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The first lighthouses – the magnificent immovable towers skyward on 10s of meters – were built more than one and a half thousand years ago. They had one practical function – to point marinas the right and safe way from the rolling sea to the firm land. In the modern life, the lighthouses are still as useful as they were hundred years ago. They are placed near the dangerous navigable waterways. However, the lighthouses have taken another function. Most of them became the significant tourist places. People visit them for seeing their beauty, ancient architecture and interior decoration. It is a real romance to climb on equipped viewing platforms and to listen to incredible legends. Some lighthouses are already the historical places of world meaning, while others are real examples of modern architecture.

Lighthouse Rubjerg-Knude, Denmark

One of the most beautiful Danish lighthouses is situated in Rubjerg-Knude. You can see it on the edge of the 60 meters cliff. The lighthouse was built in 1900 and worked about 70 years. Unfortunately, after 1968 it could not work more because of the sand-dunes on the coastline. People could do nothing with that. The height of the sand-dunes has been increasing, on the average for 1,5 meters per year.

Lighthouse Rubjerg-Knude, Denmark In 1968 they became so high that sailors didn't see the lighthouse from the sea. For more than 10 years the lighthouse was empty, in 1980 there was opened the museum of shifting sands. It became popular among travelers, however in 2002 because of the fast-growing dunes the museum and nearby cafe were closed. Nowadays a high tower is over the sand only for several meters. Specialists say that to 2030 the "Lighthouse Rubjerg-Knude" will fall into the sea.

Despite this fact that the museum was closed, this area still adores curious tourists. There you can see the ruins of old churches, visit historical Wreck Master's Farm, where an interesting exposition of shifting sands and the exposition of the region's history are placed. The lighthouse is not far from the coastal town Lenstra, that's why it is easy to get there. Next - Lighthouse North Point

Lighthouse North Point, USA

Lighthouse North Point, USA On the territory of Lake Park in the USA, an awesome lighthouse North Point is located. In 1984 it became a historical landmark of national stature. The first lighthouse at this place was built in 1855. It was too close to the cliff of the seaside. According to this, the infirm bricks construction could fall from the inrush of waves down. In 1888 it was decided to build the new, firmer lighthouse with the raw iron construction in a basement. Complete article

Lighthouse Tevennec, France

Lighthouse Tevennec, France On the Atlantic coast of France not far from Brest, the Lighthouse Tevennec is situated. Here originally was lied the major sea route where merchant ships and fishing vessels patrolled to Spain and to the South of France. There were a lot of wreckages because of the dangerous chain of the coral reefs called Chaussée de Sein. In 1869 there were decided to make this piece of crucial sea route safer and to build two lighthouses – La Vieille and Tevennec. These lighthouses were like the gate for vessels. The ships have to head on accurately between the lighthouses in order to escape collisions with reefs. However, the most interesting lighthouse for tourists is Tevennec. A great number of chilling stories are connected with it. All light-keepers got mad for some unknown reason. The most scaring story is connected with a spouse, who lived for a short period of time in the lighthouse. When the man has died, the woman had to put his body in the full with the water bath and waited for three months because it was impossible to get quickly to the lighthouse. Complete article

Hook Head Lighthouse, Ireland

Hook Head Lighthouse, Ireland Hook Head Lighthouse, also known as the Hook Lighthouse, is situated in Ireland. It is one of the oldest lighthouses in the world. The existing tower dates from the 13th century and amazes of its considerable dimensions and firmness. The wall thickness is from 4 meters to 13 meters in the basement. Its height is 35 meters and the main identifying feature is horizontal black-and-white stripes, which make it one of the most recognized in the world. Complete article

Lighthouse La Jument, France

Lighthouse La Jument, France The lighthouse "La Jument" is situated in the western part of Brittany, not far from the Ushant Island. The 100-meters tower was built on the rocky spur. The lighthouse is located in the crucial coastline zone with a number of strong streams. There were over 30 shipwrecks by the end of the 19th century. That's why it was decided to build there the tower. Complete article

