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Volcanic areas which capability thousand-fold exceed the usual volcanoes, contemporary researchers call <>. They have appeared on our planet millions of years ago and took part in the forming of the modern Earth. Thanks to them, have appeared continents, island chains, large sees and high mountains. The worst afterwards of the volcanic explosions are a great number of sizzling hot rocks and a terrifying nuclear winter. Our planet has already come through this not once.

Yellowstone Volcano, USA

On the territory of the Yellowstone National Park is situated the most dangerous volcanic caldera in the world. It is about 72 kilometres long and 55 kilometres in width. The supervolcano was found only in the 1960s. The detailed pictures of a huge plateau were made form the satellites. After the detailed searching works it was made up that under the crater of the eruption a huge 8 000-meter bag of magma saved from the ancient times.

Yellowstone Volcano, USA That’s why the territory of the National park is full of thermal pools. The unique reservoirs attract some researchers and tourists from the whole world. The researchers say that the supervolcano has already had three eruptions. The first was two millions of years ago, the spew spread over 50 kilometres and reached the higher layers of the stratosphere. The last eruption was 640 000 years ago and wasn’t as destroyed as the first one.

The volcano has drastically changed the surrounding landscapes. After the eruption, there were destroyed large mountain ranges and has formed deep calderas and large areas of tenacious deposits. Several years ago, the researchers have committed new signs of supervolcano’s activity. If one day it awakes, a real disaster will be with the whole planet – a long-lasting ice period. The largest supervolcano of North America can awake supervolcanos on other continents and it may lead to the planet existence. Next - Aira Volcano

Aira Volcano, Japan

Aira Volcano, Japan Kyushu Island has a huge Aira Volcano. Its length is 23 kilometres and 17 kilometres width. According to the scientists’ research, this caldera has appeared about 22 000 years ago after a tremendous volcano explosion. Even now the volcano is quite dangerous for the planet. On the territory of the caldera is placed Kagoshima town, not far from it you can see a young active composite Sakurajimais volcano. Complete article

Volcano Campi Flegrei, Italy

Volcano Campi Flegrei, Italy Volcano Campi Flegrei has placed not far from Napoli. The caldera diameter is 13 kilometers. If once this volcano erupts, the largest part of Europe will be wiped off the map. The area of the volcano active plate is about 100 square meters. The magma goes quite close to the earth ground. That causes a lot of changes in the surrounding area. Nevertheless that this region is drastically dangerous, there you can find several small towns. Complete article

Karymshin Volcano, Russia

Karymshin Volcano, Russia The Karymshin Volcano, the Russian supervolcano, is situated on the Kamchatka peninsula. Its eruption is also quite dangerous for the whole world. The caldera was found in 2007 but the last eruption was 1,3 million of years ago. Not so far from the caldera has placed a number of great volcanoes. Their high activity once can awake the supervolcano. Complete article

Long Valley Caldera, USA

Long Valley Caldera, USA Long Valley Caldera is situated in Eastern California. It has taken an area of 32 kilometres long and 18 kilometres width. For the last two million years, the activity of the super volcano has drastically decreased. The last eruption was 76 000 years ago. However, for last years the earthquake activity of this region has increased. At this period a lot of cities of the state has experienced the series of earthquakes. In 2015 the intense earthquakes happened near Los Angeles and not far from San Francisco. Complete article

Volcano Toba, Indonesia

Volcano Toba, Indonesia In Indonesia in the central part of Sumatra island has placed the biggest, 1 775 square meters area, Volcano Toba. Today this large caldera is filled with the beautiful lake. On its shores have placed picturesque green hills. After the detailed researching, the scientist concluded that the last eruption was about 75 000 years ago. It was a kind of critical test for our planet. Complete article

Merapi Volcano, Indonesia

Merapi Volcano, Indonesia Merapi Volcano is also one of the most dangerous supervolcanos in the world. Island’s Java volcano doesn’t look like its supervolcano “brothers”. If once it erupts, a lot of damages will be done to the Earth. For the last 100 years, its activity becomes rather high and that makes keep scientists’ head on a swivel. The volcanoes high is 2 914 meters. Every seven years it has large eruptions but small eruptions happen much oftener – twice a year. The strongest eruption was in 1930 and became a reason of 1 300 deaths. In 1974 the eruption has destroyed two villages and in 1975 another village was raised to the ground and claimed the life of 29 people. Complete article

Valles Caldera, USA

Valles Caldera, USA Valles Caldera is situated on the territory of New Mexico, the USA. Its length is 22 kilometres. This supervolcano has formed about one and half of million years ago. Today the territory around the volcano is a national park. Fumarole springs are the main peculiarity of this area. There you can find about 15 of them. These picturesque places attract a lot of tourists and researchers from the whole world. Directors also find inspiration here. In the caldera were shoot more than ten American movies. Complete article

Taal Volcano, Philippines

Taal Volcano, Philippines The Philippines has an active volcano too. It is one of the well-known and visited touristic place of the whole archipelago. The smallest supervolcano that has formed on the planet 500 000 years ago. The volcano’s caldera has a wonderful lake, which changes after every eruption. After the last, the lake has received a new 23 square kilometres island. Complete article

Taupo Volcano, New Zealand

Taupo Volcano, New Zealand In New Zealand, on the territory of the North Island, you can see the Taupo Volcano. Its huge caldera is also filled with a wonderful lake. For the last 70 000 years, this volcano has erupted several times and became quite dangerous for the planet. Until now it is a serious threaten for all types of life. If a major eruption happens again, all New Zealand islands will go under the water. More than that, a lot of people will die. Complete article
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