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A picturesque landscape, spacious cages for keeping livestock and a cozy farmhouse with a home environment - that's how millions of people imagine a classical farm. They can not imagine how many unexpected things can be seen on some modern farms nowadays. Unique genetically modified animals, the most dangerous predators of the planet gathered in one place, amazing coffee plantations where elephants walk slowly - each of the farms presented in the survey is unique and especially attractive for curious tourists. Do you want to know what modern farmers do on their ranches? Then be sure to study the review of the ten most incredible farms of the planet.

Snake Ranch, Australia

Snakes are among the most prominent representatives of the Australian fauna. So it’s not surpising that a real Snake Ranch can be found in Australia. A total of 15 snake species are presented on a farm, most of which are pythons. Snake breeding is a very profitable business. Snakeskin products are very popular all over the world and snake venom has long been widely used in medicine and costs a lot.

Snake Ranch, Australia Lovers of exotic animals also attend this farm. Pythons of small size are very popular among buyers. They can be easily kept at home. The farm can also be visited in a course of a usual excursion. Guests of the farm can see a rare Bothrochilus - one of the largest representatives of its kind. The snake farm in Australia is one of the oldest and largest reptile farms in the world.

Although snake farms can now be found in many different countries of the world, the Australian farm is very special. Here, was created ideal habitat for reptiles as closed to natural. Tourists, who are interested in these nurseries, can also visit a snake ranch in Pattaya. And one of the world’s largest institutions for breeding and studying snakes (Pasteur Institut) is located in Paris. Next - Spider Goat Farm

Spider Goat Farm, United States

Spider Goat Farm, United States You can also find an original farm in Utah State University. At first sight, it is difficult to understand why this farm is unique and very original, as main animals are ordinary goats. In reality, the goats living on the farm are unique, genetically modified animals which have been inoculated with spider gene. Complete article

Black Ivory Coffee Farm, Thailand

Black Ivory Coffee Farm, Thailand The exclusive coffee sort 'Black Ivory' is known to many lovers of flavored drink. But not everyone knows where and how it is produced. The farm which produces coffee is located in Thailand. Apart from coffee trees on its territory you can see a lot of interesting. The main feature of the farm are elephants living on its territory. They actually play a key role in the production of expensive coffee, a price for 450 grams of which is close to 500 dollars. Complete article

Swansea Biopharm Leech Farm, United Kingdom

Swansea Biopharm Leech Farm, United Kingdom In the British city of Swansea is also a rather unusual farm, which produces leeches. Despite the high developmental level of modern medicine, the use of leeches for healing purposes still holds an actual place in it. Relevance level can be easily estimated according to the annual income of the farm, which is about 1 million pounds. Customers of the Swansea Farm are health centers and hospitals from different European countries. Each year, the farm supplies about 60000 leeches. Complete article

Hartley Crocodile Adventure Farm, Australia

Hartley Crocodile Adventure Farm, Australia Those who dreamed at least once in life to watch for dangerous predators of the planet, being in close proximity, should visit Hartley’s crocodile farm. The farm is located in Australia, North Queensland, It is a cross between a traditional amusement park and a nursery. Although Hartley’s is a commercial company and sells crocodiles, the farm is open for tours. The Hartley’s team believe that conducting tours of the farm is a great way to raise environmental awareness. Complete article

Armstrong's Cricket Farm, United States

Armstrong's Cricket Farm, United States Armstrong’s Farm in Georgia is undoubtedly unique. It raises crickets for many years. These insects are an excellent bait for fishing, so the benefit from the operation of such a farm is quite obvious to thousands of avid fishermen. In addition to crickets, Armstrong’s Farm also breeds other kinds of feeding, including worms. The farm is particularly notable, however, for breeding of domestic crickets. The farm is open to visitors and offers them interesting regular excursions. Complete article

Maryland Reptile Farm, United States

Maryland Reptile Farm, United States In Maryland is a famous reptile farm, which travellers from all over the world strive to visit. Here come those who have long wanted to buy a boa or a python, as well as usual nature lovers who like to walk through scenic places and observe exotic inhabitants. The farm in Maryland is mainly characterized by a variety of reptiles presented on its territory. The farm employs the best breeders of snakes in the United States who are involved in the most important thematic events and show the audience their rare pets. Complete article

George Town Swiftlet Farm, Malaysia

George Town Swiftlet Farm, Malaysia One of the most original farms in the world can be found in Georgetown. On this farm is a special kind of swifts is bred - swiftlets. At first glance there is nothing unusual in the breeding of birds. The main characteristic of the farm is the aim of breeding. The main objective of breeders are swiftlets’ nests - a unique delicacy, that is appreciated by gourmets around the world. On the farm in Georgetown, ideal conditions for nesting are created. The nests obtained on the farm are served in world’s best restaurants as an expensive gourmet product and are used for cooking the famous bird’s nest soup. Complete article

Giraffe Ranch Farm, United States

Giraffe Ranch Farm, United States There is a farm on the planet which is engaged in breeding giraffes. Giraffe Ranch Farm is located in Florida. The farm is environmentally friendly and officially functioning reserve, although it is reminiscent of a typical zoo. Apart from giraffes you can see a lot of other animals, including antelopes and zebras, the rhinoceros and wild boars. One of the main attractive features of the farm is that it is always happy to receive guests, the reserve offers guided tours to visitors almost every day. Complete article

Xiongsen Bear and Tiger Village, China

Xiongsen Bear and Tiger Village, China One of the most scandalous and controversial farms in the world is located in one of the mountainous regions of China. We are talking about Xiongsen Village Farm which is engaged in breeding of bears and tigers. Just a few years ago the purpose of breeding was the only one - meat was delivered in many large restaurants. With a view to the fact that the population of tigers has declined to critical indicators, it becomes clear why the activities of the farm caused so much criticism and resentment on the part conservationists. Complete article
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