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Today the glass is a popular building material. At once it is fragile, transparent, light and firm. Luxurious hundred meters high skyscrapers, large igloos and constructions of various unbelievable geometric forms are made from the glass. Masterpieces from this material look very outstanding. Most of them are the world known sightseeing now. The shining glass facades became home for various institutes - concert halls, ultramodern office centres, showgrounds and even hotels.

Jardim Botanico de Curitiba, Brazil

In Curitiba, Brazil has placed a wonderful Botanic Garden. It is decorated not only with exotic plants but also with a great glass greenhouse. Jardim Botanico de Curitiba was built in a French style in 1991. The park occupies 240 000 m² in area. There you can see as vivid flowerbeds, trees as marvellous fountains, waterfalls and man-made lakes.

Jardim Botanico de Curitiba, Brazil The main point of interest of this garden is a greenhouse that was built in a modern style from metal and glass. It shelters in its interior, specimens of plants characteristic of tropical regions. The unusual pavilion resembles the mid-19th century Crystal Palace in London. Unfortunately, the original palace was burnt. The main greenhouse is 458 square meters. This wonderful building shows up in the background of the garden. It looks magnificent and resembles a huge crystal.

The glass pavilion is a two-stored building. From the second floor, you can see all the beauty of the Botanic Garden. Also, the garden has an interesting Museum of Franz Krajcberg. There are presented the rarest plants of Brazil. Researchers from the whole world collect plants for this museum. Jardim Botanico de Curitiba has a lot of peculiarities. It has so-called “Gardens of feelings”. There you can find plants of unusual colours, strong smells, extraordinary leaves and flowers structures. Next - Headquarters of Aldar

Headquarters of Aldar, UAE

Headquarters of Aldar, UAE In Abu Dhabi, you can see a great circular glass building. The circle is embedded in the ground and resembles a glass disk. ALDAR Laing O’Rourke – the main contractor of this building – has chosen the place for Headquarters of Aldar. The unusual building was finished in 2010 and at once became the most unbelievable and effect futuristic place in the whole world. Its high is 121 meters. All 23 floors are used for the commercial purposes. Complete article

Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Japan

Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Japan In Tokyo in a student quarter, you can see an unusual glass building. It is a campus of the Kanagawa Institute of Technology. Junya Ishigami has graduated from the institute and became an author of this building. He with a help of modern architects brought to life this unique project. This building in Tokyo is one of the most transparent in the world. Complete article

Sage Gateshead, UK

Sage Gateshead, UK Sage Gateshead is a concert venue and also a centre for musical education, located in Gateshead on the south bank of the River Tyne, in North East England. Under the glass cupola, that resembles a twisted shell, has placed three large rooms. One of the rooms has seats for 1 700 people. The façade of the building is cladded with glassy tile. This building looks very outstanding in the beam of rising or hiding the sun. Complete article

Department of Health of Basque Lands, Spain

Department of Health of Basque Lands, Spain A unique building of asymmetric form you can see in the Spanish city, Bilbao. This architectural masterpiece looks very good in the city but it is quite hard to imagine how this project could be materialized. In Bilbao design of all new houses is strictly regulated. The rules say that all buildings have to look similar to the buildings in the particular region. More than that, all new buildings don’t have to be higher than the nearby. Complete article

Hotel W, Spain

Hotel W, Spain Hotel W in Barcelona is a good example of modern glass architecture. Luxurious hotel was built in 2009. It stands in 7 hectares of land reclaimed from the sea surface in the construction of the new entrance to the harbour. Nowadays it is one of the most picturesque areas of the city. The five-star hotel has great floor-to-ceiling windows. Prices there are quite high because of the location and the inner decoration. The top part of the building resembles an inflated sail. That’s why the most expensive rooms are on the top floors. Complete article

Museum of World Ocean, Russia

Museum of the World Ocean in Kaliningrad also attracts people with its unusual architecture. Recently this museum has received a new campus – a wonderful round glassed house. As many other round buildings, this one also has a symbolic meaning. It symbolizes the Earth and pays people’s attention to the water value. Complete article

Netherlands Institute of Sound and Image, Netherlands

Netherlands Institute of Sound and Image, Netherlands In Hilversum has placed the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. It became known for the world thanks to its unusual design. The Institute’s façade is decorated with colourful glass panels that with the photodiode lights look wonderful. This building was projected by architects from Neutelings Riedijk studio. On the surface, it may resemble a huge TV screen. Complete article

Chapel La Estancia, Mexico

Chapel La Estancia, Mexico Cuernavaca, Mexico, became known to the world thanks to its outstanding wedding Chapel La Estancia. It is situated on the territory of a picturesque garden that for a number of years is being used for wedding ceremonies. In 2007 one of the local young architects decided to build in this garden a small glass chapel. Later, he celebrated his own wedding there. Chapel La Estancia is a nice and airy place. Only at first glance, the project of this building looks easy. Complete article

Pyramide du Louvre, France

Pyramide du Louvre, France Visitors of Louvre have a great opportunity to enter the Napoleon yard. There has placed an unusual and interesting construction – Pyramide du Louvre. For Paris, it became one of the main symbols of the city. The pyramid has begun to build in 1985 and finished in 1989. The idea to build this wonderful pyramid came to a famous architect Ieoh Ming Pei. Today this wonderful pyramid is the entrance to the museum. Complete article

St Mary Axe, UK

St Mary Axe, UK On one of the vibrant streets in London has placed a great St Mary Axe skyscraper. It attracts a lot of views because of its marvellous glass façade. This 41-storey skyscraper was built in 2003. Nine-tenths rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows. The main part of the rooms is extended over the offices. The top floor has several magnificent restaurants and entertainment venues, that are open for everybody. Complete article

Sabanci Congress and Fair Centre, Turkey

Sabanci Congress and Fair Centre, Turkey In Antalya, you can find an unusual pyramid where has placed Sabanci Congress and Exhibition Center. This building looks extraordinary in the traditional urban area. The pyramid was built with the use of metal and glass materials. It is located on the territory of a wonderful landscape garden. There you see artificial ponds and pools with nice fountains. Today the centre is commonly used for various education and official activities. Often there are held exhibitions, presentations and other cultural events. Complete article

National Center for Performing Arts, China

National Center for Performing Arts, China In Beijing, you can see a wonderful glass building that can be compared with a huge drop of water that has fallen on the earth. In this 200 000-square meter building has placed the National Center for Performing Arts. The corpus of this unusual building is made from titanium and the cupola is made from glass segments. The territory around the building has also a great decoration. There was made a huge artificial lake. Complete article

Sports and Recreation Center, France

Sports and Recreation Center, France A popular Sports and Recreation Center is situated in Saint-Cloud near Paris. This building attracts tourists with its unusual glass decoration. The façade of the two-stored building is decorated with rectangular in shape colourful classical glass panels. At night the building has a wonderful lightning that underlines the uniqueness of this sports centre. Sports and Recreation Center is made in a low-key cubism style. At the same time, it doesn’t look severe and depressed. Complete article
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