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For hundreds of years people have been dewatered, built powerful dykes and artificial channels for regulating the power of water and to use the dewatered lands as they wanted. Waterfloods are still the most appalling and imminent natural disasters in the world. Downpours and storms time and again has been claiming people’s lives. They destroy the manmade infrastructure in megapolises. Sometimes such natural disasters came to the cities which are situated deep in the continent. Coastal cities and island states are always first can come to an end in the nearest century.

New Orleans, United States

New Orleans is among the cities that are at a risk of flooding. This city has two potential threatens the ocean and the underground waters. Regular storms bring a great danger to the city. Earlier it wasn't the main problem for the city but after the Catherine storm has crashed in 2005, this became the major danger of New Orleans. After the storm, a great area of the city became from 1,5 to 3 metres lower below the sea level.

Geologies has been working in the city for a couple of years. They say that to 2100 the whole territory of the city will be 2,5 - 4 metres lower below the sea level. New Orleans goes under the water faster than other cities of the USA. From 1878 until now it is lower for 4,5 metres than it was at the time of its foundation. The city has drastically changed from the time of its foundation. Although, you can still see wonderful monuments of the colonial architecture. Unfortunately, after every impulse their number decreases.

Notwithstanding the severe conditions of the state, locals are the merriest in the whole country. When they get known about the natural disaster, they begin to board up doors and windows. In the morning or when the disaster is over they start to rebuild their houses. When disasters don't bother the city, there are held wonderful street festivals. The city is full of fun and happiness. The city hasn't special proofing from the flooding. It is possible to save the city from the ocean activity but it is hard to prevent the subsidence. Next - New York

New York, United States

New York, United States New York is also in a list of cities where one of the main danger is the water. Today it is one of the largest and the most populated cities in the world. When a disaster comes, a great number of people dies. For example, when the Sandy hurricane came to New York, 43 people died. If the government doesn’t begin to build the special borders today, the lower valley of Hudson River and Long Island district can go closer to the water for 30-60 meters in 2080. Complete article

Miami, United States

Miami, United States Miami and its elite beaches are also in a danger of flooding. Researchers suppose that in hundred years this city will receive a number of natural disasters. After them the city will be covered with the Atlantic Ocean. Special construction will save New York but won't help to Miami. Under the city there is a large layer of the limestone. If the water defines on the earth, the water will come under the ground. Complete article

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy If Venice goes under the water, it will be a real tragedy for the whole world. It is one of the most picturesque and largest cities on the planet. The main peculiarity of the city from its foundation is the cunning constructors of channels. They are like labyrinth connect all Venice islands. We can lose the invaluable architectural and historical monuments. Locals don't want to leave their houses even the next storm will become the last for the city. Complete article

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok is the most popular tourist city in the world. Unfortunately, it is also in a list of cities that are in danger from the flooding. The main reason of the sagging soils is an active use of the underground waters. For last decades the number of them has decreased and that lead to the ground slump. The last catastrophe has happened in the coastal region in 2011. The tropical shower has flooded several large districts and took a lot of people’s lives. Complete article

Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China Shanghai is also under the threat of natural water disasters. The sea level increases year by year and the city go deeper under the water. Shanghai is weakly equipped from the storm waters. Several years ago specialists from the Natural Hazards Edition wrote an article about Shanghai’s crucial climate changes. Every year the city has tropical showers. The level of underwater is getting higher, that gives fewer chances for saving the city. Complete article

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam, Netherlands Rotterdam is one of the most extremely vulnerable European cities to the water element. The Netherlands has been continuing to combat the permanent water-level rise for several years. The best engineers from the whole world work on this problem. In 1997 near Rotterdam was built the new powerful sea-wall as a part of the larger project. The seawall is like a huge ball and socket joint gate. The gate can fully cover the 360-meter waterway Nieuwe Waterweg. Complete article

Bangladesh, Bangladesh

Bangladesh, Bangladesh Bangladesh has been trying to take the upcoming water under control for a long period of time. If the water rises to 1,5 meters, the territory of 22 000 m2 will forever go under the water. Such natural disaster can break lives of more than 18 million people. The water element threats not only to people but also to the unique natural objects. Bangladesh coast has the largest mangrove forest on the Earth. Its name is Sundarbans. If the water level increases, the forest will be fully flooded. Complete article

Maldive Islands, Maldive Islands

Maldive Islands, Maldive Islands If the large cities can be saved from the storms, then the Maldives can just go under the water one day. The highest point of the archipelago is about 2,4 meters above the sea level. The average high is just 1,5 meters. Male is the first city that will go under the water if the water level increases. Complete article

Kaliningrad region, Russia

Kaliningrad region, Russia Residents of Kaliningrad Oblast are in a danger too. If in the 21st century the average level of the sea rises for about 2 meters, this Russian region won’t be appropriate for life. Unfortunately, locals have a matter of great concern even today. In 2016 the level of water has increased in Pregola river and in other region’s large rivers. Specialists say that such level of water can flood some regions in the nearest time. Complete article

Republic of Kiribati, Republic of Kiribati

Republic of Kiribati, Republic of Kiribati The Republic of Kiribati is one of the smallest island states in the world, its area is just 812 square metres. The state has placed in the Pacific Ocean. The global warming has also changed the life of this archipelago. It is too close to the full flooding. Unfortunately, people can do nothing to save the island from the natural disasters. For less than several decades, they will become unfit for human habitation and in 100 years will go under the water completely. Complete article

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan Tokyo is also in a danger of destroying floods. The main threat goes from the Ibaraki Prefecture. For several years in this region has been forming the strong rain fronts, downpours. All these caused the river Kinugawa to overflow the banks. The strongest rails drop down upon the city in summer. Throughout several hours from the beginning of the shower, the streets turn into the rushing streams. Complete article

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina Argentina also has been suffering from the flooding for a long period of time. Residents of Buenos Aires get used to such water-related disasters. The last major flood was in December 2016. About 600 people were evacuated and two residents are still reported missing with the flooding. The main reason for destroying flooding is the storm. Due to the last disaster, a lot of people lost their houses. The level of water in houses was about 1,5 meters. Complete article
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