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Unexplained fatal diseases, terrible mutations of living organisms these are some of frightening afterwards of nuclear explosions. The first nuclear bomb has appeared 70 years ago. Today all over the world we can count up to decades of nuclear test sides. Some time ago they were used for dangerous military tests. One test side is turned into a desolate desert, other are still beautiful parts of the planet. It is quite hard, even impossible to distinguish them from the ecological clean areas. The death-defying level of radiation on the old test sides is possible to define only with the special equipment.

Nevada Test Site, USA

Nevada Test Site is situated 100 kilometres far from Los Angeles, America. It was founded in January 1951 and until now is the largest test site in the world. Its area is 3 500 square meters. Specialists say that the place chosen nuclear tests is ideal. Eutrophic geology aspects, dry climate, low density of population all these made this large area a palace of dozens of dangerous test operations.

Nevada Test Site, USA There were burst bombs of different types. Also, there were made atmosphere explosions and was tested a nuclear weapon in wells and tunnels. Within decades of years after the tests under the earth were left several dud bombs. There were made about a thousand explosions and until it has appeared tourists love this place. The gas from explosions was seen from the territory of some entertainment complexes of Los Angeles. Their tourist could observe them.

Today over the territory of the old polygon are organized bus tours. Tourists can acquaint with sightseeing of this place. Huge shell holes, saved test tunnels and miniatures of training buildings which were examined on stability – these are the main excursion things of the polygon. A well-known crater Sedan has a diameter about 400 meters and depth about 100 meters. The last tests were made there in 1992 and for more than 20 years the area with moon landscapes looks desert and lifeless. Next - Chagai-I Test Site

Chagai-I Test Site, Pakistan

Chagai-I Test Site, Pakistan In 1998 in Pakistan near Chagai City, was founder a huge test site. There were tested only six explosions, for which in the Koh Jimbaran Mountain was made a kilometre tunnel. The test site building has begun in 1976. This place was attractive for specialists because it had granite hillside which is suitable for testing. The area doesn't have a large population but sometimes there used to stay nomads. Complete article

Novaya Zemlya Test Site, Russia

Novaya Zemlya Test Site, Russia In 1954 on the archipelago Novaya Zemlya was built a large nuclear test site. The first explosion was made there in 1955. When the site was built there lived less than 400 people. Before the tests, they were replaced by other regions. The main reason why this area was chosen for tests is its less population. Complete article

Pungi-ri Test Site, North Korea

Pungi-ri Test Site, North Korea Punggye-ri Test Site is a huge nuclear test site in Kilju County, North Korea. It has appeared only in 2006. Since the foundation there were made several large tests, the largest were in 2009 and 2013. All data about the explosions are top-secreted. The specialists could estimate only the approximate power of nuclear bombs – from 2 to 10 kilotons. Complete article

Maralinga Test Site, Australia

Maralinga Test Site, Australia In Australia, a large test site has placed in Maralinga Region. There were made tests of the nuclear weapon by Great Britain. The last tests were in 1963 and at that time the territory was polluted with nuclear waste. When the site was officially demolished, specialists begin to clean the territory. Only in 2000 it was finished. Complete article

Bouvet Island Test Site, South Africa

Bouvet Island Test Site, South Africa On the territory of Bouvet Island, that is a part of the Republic of South Africa, has placed a demolished test site established by Israel. When the test site was built the world didn’t have any official information about test operations. In September 1979, specialists saw an explosion on the territory of the RSA. The explosion looked like nuclear. Today researchers and political analysts think that the deal between Israel and the RSA about the realization of the nuclear test was made secretly. Complete article

Moruroa Atoll Test Site, French Polynesia

Moruroa Atoll Test Site, French Polynesia Since 1960 France did nuclear tests on the territory of Algeria. It is more than likely that tests will be held until now if this small state didn’t win its independence back. After Algeria independence was recognized, France had to replace the test site on the islands in the Pacific Ocean. Moruroa Atoll was rebuilt in a nuclear test site. The first experiments were held there in 1966. On the islands were made a lot of large tunnels, which length was about 800 meters. Complete article

Lake Lop Nur Test Site, China

Lake Lop Nur Test Site, China Lake Lop Nur Test Site is situated in China on the territory of the dry lake. The firsts tests were made there in October 1964. After this China was recognized as a nuclear-weapon state. For the whole world, nuclear tests in China were the most unexpected thing. Even the representatives of powerful states couldn’t suppose that China can make a powerful nuclear weapon by themselves. The last tests there were held in 1996. For about 30 years this desert area was a place of the dirtiest and dangerous nuclear tests. Complete article

Pokharan Test Site, India

Pokharan Test Site, India The first nuclear tests of India were made on Pokharan Test Site in 1974. It has placed on the territory of the heavy populated Rajasthani State. Since the foundation, the test site is a real threat for locals. This place for nuclear tests was formed as a result of the longstanding military conflict with Pakistan. In 1998 on Pokharan Test Site was made the hugest series, there were exploded five nuclear shells. Today the test site is a guarded off-limits area. The time of explosions is over, now it is used for other tests. Complete article

Semipalatinsk Testing Ground, Kazakhstan

Semipalatinsk Testing Ground, Kazakhstan Semipalatinsk Testing Ground is the most known on the territory of ex-USSR. It has received its popularity thanks to negative afterwards of the tests. A great territory of Kazakhstan and Russia were polluted by the numerous explosions. Until now locals suffer from afterwards of the destroying tests. Nowadays the test site is thrown far away and doesn’t have any protection. There were saved several signs that alert about the high level of radiation. Complete article

Bikini Atoll Test Site, Marshall Islands

Bikini Atoll Test Site, Marshall Islands Bikini Atoll is a part of Marshall Islands, from the distance it resembles a real tropical paradise. There you can walk along the seaside, look at slim palms and fell the atmosphere of isolation. However, the surface beauty and safety of these isolated islands are rather deceptive. The Atoll is the very dangerous place because of the high level of radiation. For a number of years, the USA used Bikini Atoll for nuclear tests. Complete article

Alamogordo Test Site, USA

Alamogordo Test Site, USA Alamogordo Test Site is situated on the territory of New Mexico, the USA. The name it received thanks to the nearby so-called city. This test site is famous because right here was exploded the first nuclear bomb in the human history. The operation was called “Trinity”. The government of the USA had eight possible places for test site location. In the end, there was chosen a desert area in New Mexico. Complete article

Reggane Test Site, Algeria

Reggane Test Site, Algeria Reggane Test Site is a test site founded by France in Algeria. It was built in 1960 and looks like a united complex with a huge research centre. Since the beginning, there was equipped a large researching centre and a special town for workers. The first explosion was made there in 1961 and was named “Blue jerboa”. The power of the first bomb was 70 kilotons. Complete article

Fangataufa Test Site, France

Fangataufa Test Site, France When numerous French test sites were replaced to Polynesian Islands, the place of the dangerous tests became Fangataufa Atoll. As many other coral islands, this Atoll has a unique nature and diversity of sea world. Should we say that this wonderful place of the planet was polluted by the long-lasting nuclear tests? Complete article

Kutini-Payamu National Park, Australia

Kutini-Payamu National Park, Australia Form destroying nuclear tests have destroyed even some national parks, one of them is Kutini-Payamu National Park situated in Australia. The largest part of its territory is covered with pathless rainforests. The whole area of the national park is 346 square kilometres. During the Second World War at the territory of the park was placed a military air base. In the 1960s there were held top-secret tests of the nuclear bomb. Complete article
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