Lighthouse Waugoshance, USA

Lighthouse Waugoshance, USA The lighthouse "Waugoshance" dated from 1851 is situated on Lake Michigan. This tower has seen a lot of historical events, even the War of Secession. Since the time the lighthouse lost its original functions and was empty for several years. Complete article

Le Phare de Kereon, France

Le Phare de Kereon, France Le Phare de Kereon lighthouse, known as the "Sea castle", is one of the few lighthouses where the keeper lived till the beginning of the 21st century. Nowadays the tower works and its all the processes are automated. The lighthouse has been building for 9 years and finally was finished in 1916 on Men Tense rocky island. Complete article

Start Point Lighthouse, United Kingdom

Start Point Lighthouse, United Kingdom Start Point Lighthouse is located on the similarly-named mull on the territory of Devon country. This lighthouse was built in 1836 and still works. James Walker, a famous engineer, has worked out the plan of the lighthouse. Also, he has planned 28 unique towers. This 28 meters height lighthouse was automatized in 1993. Complete article

Kopu Tuletorn, Estonia

Kopu Tuletorn, Estonia One of the most interesting lighthouses in Estonia is the lighthouse "Kopu Tuletorn". It is a historical place which is open for tourists. This tower is the highest in the Baltic Sea, its height is over 100 meters. It is hard to believe but this magnificent building dates back to 1530 year. The lighthouse was located on Hiiumaa island. The tower has been built for a quarter of the century. The lighthouse "Kopu Tuletorn" is one of the oldest lighthouses in the world. Complete article

Ile Vierge Lighthouse, France

Ile Vierge Lighthouse, France One of the most outstanding lighthouses in France is situated on Vierge Island. It is the highest lighthouse in Europe, its height is over eighty meters. This tower is attractive not only to its enormous size but also to the marvellous interior decoration, which is made from light-blue opaline. Complete article

Neue Leuchtturm Lighthouse, Germany

Neue Leuchtturm Lighthouse, Germany People who travel to Bavarian town Lindau have to walk near the harbour and to adore with the lighthouse "Neue Leuchtturm". The lighthouse stays alone on the Boden See. That's why it became the symbol of Lindau town. From German "Neue Leuchtturm" translates as the "New lighthouse". The tower has one peculiarity. It is decorated with the clock. This decoration is quite rarely used outside the lighthouses. The 33 meters long lighthouse hasn't been working for a long period of time. Notwithstanding that, it is still the landmark on which people pay a lot of attention. Complete article

Torre de Hercules, Spain

Torre de Hercules, Spain The oldest lighthouse in the world is situated in La Coruña, Spain. Torre de Hercules was built at the time of the Rome Empire. The height of the oldest lighthouse in the world is 55 meters. The name it has received thanks to a fabulous myth about Hercules. After he had made his tenth labour - defeated the giant Gerion - Hercules built the high tower on the seaside. He took a group of people from Gallia and settle them here in a safe and picturesque place. Complete article

Lighthouse Neyst Point, Scotland

Lighthouse Neyst Point, Scotland In the western part of Scottish island Skuy has placed the legendary lighthouse "Neyst Point" - one of the most beautiful in the world. However, this tower is popular among tourists due to its architecture peculiarities. The area, where the lighthouse is situated, is ideal for viewing the whales and dolphins. Complete article

Lighthouse Kovalam, India

Lighthouse Kovalam, India The Indian lighthouse "Kovalam" is well-known all over the world. It is located on the so-named island. This lighthouse is interesting from the tourist point of view. For tourists the entrance to the tower is free. Visitors can get there without any difficulty because the lighthouse is open for all seasons. Every day the tower is opened for visiting for two hours. You can go upstairs to view on one of the most beautiful beaches of the country. Complete article

Enoshima Lighthouse, Japan

Enoshima Lighthouse, Japan One of the most interesting lighthouses on the planet is the modern Enoshima Lighthouse. It attracts for its outstanding conical form. The lighthouse was built from the metal and glass. It has a wonderful viewing area and an observatory. There you can see far stars through the powerful telescopes. In the evening the lighthouse is decorated with a great illumination. Complete article
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