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Unusual pink sand, millions of beautiful seashells and nearby palm trees is an ideal setting for a romantic getaway. There are many original beaches, the romantic beauty of which has conquered thousands of hearts. Some of them are quite popular and are represented in typical guidebooks, while others are known only to units of experienced travellers. Nature has worked thousands of years to create some beaches, whereas some of them have been created by man.So dreams of romantic relaxation in a quiet atmosphere can be realized. The choice of the enchanting beaches is quite large. Beaches presented in the following review are an ideal place for those who are in love with beautiful nature, sea and each other.

Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas

One of the most romantic beaches on the planet should be sought in the Bahamas, or rather, on Harbor Island. It is here that a charming Pink Sands Beach is located - a beach with pink sand and crystal clear water of azure hue. Its unusual appearance, a sandy beach is due to the corals located on the coast. Tiny particles of which are mixed with grains of sand and give it a pink tinge. The amazing beach is located in the eastern part of the island, its length is about 3000 meters

Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas In the close proximity of the coast is a coral reef, which stops high waves. Pink Sands Beach is considered to be one of the most peaceful and safe beaches in the world and is popular not only among dreamers and lovers, but also among divers. Harbor Island is a location of several chic hotels in which world-famous celebrities and wealthy travellers like to relax.

Walking along the picturesque beach, you can meet Sylvester Stallone or Colin Farrell. For them Pink Sands Beach has long become one of the favourite vacation spots. It won’t be difficult for active travellers to reach a miniature islet with its picturesque beach. Harbor Island is connected with Nassau by ferry communication. Many tourists visit it as a part of a sightseeing tour. In Eleuthera, travellers who want to relax on a pink beach can rent a boat and in a matter of minutes get to the picturesque coast. Next - Glass Beach

Glass Beach, United States

Glass Beach, United States In California, there is an amazing natural attraction, Glass Beach, which has recently been very popular with lovers of relaxation in romantic places. The main feature of the beach is a coast, strewn with small coloured stones. At first glance, they resemble the most real gems. In fact, the main decoration of Glass Beach are glass fragments honed by waves. Complete article

Lencois Maranhenses Beach, Brazil

Lencois Maranhenses Beach, Brazil Lencois Maranhenses Beach is definitely one of the most unique beaches in the world. Located in Brazil, this natural site is on the territory of the nature reserve of the same name. It is a unique combination of snow-white sand dunes and azure waters that have formed beautiful lakes and lagoons. Located among sand, the ponds are formed by ordinary rainwater. It is noteworthy that the appearance of Lencois Maranhenses Beach is constantly changing under the influence of the wind. Complete article

Red Sand Beach, United States

Red Sand Beach, United States Lots of wonderful places for romantic recreation can be found on Hawaii Islands. One of the most romantic beaches of the archipelago is located on Maui Island. The main feature of Kaihalulu Beach, which is located in the cove of the same name, is dark red sand, which is a unique contrast to the sky blue water and green tropical scrubs. The unusual beach has been formed under the influence of volcanic activity. Lava erupted by the Kauki volcano has coloured the coast in scarlet colours. Complete article

Beach Jurassic, UK

Beach Jurassic, UK In the surroundings of the city of Lyme Regis in the UK is a unique beach. A romantic walk through which will turn into a real journey into the past. The Jurassic beach is stony. From all other beaches of the planet it is distinguished by a huge number of remains of the inhabitants of sea depths that lived on our planet millions of years ago. Complete article

Panalu Black Beach, United States

Panalu Black Beach, United States Lovers of romantic holidays in exotic settings will love the volcanic Panalu’u Beach - one of the most amazing Hawaiian beaches. Its coast covers black sand, against which crystal clear blue water acquires fantastic shades. Slender rows of palm trees approach the coast, which makes the landscape even more incredible. Spectacular romantic beach has a lot of unique features. Hundreds of years ago, its natives discovered one of the main secrets of the coast. Complete article

Pfeiffer Beach, United States

Pfeiffer Beach, United States Located on the territory of the State of California, Pfeiffer Beach, is more known to general public under the unofficial name of Rainbow Beach. The main feature of this beach is multi-colored sand, which can take shades from caramel, to saturated violet. The unusual colour of sand is due to the high content of manganese in it, which, when interacting with water, creates patterns on a sandy surface of incredible beauty. Complete article

Shell Beach, Australia

Shell Beach, Australia In Australia, one of the most romantic beaches is Shell Beach, located on the picturesque island of St. Barth. It is an impressive stretch of coastline, entirely covered with shells of various shapes and sizes. Near the island, hurricanes often occur, and there are fairly strong currents, under the influence of which a huge number of shells is taken out on the coast. Complete article

Hyams Beach, Australia

Hyams Beach, Australia There is in Australia another amazing beach that deserves attention of romantic natures - Hyams Beach. The sandy beach is located in Jarvis bay. Snow-white sand, which is often compared to flour and snow gives it a special romantic look. The sand is so white that it’s simply impossible to be on the coast without sun glasses on a clear day. The sand reflects the sun as much as the snow on mountain tops. Complete article

Happy Bay, Netherlands - France

Happy Bay, Netherlands - France The charming island of St. Martin, located in the Caribbean Sea, will also be an ideal place for a romantic getaway. On its coast there are many wonderful beaches, one of the most attractive among them is Happy Bay beach. This sandy crescent-shaped beach is safely hidden behind a network of high hills and thickets of exotic plants. A walk to the beach itself promises to be an interesting event. Complete article

Magens Bay, United States

Magens Bay, United States The Virgin Islands have long been popular among romantic holidaymakers and couples in love. One of the most romantic beaches of the archipelago is on the island of St. Thomas. With the Magens Bay Beach many interesting stories about pirates are connected. It has been remaining a haven for them for many years. If you believe the legends, then a lot of pirate hiding palces with treasures are hidden close to the coast. Unusual shape of the coast reinforces the atmosphere of romance. If you look at it from a height, then the coast line reminds a heart a little. Complete article

Bentota Beach, Sri Lanka

Bentota Beach, Sri Lanka Lovers of romance who will relax in Sri Lanka, should definitely visit the picturesque Bentota beach. It has been named after the river of the same name and is located in the place where the river flows into the ocean. Palm trees complement the marvelous landscapes. The beach of Bentota is quite large, it will be an excellent place for hiking. The most attractive time for visiting the beach is a period from November to April. At this time the ocean is very calm. Complete article

Phra Nang Beach, Thailand

Phra Nang Beach, Thailand Among numerous beaches of Thailand, Phra Nang is probably the most romantic one. You can get to the sandy beach by boat only. Soft light sand of a pleasant coral shade, a cover of dense green rocky cliffs and crystal clear water of turquoise colour - in aggregate they make an amazing landscape, which you can enjoy endlessly. Complete article

Elafonissi Beach, Greece

Elafonissi Beach, Greece In search of the most romantic beach of Greece you should go to the island of Crete, near the coast of which is a miniature island of Elafonisi. It is on its territory that the eponymous beach is located. It is among the most romantic beaches of the country. Elafonisi is perfectly visible from the coast of Crete. It is not necessary to hire a boat to get to the island. The beach here is so shallow that you can wade from one island to another. Complete article

Mudhdhoo Beach, Maldives

Mudhdhoo Beach, Maldives Many travellers associate the Maldives with a high-class romantic getaway, many of whose beaches are among the best on the planet. Charming Mudhdhoo Beach is able to surprise the most experienced and discerning travellers. And we are talking not about the availability of luxury resort hotels. The beach is incredibly beautiful in the daytime, but its main secret can be unraveled only with the onset of twilight. Complete article
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