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The lack of sides, the location at a great height, the transparent floor and walls, the water of an intimidating bloody hue – these are just a few features of modern pools that encourage you to abandon pleasant water procedures. Today, pools are equipped on the roofs of dizzying skyscrapers, on open platforms suspended in the air, and even among the savannahs where wild animals freely walk. Nature fans also have access to several extreme pools. Not everyone will dare to swim in them. There is an amazing pool even on the cliff of the highest and most powerful waterfall in the world.

Swimming pool at Holiday Inn Pudong Kangqiao, China

One of the scariest pools in the world is available to guests of the Holiday Inn Pudong Kangqiao. It is located in Shanghai. A modern skyscraper is the location of this hotel. The pool for guests is equipped on one of the last floors, at an altitude of 100 meters. In fact, this pool is covered. The main part of its design is quite standard. The main feature of the pool is a small part of it, protruding from the facade of the building.

Swimming pool at Holiday Inn Pudong Kangqiao, China A large fragment of the bottom has been replaced with an insert made of high-strength glass in this protruding part. Therefore, you can enjoy the streets located below from a great height during water treatments. The original pool is located on the 25th floor of the hotel. Its total length is 30 meters. The interior of the huge pool has a spectacular design. Its bottom and walls are lined with colorful mosaics. Glass inserts replace part of the ceiling and exterior walls in the pool. Therefore, you can enjoy the panorama of the city while relaxing.

The original pool is a major attraction for many travelers. They choose the Holiday Inn Pudong Kangqiao because of it. The hotel offers guests an excellent wellness center with various types of saunas and a fully equipped gym in addition to a chic pool. There are also professional-level tennis courts in the hotel. Next - Red Pool

Red Pool, Thailand

Red Pool, Thailand The original red pool is available to guests of the Library Hotel on Koh Samui. Not everyone will dare to swim in it. The blood-red color of the pool water is the reason for this. The water gets such a rich and realistic shade because of the red mosaic tiles that cover the bottom and walls of the pool. Even hotel guests who know the secret of this pool do not always risk swimming in it. This pool really looks very unusual against the background of the surrounding exotic landscapes and cute resort environment. Complete article

Pools of Skye Condos, Peru

Pools of Skye Condos, Peru The construction of a unique residential complex Sky Condos is underway in Lima. The architectural firm DCPP Arquitectos is developing its project. Unique designer apartments will be available to its residents. The main feature of the complex is considered to be original condominiums with swimming pools. A special platform is equipped behind sliding panoramic windows in each of these apartments. It is nothing more than an individual pool. These pools are literally suspended in the air. Not everyone will decide to take a dip in such a pool after the construction of the complex is completed. Complete article

Devils Pool, South Africa

Devils Pool, South Africa Some incredibly scary pools were created by nature itself. A great example is the Devil's Pool. It is located at the top of Victoria Falls. This powerful waterfall is the highest in the world. It is very life-threatening to swim in its pools. More than 15 people have died as a result of such seemingly innocent entertainment in recent years. The height of Victoria Falls is 128 meters. It dumps tons of water into the narrow gorge every second. Complete article

Swimming pool at Hotel Hubertus, Italy

Swimming pool at Hotel Hubertus, Italy You can experience the unique feeling of free fall while swimming in the pool at the Hubertus Hotel. It is located in South Tyrol. A rather unusual outdoor pool was equipped for guests here. It is located at an altitude of 12 meters. The pool is supported by reliable supports. There is an insert of transparent high-strength glass at the bottom of the pool. You will be able to experience an incredible adrenaline rush thanks to it. Complete article

WET Pool, China

WET Pool, China The original WET Pool is available to guests of the designer W Hong Kong hotel. It was equipped on an open platform. It seems completely unreliable at first glance. There are no high ledges in this pool. A lot of people swim in the pool. Water literally splashes over its edge. Small fountains enhance the thrill. They are installed at the edge of the pool. Splashes from them also fly over the edge. Complete article

Bandra Ohm, India

Bandra Ohm, India The project of a unique high-rise building is planned to be implemented in Mumbai in the coming years. Bandra Ohm Residential Tower is located in one of the most prestigious areas of the city. The 30-story skyscraper will resemble the symbol Om (Ω) in its outline. The original undulating balconies are worth noting among the unique features of the 140-meter skyscraper. It is planned to equip a small pool on the edge of them. They will be completely made of high-strength transparent glass. This in itself can frighten impressionable people. Complete article

Heavenly pool-bridge Sky Habitat, Singapore

Heavenly pool-bridge Sky Habitat, Singapore Construction of Sky Habitat towers was completed in Singapore in 2016. The sky bridge-pool symbolically connects them. It was equipped on the 38th floor. It will be incredibly scary to swim in this pool for people who are afraid of heights. Moshe Safdie was the main architect of this large-scale complex. More than 500 luxury apartments are equipped in huge skyscrapers today. They offer panoramic views of the suburban Bishan district. Complete article

Swimming pool at Cambrian Hotel, Switzerland

Swimming pool at Cambrian Hotel, Switzerland The Cambrian Hotel in Switzerland is very popular with ski enthusiasts. It is considered one of the best in the country. Travelers appreciate this hotel not only for its close proximity to popular ski slopes and trails but also for the variety of wellness services available in it. A first-class wellness center is available at the hotel. A very beautiful and very scary outdoor pool is among the outstanding features of this center. Complete article

Swimming pool at Camping Sanctuary Swala, Tanzania

Swimming pool at Camping Sanctuary Swala, Tanzania Sanctuary Swala Lodge offers amazing entertainment to its guests. It is located in the scenic Tarangire National Park in Tanzania. It is surrounded by wildlife. You can watch wild animals while relaxing in the surrounding area of the Lodge. There are a few dangerous wild animals nearby. But even the majestic sight of huge elephants strolling nearby can seriously frighten those who are used to the city atmosphere. Complete article

Swimming pool at Jumeirah Dhevanafushi, Maldives

Swimming pool at Jumeirah Dhevanafushi, Maldives A great opportunity to enjoy unusual water activities is to go to the famous hotel of the Maldives Jumeirah Dhevanafushi. In addition to luxury rooms and restaurants, it is ready to offer guests a wonderful outdoor pool. It simulates the night sky at night. It is especially interesting to swim in it after dark. Spotlights are turned on in the pool at this time. Miniature light bulbs located on the bottom and walls of the pool against the background of the water surface really resemble stars scattered across the sky. