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Mysterious structures built thousands of years ago and miraculously preserved to this day, made of materials of unknown origin and hiding their true functions in incomprehensible forms, contain many unsolvable puzzles. Some of them are able to surprise with their impressive age, others are impressive in size, and the third have truly fantastic architectural characteristics. Looking at such constructions, one can only guess what our world was like thousands of years ago. How people managed to extract unique building materials and to process them in an artful way, to erect indestructible stone walls and to carve out monoliths from rock of incomprehensible to us purpose. Scientists have been thinking about these questions for hundreds of years.

Georgia Guidestones, United States

In the north-east of Georgia is the unique monument known to the general public under the name Georgia Guidestones. The impressively large building is the complex of six granite slabs. The height of each of them forms 6.1 meters, and the weight - 20 tons. On the granite slabs the inscriptions were carved into eight languages ​​of the world, which are intended to serve as an instruction for the people who survive the apocalypse for the restoration of civilization.

Georgia Guidestones, United States The unusual memorial in Georgia was opened in 1980 and was built by the specialists of the construction company Elberton Granite Finishing Company. The author of the Monumentidee is unknown. According to one version, Robert Christian ordered the monuments in private. The monument is also characterized by the astronomical orientation that allows the sun movement to follow. In the central part of the monument there is an opening through which one can see the Nordstern in all seasons.

Although the monument is relatively new, it attracts the numerous curious guests. Particularly interesting is the mysterious letter, which contains quite just and perfectly justified commandments. The mysterious writing can be read in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian, as well as in Hindi and New Hebrew. Next - The Temple of Jupiter

The Temple of Jupiter, Lebanon

The Temple of Jupiter, Lebanon A unique building is the ancient Jupiter temple, located in the old Lebanese city of Baalbek. Although the ancient building is now in ruins, it still admires with the size and constructional features. The main secret of the temple is the huge plates at its base, as well as the carved marble columns, whose height reached 20 meters after the approximate bills. Complete article

Gobekli Tepe, Turkey

Gobekli Tepe, Turkey Not far from the border with Syria in Turkey is the place Göbekli Tepe, which became known world-wide the megalithic circles. Each circle reminds a little of Stonehenge, but the circles of Göbekli Tepe were erected about a thousand years before Stonehenge. The purpose of the voyage is just as inexplicable as the way of constructing these giant plants. Complete article

Machu Pikchu, Peru

Machu Pikchu, Peru Machu Picchu takes a special place among the most incredible and unique monuments in the world. This ancient city of the Inca was best preserved after several thousand years. Today visitors to the unique archaeological complex have an excellent opportunity to stroll along the old streets and participate in the history. The unique archaeological complex was discovered by Hiram Bingham. His expedition began the excavations in 1911. Complete article

Great Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe In the south of Africa is the unique ruins complex under the general name 'Great Zimbabwe'. Not everyone knows that the African land of the same name was named in honor of this archaeological site. According to the historical data, this area was inhabited several thousand years ago by the Shona tribes. These people have built the numerous buildings whose ruins are so attractive to modern tourists and researchers. Complete article

Ruins of Chavin de Huantar, Peru

Ruins of Chavin de Huantar, Peru In Peru there are the remarkable buildings, which are also worth seeing for the most experienced tourists. Above all, ruins of the old town of Chavín de Huántar must be mentioned. They are located on the territory of the region of the same name, which the locals have always held for their own unique and magical powers. The old town of Chavín de Huántar was founded 327 year BC. On most of the city were the temples and the sacred buildings. Complete article

Coral Castle, United States

Coral Castle, United States In the city of Homestead, which is located in the state of Florida, is the unique coral castle (Coral Castle). This is the name of the Steingarten, which can be described as a true worldwide one. The impressively large complex of statues, whose total weight is 1 100 tons, was built manually and admired millions of people from all over the world for many years. The author of this unique Steingartens is Ed Leedskalnin, the immigrant from Latvia, who caused the unhappy love for this heroic act. Complete article

Plain of Jars, Laos

Plain of Jars, Laos Not far from the city of Phonsavan in Laos is the strange plain of the clay jugs - the undeveloped area, on whose territory hundreds of unique stone buildings are presented. The outline of these buildings reminds of the real jars. The difference is only in the impressive size. The height of the rock formations is from 1 to 3.5 meters, and the average diameter is about 1 meter. The weight of the largest 'jug' is about 6 tons. Whoever, and for what hundreds of centuries has created these unexplainable stone buildings, remains to this day the chief author of Laos. Complete article

Megaliths in Park Asuka, Japan

Megaliths in Park Asuka, Japan Several admirable buildings can be seen in the Japanese park Asuka. Here the huge megaliths have been resting for several centuries, the exact purpose of which remains unclear and puzzling to this day. According to the main version of the researchers, the giant megaliths with the patterns carved on the surface served as ancient sacrificial altars. One of the most interesting megaliths is Sakafune Ishi. On its surface, one has discovered the strange clinging tracks that the researchers have brought to the version on the sacred purpose of the stones. Complete article

Carved Pillars Shravanabelagola, India

Carved Pillars Shravanabelagola, India The tourists who want to see the unique buildings in India can visit the city of Shravanabelagola. There are several remarkable temples, whose main jewelery is the beautiful carved columns. The shape of the columns is peculiar. They were created more than a thousand years ago, when there were no lathes and chisels. Complete article

Domus de Janas, Italy

Domus de Janas, Italy Among the striking Italian buildings one must mention the so-called 'fairy houses' - Domus de Janas. These are the unique stone buildings whose outline reminds of the fairytale houses with doors and small windows. Most of these buildings were discovered in Sardinia. At the present time, there are about 2,800 buildings on the regional territory. Complete article

Heirloom Upgrade Stone, Japan

Heirloom Upgrade Stone, Japan The unique man-made formation is the Stone Heirloom, also known as the Sanctuary of Oisi. Even in the Middle Ages the huge stone was declared a sanctuary. Next door was the temple erected. The history of the stone origin is unknown. Heirloom is impressive. The length of the monolith is 5.7 meters, the width is - 6.5 meters, and the height is 7.2 meters. According to the approximate estimates, the weight of the Heirloom stone is about 600 tons. Complete article

Goseck Circle, Germany

Goseck Circle, Germany In the German town of Goseck, there is a curious Neolithic circular moat, called the 'Kreisgrabenanlage Goseck'. This is a group consisting of several concentric trenches, whose diameter is about 75 meters, as well as palisade rings, which are supplemented with the gates in the specific places. The unusual construction was discovered by the researchers quite recently, in 1991. During a flight over this terrain the researchers have noticed the strange round silhouette on the wheat field. Complete article

Delhi Pillar, India

Delhi Pillar, India The Indian city of Delhi has a mysterious landmark - the Iron Column. It is located on the outskirts of the city and was built according to the scholars' opinion about 1 600 years ago. Although the column was entirely made of iron, it was not damaged by the corrosion in the course of so long existence, and has retained its original appearance for more than 16 centuries. The modern scientists do not find any explanations for this strange fact, and can not even explain the manner of the column formation. Complete article

Fortress Saksayuman, Peru

Fortress Saksayuman, Peru In Peru, on the edge of the ancient capital of the Incas Cuzso lies a mysterious Saksayuman castle, which is enveloped in many interesting legends and legends. In the center of the building is the impressive, round stone structure, the Sonnkalender. Even after the several centuries after the foundation, the castle got very well. On their territory, you can see the numerous economic buildings used for the storage of water and food. Complete article
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