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Impressionism of nature. Top 13 Most Colorful and Picturesque Places on the Planet

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Created by nature itself or by skillful hands of artists, the riot of colours always fascinates and evokes a special interest. On the planet, there are many bright places in the literal sense of the word. A man had a hand in the formation of some of them, others, for billions of years, have been created by nature itself. The main unifying feature of all these attractions is a fascinating palette of colours, of which it's impossible to take your eye. Want to see the most luxurious parks and flower plantations on the planet, stroll along the shores of colourful sources and enjoy the beauty of unique architectural areas? Then forward to new discoveries! But remember that the most colourful places on the planet should be sought not only on land, but also under water.

Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

In search of beautiful and impressive places you can visit Japan. One of the landmarks of the country is the Hitachi Seaside Park. This magnificent flower garden is located in the surroundings of the town of Hitatinaka and has an area of ​​about 120 hectares. Hitachi-Seaside has been one of the most visited sights in the country for many years. The distinctive peculiarity of the park is the variety of flowers growing in its territory. Here one of the most famous flower festivals takes place annually.

Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan Many experienced tourists will try to visit the park in May, when the annual festival 'Harmony and Nemophila' is held. At this time most of its territory is covered with the magnificent carpet of American forget-me-nots. The sky-blue flowers look irresistible. At different seasons, the park territorium colors in different colors. At the end of May, the festival of daffodils and tulips is held on its territory. In the first days of summer, the magnificent wheel logs are planted in the park. In September and October, Hitachi Seaside looks scarlet.

The large park, considered one of the most beautiful in the country, was founded in 1991. Previously, the American military base was on this site. Recently, the small zoo and adventure park were opened on the Park Territorium, so Hitachi Seaside is also one of the most popular places for family recreation in the region. The number of flowers growing annually in the park is several million. For example, in the park more than 170 tulip species are bred annually. The enchanting Hitachi Seaside Park is undoubtedly an incredibly colorful and romantic place. Next - Dead Vlei

Dead Vlei, Namibia

Dead Vlei, Namibia No one will soon come to look for the colorful and colorful landscapes in the desert. However, there is such a strange place on earth. Annually, the curious tourists are trying to get into the ancient desert of Namib, where the unique 'Dead Valley' (Dead Vlei) is located. According to the approximate calculations of the scientists, the desert has emerged more than 80 million years ago on the planet. During such a huge period, many unique landscapes have formed on their territory. Complete article

Lisse Tulip Fields, Netherlands

Lisse Tulip Fields, Netherlands In the western part of the Netherlands is the picturesque village of Lisse, where the extensive tangle fields have been used for many years. The travelers who visit this strange area in the period from March to August have an excellent opportunity to graze in the colorful and magical landscapes. Complete article

Rapeseed Fields in Luoping, China

Rapeseed Fields in Luoping, China The district of Luoping is one of the most colorful and colorful places in China. Here is the largest Rapsplanage in the country. At the beginning of March, rape blooms and colors the hillside with large terraces in gold color, forming a truly unique view. The tourists who want to see this unique natural sight should visit Luoping at the end of February or the beginning of March. Already in June, the rape fields are completely blooming. Complete article

Retba Lake, Senegal

Retba Lake, Senegal Not only the wonderful flowers, but also the bacteria can color the world colorfully. An excellent confirmation of this is the lake Retba, located in Senegal. This unique water basin is characterized by the bright pink water color. The secret of the strange lake is quite simple - a special kind of cyanobacteria is living there. Remarkable that they are among the oldest microorganisms living on earth and among the few living creatures that can live in saturated saltwater. Complete article

Takinoue Park, Japan

Takinoue Park, Japan On the island Hokkaido in Japan is the beautiful park Takinoue. It is located not far from Asahikava. The tiny pink flowers Schibazakura serve as the main ornament of the magnificent park with the area of ​​100 sq km. The strange landscape park looks like a giant pink carpet with gorgeous patterns surrounded by green hills. The best florists in the country work on the design of the wonderful park every year. And every year, Takinoue looks unique. Complete article

Procida Island, Italy

Procida Island, Italy The enchanting island of Procida, located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, not far from Naples, is considered one of the most colorful places on earth. One of the distinctive features of this tiny island is its unique architecture, and more precisely, the picturesque cottages with facades painted in different colors. From a long time the town attracts the numerous painters, poets and writers who are looking for the inspiration for the new masterpieces in the colorful narrow streets. Complete article

Bo-Kaap, South Africa

Bo-Kaap, South Africa In Cape Town there is also a strange colorful district - Bo-Kaap. Once it was an unsightly Malay quarter, which gradually became the real open-air museum. The main feature of the picturesque historical district is the low old houses, whose façades were painted in all rainbow colors. Some of the buildings that can be seen today in the district were built in the middle of the 18th century. Miraculously, its original architecture has survived until the present. Complete article

Valley of Flowers Park, India

Valley of Flowers Park, India The National Park Valley of Flowers (Blumetal) is probably the most colorful and one of the most beautiful places in India. The wonderfully beautiful national park is located in the district of Chamoli and is famous all over the world thanks to the magical mountain landscapes and the variety of the wonderful flowers. At present the area of ​​the National Park is 88 sq km. For many years, the colorful park has attracted not only nature lovers and tourists, but also numerous professional researchers. Complete article

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Great Barrier Reef, Australia The strange colorful landscapes can be found not only on the earth, but also in the water. Large Barrier Reef is the attraction center for divers from different countries. The largest coral reef in the world consists of more than 900 islands and about 2900 small coral reefs. The extent of the Great Barrier Reef is very impressive and forms about 2,500 meters. The area of ​​this remarkable natural site is as impressive as 344 square kilometers. Complete article

Grand Prismatic Spring, USA

Grand Prismatic Spring, USA The Yellowstone National Park is home to the most colorful and unbelievably impressive site in the United States, and is home to the Grand Prismatic Spring (the Great Prism Source). This curious natural sight was opened in 1839. The huge spring, whose water was shimmering with all the rainbow colors, was discovered by American researchers. Complete article

Shark Bay, Australia

Shark Bay, Australia On the north-western coast of Australia is still one of the most colorful sights on earth - the beautiful Golf Shark. Every year more than 120,000 travelers from all over the world visit this picturesque area. The destination of all tourists is unique - to be graced by the wonderfully beautiful landscapes 'the shark bay'. One of the distinctive peculiarities of the Gulf are sea-stromatoliths. These unique natural formations create the irresistible shape of the gulf. Complete article
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