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People always associate them with something solemn and fine. Arches often decorate places of celebrations. Formed by forces of nature, arches look absolutely inimitable. Thousands of people admire the most beautiful natural arches of the earth every day. Some of them are located in remote mountain areas, while others are surrounded on all sides by sea. Some of the amazing sights can be reached only on foot, and to enjoy the harmonious view of others, you need to rent a boat. For millions of years, water, sun and wind have been working continuously to create these natural architectural masterpieces. Each arch is truly unique and deserves the attention of all connoisseurs of natural beauty.

Landscape Arch, United States

On the territory of the state of Utah in the USA is located the amazing Arches National Park where you can find the largest and one of the most beautiful natural arches in the world. The Landscape Arch has quite a regular geometric shape, and is, therefore, often compared with a picture frame. The length of the arch is 88.4 meters. Outwardly, it seems incredibly fragile and elegant, so it involuntarily gives an impression that the arch can collapse at any moment.

Landscape Arch, United States The natural arch has been formed by a red sandstone, in the locals' circles it is often called ‘Cowboy Pants’. The strange geological formation is considered an important national symbol for the inhabitants of Utah. The image of the arch can be seen both on the license plates of cars and on postage stamps. The landscape arch is the largest in the park and one of the largest arches in the world.

Scientists believe that the shape of the sand arch has changed considerably in the last millennium. Under the influence of water and wind it became more brittle. Nowadays, even without special measuring devices one can notice that one support of the arch is much finer than the other. Every year, brittle sandstone becomes increasingly difficult to resist the natural forces. Those tourists who want to see the unique arch can also walk through the most wonderful area of ​​the National Park. This area is called Devil's Garden and has many different rock formations. Next - Moon Hill

Moon Hill, China

Moon Hill, China Moon Hill is a natural arch located In the Guilin district, China. Its height is 50 meters. Scientists have found out that the destruction of a limestone cave led to the formation of the arch. Under the influence of water and wind a through hole of a regular shape has been formed in the hill, which recalls the moon rising behind the horizon. The height of the hill is equally impressive and is about 300 meters. Its slopes are covered with lush trees, which makes the appearance of the arch even more beautiful. Complete article

Pont d Arc, France

Pont d Arc, France The remarkable natural Pont d’Arc Bridge is located in the French town of the same name. The geological rock formation was formed by the rapid flow of the Ardeche river, which for centuries has washed a beautiful arch of imposing dimensions in a solid rock. The width of the arch is about 60 meters, and the height is about 50 meters. The arch is framed by the mountains, which are always covered with thick green trees in summer. Complete article

Immortal Bridge, China

Immortal Bridge, China On the top of Tai Shan (Mount Tai) in China there is the so-called Immortal Bridge - a beautiful and remarkable arch formation. The arch is made up of single huge rolling stones, which once fell between the rocks and remained stuck between them. At first glance it is difficult to believe that a man has nothing to do with the creation of this amazing bridge. And it seems that the bridge can collapse at any time and fall into the abyss. In reality, the stones have been in the unchanging position for several million years. Complete article

Arco Naturale, Italy

Arco Naturale, Italy The Arco Naturale is a natural arch on the east coast of the Island of Capri. It is one of the most remarkable natural arches of Italy. The Arco Naturale is a unique rock formation dating from the Paleolithic times. Millions of years ago a great grotto was here. The arch is located at the height of 200 meters above sea level. Millions of years ago this land was deep under the water. Numerous landslides and earthquakes led to the fact that the huge grotto was partially destroyed and was on the surface. Complete article

Durdle Door, Great Britain

Durdle Door, Great Britain Beautiful Durdle Door arch is located in Dorset County, England. This is an incredibly harmonious limestone formation. The landmark is located on the Jurassic Coast and resembles a fantastic gate into another dimension. The rock in which the coastal arch has been formed is very thin, which makes the formation even more unique. Next to the Durdle-Door Arch there is an incredibly beautiful beach with small pebbles, it will be an ideal place for romantic walks and a relaxing holiday. Complete article

