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Northern character. The Greatest Castles of Scotland

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The castles are surrounded with impenetrable forests, medieval moats and lofty mountain ranges. On the territory of Scotland, you can find about 3 000 castles, only several of them became known in the whole world. Every castle was a bystander of crucial historical events. Until now some of them hide a lot of ancient artefacts. A great number of legends are connected with the Scottish castles. Most of them are about ghosts and mysterious undergrounds. Some of the castles became quite popular among tourists from the whole world. People plan their vacation beforehand in order to see these places at the best time.

Stirling Castle, Scotland

Stirling Castle is one of the most well-known in Scotland. It has placed in the North region at the top of the dead volcano. From the medieval time the castle was quite an important building – it was used as a main royal residence. It is quite hard to say when the castle was built. For the first time, this place mentions in the documents of the 12th century. According to some data, the first defensive construction was made there in the 7th century.

Not so far, the castle was fundamentally reconstructed. During the reconstruction, all the buildings were saved. The greatest part of buildings belongs to the 15-16th centuries. The pieces of artillery saved there since the 18th century. During the excursion, the visitors can see all the halls, where were saved beautiful fireplaces, large windows and other unique elements of decoration. Parliament Hall or the Great Hall is the largest Scottish medieval hall in the castle. It is 42 by 14.25 meters across.

Stirling Castle has a famous ghost – the Green lady. It is said that it is a ghost of the servants who once saved Mary Stuart from the fire. The woman died from the burns, and on that day, she was wearing a green dress. The castellans say that when green lady appears, something bad happens in the castle. Several fires have already happened after somebody saw the ghost. Next - Caernarfon Castle

Caernarfon Castle, Scotland

Caernarfon Castle, Scotland Caernarfon Castle is the most tremendous Scottish castles. In the 11th century at this place was a wooden castle in Normannic style. In 1283 it was decided to build a new castle that was finished only in 1330. Even now the castle adores with its power and strength. There were saved high defensive walls with towers and special galleries for archers and other unique elements. Complete article

Urquhart Castle, Scotland

Urquhart Castle, Scotland Urquhart Castle sits beside Loch Ness Lake in the Highlands of Scotland. Today the castle is partly ruined but still attracts tourists. Most people come to the shores of the lake to see Nessy and in addition visit this old castle. Complete article

Craigievar Castle, Scotland

Craigievar Castle, Scotland Craigievar Castle is placed on the territory of Aberdeenshire. It is one of the most beautiful castles in Scotland. The seven-stored castle was finished in 1626, originally it was built as a residence of Sempill family. The great castle with marvellous towers and façade is painted in a light rose colour. This is a good example of baronial Scottish style. Sempill family was owners of this castle until 1963 and then it came under the responsibility of the National Trust for Scotland. Complete article

Lochleven Castle, Scotland

Lochleven Castle, Scotland Lochleven Castle has placed on the island Castle near the town Kinross. It is also ruined but this place is quite mysterious. Tourists like to come here. We don’t know the accurate date of the castle foundation but the first mentions about it go up to the 14th century. The castle played an important role during the Wars of Scottish Independence. At the end of the 14th century, Duke William Douglas became the owner of this castle. Complete article

Culzean Castle, Scotland

Culzean Castle, Scotland Culzean Castle stands out from other castles of Scotland. It was built in the 18th century and resembles more a luxurious palace than a typical strengthen structures. The castle is surrounded with a marvellous garden. It has a lot of exotic plants, there were planted even palms. For a number of years, this outstanding castle belonged to the predecessors of the Marquess of Ailsa. Now owned by the National Trust for Scotland. Complete article

Eilean Donnain Castle, Scotland

Eilean Donnain Castle, Scotland Eilean Donnain Castle is a very popular historical place. It was located on a small rocky island on Loch Duich fiord in the western Highlands of Scotland. The castle and island were named after the monk Donnain who lived there as an anchor for a long time. The first fortress was built on the island in the 13th century. For hundreds of years, the castle was in a centre of the huge battles. In 1719 during one, the castle was drastically ruined, since that time no one lived there. Only in 1911, the castle was bought by John Macrae-Gilstrap. Complete article

Huntly Castle, Scotland

Huntly Castle, Scotland Huntly Castle is one of the most well-known ruined castles of Scotland. For a number of years, the castle was granted to Sir Adam Gordon of Huntly. The castle had quite complex and cruel destiny. In 1452 it was almost ruined by the fire. The new castle was built there only in 1496. Complete article

Kildrummy Castle, Scotland

Kildrummy Castle, Scotland Once Kildrummy Castle was the largest in Eastern Scotland. Notwithstanding that today the castle is almost ruined, tourists like to visit it. This castle had a great number of owners and at the beginning of the 18th century after another unsuccessful rebellion of Jacobite, the castle was desolated. Before the fortress was destroyed, it had an unusual form of shield. This form of the building wasn’t typical for defeating buildings of Scotland. Complete article

Tolquhon Castle, Scotland

Tolquhon Castle, Scotland Tolquhon Castle is a residence of Forbes’ family, that’s why it is known all over the world. At the beginning of the 15th century, there was a tall tower that was used for control and premises security. At the end of the 16th century, a great tetragon building was added to the tower. This building has saved practically in its original view until now. Complete article

Glenbuchat Castle, Scotland

Glenbuchat Castle, Scotland Glenbuchat Castle is the most romantic place in Scotland. It was built there in 1590 for John Gordon of Cairnbarrow to mark his wedding. In front of the entrance has placed a memorial stone that resembles this. At once this place is romantic and tragedy one. Sons of John and Helen got a lot of disputes about the heritage. They put their mother in a room for a month in order she can’t interfere them. Complete article

Dunnotar Castle, Scotland

Dunnotar Castle, Scotland Dunnotar Castle is a ruined medieval fortress located on the north-east coast of Scotland. At first, it was mentioned in the 7th century. The main aim was to build a defensive construction that will be much better than other Scottish fortresses. This fortress is located upon a rocky headland. There was the time when it was possible to get to the castle only by a narrow and steep track that went through a complex of caves. Also, the castle had a secret passage that was hidden in a chimney of the rock. Complete article

Balmoral Castle, Scotland

Balmoral Castle, Scotland Balmoral Castle is situated on the shore of River Dee in Aberdeenshire area. Since the building, it was a private residence of English kings. This palace was a favourite place of Queen Victoria. She used to come here in August. The castle was built in a Gothic style that looks outstanding. The main building material was granite. In 1856 the building works were finished. The castle that we see today is the original one, particularly nothing has changed. Complete article

Inveraray Castle, Scotland

Inveraray Castle, Scotland Inveraray Castle has its own outstanding story. It was built in a picturesque mountain area in the western Scotland. The castle looks like a castle in a Gothic style than a fortress. Tourists and locals like to walk in the nearby area. The main material for the building was chosen a blue-grey stone that was taken from the nearby quarries. The building is a good example of a combination of Baroque and Gothic styles. Complete article

Dunvegan Castle, Scotland

Dunvegan Castle, Scotland Dunvegan Castle is located on the north of Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. This castle was built in 1220 and now it is one of the most known castles in Scotland. Since the medieval time, the castle belongs to the Clan MacLeod. This is one of the oldest and populous castles of North Scotland. Nowadays there live the thirtieth generation. This place became open for people in 1933 since that time tourists visit it daily. Complete article
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