourists. That’s why you can come here not only for the excursion but also stay for a couple of days. A lot of facts that are connected with Undergrounds of Beijing are still covered with a mystery. For example, there is no information about the real depth of the buildings. Since 2008 the tunnels are in the midst of reconstruction. Builders try to make them more interesting and safe for tourists. Within several years in the 80 000 square meters underground shelter has opened some offices and outdoor concession stands. Next - Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw, Canada

Moose Jaw, Canada Moose Jaw, located on the territory of Canadian village Saskatchewan, has an outstanding history of the building. This region has a very severe climate. The coldest period there is long-lasting winters. At the beginning of the 20th century, Moose Jaw was a huge industrial city. The underground buildings have appeared there especially for workers. In winter they could go from one part of the city to another in quite comfortable conditions. Complete article

City of the Gods, Egypt

City of the Gods, Egypt The Great Pyramid of Cheops is the utmost Wonder of the World. Right under it was found one of the most mysterious and outstanding underground cities of the world. The first researching works were held there in 1978. The underground tunnel that they found was named "Metropolis" or "City of the Gods". We have a lot of facts that say that under the pyramid was found a whole complex of tunnels, nevertheless, we can’t check it. Complete article

Shanghaiin tunnels, United States

Shanghaiin tunnels, United States A complex system of undergrounds has placed under the American Portland’s China town and was called Shanghai tunnels. The researchers still don’t know the original aim of this labyrinths. Some suppose that they were used for illegal transporting of goods and people. Earlier in Portland, a great number of people were snatched and pressed to work on vessels. That’s why the theory of original usage of the tunnels goes back to the transporting kidnapped people. Complete article

Underground city Kariz, Iran

Underground city Kariz, Iran In Iran you can also find an underground town. Under Kish city has placed an underground city Kariz. Now it is a popular touristic place of this area. The system of tunnels was built approximately 2,5 thousand years ago. Originally it was used for the allocation of water. The city is amazing big, its whole area goes up to 10 000 square meters. Complete article

Derinkuyu, Turkey

Derinkuyu, Turkey Turkey is a country that full of various archaeological items and places. Cappadocia is a city that has several unusual places. There were found several underground cities, one of them is Derinkuyu. This city adores with its area and construction. It is a seven-layer city. In the underground rooms can live several thousand people at once. The researchers have found houses, churches, schools and even several areas which were used for wines concoction. Complete article

Burlington, United Kingdom

Burlington, United Kingdom In the middle of the 20th century in Great Britain has appeared a secret underground city with a code name Burlington. This city is like a real recessed shelter where the British parliament planed be hold up in case of the nuclear war. The underground city was built at the place of the old stone quarry, its area is about 1 square kilometers. This recessed shelter could save up to 4 000 people at once. Complete article

Undergrounds of Naur, France

Undergrounds of Naur, France Undergrounds of Naur is the most famous place in France. It has placed on the territory of the same-named city, in Picardie province. In the northern part of France were built a lot of such underground shelters. They were built by local, people tried to hide from another attack and save their property. Underground Naur is quite big, at once there can be about 3 000 people. Approximately this city was built in the 9th century. Complete article

Lalibela, Ethiopia

Lalibela, Ethiopia An Ethiopian Lalibela became famous thanks to the wonderful underground churches. According to the historical data, this city was established in the 12th century. Its golden age was at the reign of the emperor Lalibela. In honor of whom the city has been named for about 800 years. At the disposal if this ruler, the building of underground churches had begun. The building had finished only in the 13th century. Complete article

Underground Orvieto, Italy

Underground Orvieto, Italy In Italy on the territory of Orvieto town has placed an underground city that is one of the most interesting in the whole world. It was founded by Etruscan in the 8th- 3rd centuries BC. Earlier there was a huge Etruscan city in Volusia. These undergrounds had a lot of functions. There locals were hiding in the city besiegement, and also save their cattle and precious items. Complete article

Plzen Underground, Czech Republic

Plzen Underground, Czech Republic The Czech Republic has an underground city Plzen that is famous for its 19-kilometre length tunnels. Earlier these complicated basements were used for product storages, sometimes locals used them for evacuation during the aggression upon them. This underground city has a great number of interesting legends. One of them says that the underground has treasures. The complex system of underground labyrinths was constructed even in the 14th century. Hundreds of years there were placed craft producers and a small wine factory. Complete article

Odessa catacombs, Russia

Odessa catacombs, Russia Odessa catacombs are one of the biggest in the world. Its length is approximately 2,5 thousand kilometers. The main part of the underground ways are the old quarries, where stones for city building were taken. In the 19th century the catacombs have begun to build but after the revolution the rock work have to be stopped. The reason covered in a serious geological threatens. Complete article

Undergrounds of Kerch, Russia

Undergrounds of Kerch, Russia Kerch is popular with its huge limestone deposits. The production of the material has formed a complex system of underground tunnels. This huge underground system was divided in 3 parts: tunnels under the Mitridat mountain, Starokarantinskiye and Adzhimushkaiskiye catacombs. The most interesting and mysterious place is the Adzhimushkaiskiye catacombs. A lot of outstanding eerie stories are connected with this place. Complete article

Leavenworth, United States

Leavenworth, United States Leavenworth is a city that has placed on the territory of Kansas. Under the city you can find another city that has a lot of tunnels, labyrinths and rooms. There is no accurate information of who and for what had built this underground city. Reportedly, there could live refugee slaves and at the time of the dry law there was an active trade of alcohol. Within the time the catacombs fell into ruin, today they are visited only by curious tourists. Complete article
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