Rainbow Bridge, United States

Rainbow Bridge, United States The highest natural arch on Earth is located in the territory of Utah, in the 'Arches' National Park. The arch with a romantic name Rainbow Bridge reaches 90 meters in height and stretches over a deep canyon. Like many arches on the territory of the nature reserve, it consists of fire-red sandstone. Outwardly, a huge stone bridge of bright colour, which is peculiar to vary depending on the level of illumination, really reminds a huge frozen rainbow. Complete article

Azure Window, Malta

Azure Window, Malta The picturesque Maltese island of Gozo has an amazing landmark - the natural arch named Azure Window. It was formed in a limestone rock, which extends far into the sea. This natural attraction has got its name due to a special azure colour of the coastal waters. Complete article

Delicate Arch, United States

Delicate Arch, United States Among the amazing arches located on the territory of the National Park in the state of Utah, unique Delicate Arch deserves particular attention. It is difficult to assume that this amazing natural object has been formed for millions of years under the influence of erosion and wind. An incredibly beautiful arch made of sandstone simply captivates the eye. The height of the arch is about 20 meters. For indigenous people it has long been an important national symbol. Complete article

El Arco Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

El Arco Cabo San Lucas, Mexico On the territory of the picturesque Mexican resort of Cabo San Lucas there is a wonderful natural arch. It is the most important landmark of the city. The rocky arch is located on the coast and is surrounded by water. Right below the arch is a small sandy beach, which can be safely called one of the most romantic beaches in the world. Surrounded by azure waters, the Arch of Cabo San Lucas is noteworthy because it can be easily walked around and viewed from various angles. Complete article

Shiptons Arch, China

Shiptons Arch, China In the Chinese province of Xinjiang, Shipton's Arch is located. The arch is located in the mountaineer's popular district, which has recently visited the ordinary tourists. The natural sight was discovered by the amateur mountaineer - Eric Shipton, and to his honor was called the bow. The mountaineer has researched the hard-to-reach area in 1947. Since then, the unbelievably beautiful arch attracts the usual tourists and hikers. Complete article

Aloba Arch, Chad

Aloba Arch, Chad Aloba Arch, Central Africa, is one of the most famous natural arches of the world. Despite its long and worldwide fame, it is one of the least visited natural monuments of the planet, not all tourists manage to venture on a long journey through the boundless African expanses. The arch is located in the north-eastern part of Chad, the nearest town to the landmark is the city of Fad. It is noteworthy that, as a geological object, the arch has not yet been thoroughly studied, so its exact age and features of the formation are not exactly known. According to preliminary data, the arch is sandy and was formed millions of years ago under the influence of wind and erosion. Complete article

Monumento La Portada, Chile

Monumento La Portada, Chile One of the most beautiful natural arches of the planet is on the coast of Chile. La Portada Arch goes into the sea and is surrounded from all sides by its waters. The nearest settlement to the natural monument is the city of Antofagasta. La Portada is one of the 15 natural sites in Chile that are protected by the state. The height of the arch is 43 meters, and the length of its span is about 70 meters. The basis of the natural formation is the black andesite stone, around which millions of years a lot of stone and sand deposits have been formed. Complete article

Rocher Perce, Canada

Rocher Perce, Canada The most famous natural arch in Canada is the so-called Perce Rock. The arch has a very regular geometric shape, its height and width are almost equal and are about 90 meters. The best way to enjoy the natural beauty of the monument is to use a boat. It is from the water that you can make the most spectacular photos of the sight. The cliff itself also impresses with its scale. Its length is 433 meters. Complete article

Mountain Syanbishan, China

Mountain Syanbishan, China In the southern part of China is the famous Xiangshan Mountain, the main feature of which is the most beautiful natural arch. Literally the name of the mountain can be translated as ‘Elephant’s Trunk’. With its outlines the mountain really resembles a huge elephant that drinks water. In the warm season, a special charm of the mountain is given by the dense vegetation covering its slopes. The natural landmark is in the central area of Guilin, at the confluence of the Li River with the Peach Blossom River. Complete article
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