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During hundreds of years, their existence seemed pure fantasy, but today even children know about the dinosaurs that once inhabited our planet. A study of the remains of dinosaurs is one of the most rapidly developing and exciting areas of the modern science. Incredible discoveries in paleontology follow one after the other, making a picture of the ancient world  more clear and complete. Today, there are some particularly amazing paleontological zones that have long attracted the attention not only of scientific expeditions, but also of ordinary tourists. Thousands of travelers dream about walking around archaeological areas and seeing places where dinosaur bones are excavated. People really have this opportunity as many archaeological areas are open to public.

Kotelnich, Russia

Kotelnich in Kirov Oblast, Russian Federation, can be called the epicenter of the paleontological sensations. The first skeletons of parareptilia were discovered near this town in 1933. Since then, the research is carried out continuously, and eye-popping discoveries follow one another. In 1948, the expedition discovered 11 skeletons of pareiasaurs. Archaeological artifacts have been collected at the 12-kilometer area.

Kotelnich, Russia The discovery of a full skeleton of an ancient animal is considered to be an incredible event, so it seems unlikely to find a number of artifacts at the small place. Today, the neighborhood of Kotelnich is considered one of the largest burial sites of ancient animals. Dinosaurs have lived in this area 250 million years ago, and for some unknown reason they became extinct in a matter of days. Despite the fact that research in the archaeological area has been going on for over 80 years, remains of ancient dinosaurs are still discovered these days.

Access to the area of ​​the research is granted only to members of the expedition, but the town has a paleontological museum for curious travelers. It represents the most interesting and outstanding discoveries of scientists, some of which are unique. Pareiasaurs found during research are among the most amazing parareptilia for scientists. It's believed that millions of years ago, they have lived in floodplains of large rivers. They probably were the ancestors of terrestrial and marine turtles. Next - Kirov

Kirov, Russia

Kirov, Russia The incredible archaeological discovery around Kotelnich was followed by another sensation. A large area with remains of a dinosaur was found in the city of Kirov, on Fileysk outcrop. The first excavations began only a few years ago, when scientists found more than 50 pareiasaur bones. As it turned out later, they all belonged to a single individual. That's how another important location of the ancient reptiles has appeared in Kirov region. Complete article

Lake Rukwa, Tanzania

Lake Rukwa, Tanzania Travelers who want to visit places once inhabited by the largest dinosaurs of the planet have to go to Tanzania. Here are a few years ago, a scientific group has found a skeleton of a titanosaur, a large long-necked reptile that lived about 100 million years ago. Titanosaurs ate plants. Remains of this species are considered to be incredibly rare for Africa. Complete article

Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Gobi Desert, Mongolia Mongolian Gobi desert also hides in its sands many amazing ancient artifacts. Besides bones, first dinosaur eggs in the world were found there. Those were sized like an average potato. As scientists say, millions of years ago, new species of ancient dinosaurs were ready to be born from these eggs. Then Bain-Dzak area was studied, and almost entire dinosaur eggs were found there. Complete article

Aksu Zhabagly Reserve, Kazakhstan

Aksu Zhabagly Reserve, Kazakhstan One of the most important natural sights of Kazakhstan is the Aksu-Zhabagly Nature Reserve. It attracts not only with its nature, but with fossil too. During the Jurassic period, almost the entire western part of modern Kazakhstan was flooded with waters of the Tethys Sea. A lot of ancient animals lived on its banks and in the deep sea. During paleontological research in modern times, remains of pliosaurs and flying reptiles were found. The most amazing findings were discovered on the shores of ancient Karatau lake. Complete article

Victoria Coast, Australia

Victoria Coast, Australia Australia is rich in amazing paleontological discoveries. During one of the expeditions, bones of the upper limb of a dinosaur were discovered on the coast of Victoria. That part could only belong to a single specie of ancient reptiles, megaraptor. The uniqueness of the discovery resides in the fact that earlier remains of these large carnivorous dinosaurs could be detected only in South America, in Argentina. This confirms the assumption that once the two southern hemisphere continents were connected. Complete article

Queensland, Australia

Queensland, Australia In 2007, remains of the unknown specie of dinosaur have been discovered in Queensland, Australia. This animal was named Kunbarrasaurus ieversi. The Australian Geographic was the first press to say about the sensational discovery. Following the research, scientists explained that they had found the bones belonging to a small armored dinosaur that was similar to a sheep in its size. Complete article

Lightning Ridge, Australia

Lightning Ridge, Australia The last of the incredible paleontological discoveries that have happened in Australia was in 2015. During operation, miners from Lightning Ridge town accidentally discovered the remains of a rare dinosaur. It was later called the Lightning Claw. This large predator reached 7 meters in length and featured long claws on the forelimbs. The length of the detected claw is 25 cm that completely eliminates its affiliation to any other type of reptile. Complete article

Patagonia, Argentina

Patagonia, Argentina The special place among the most interesting paleontological areas of the planet is occupied by Patagonia. Here an ancient cemetery of fossils was discovered. Remains could belong to the seven species of ancient dinosaurs. Among the many artifacts there were incredibly large bones and it's possible that they belonged to one of the largest dinosaurs of the planet. Researchers suggest that bones found belonged to one of the species of titanosaurs that lived on our planet in the Cretaceous era, about 90 million years ago. Complete article
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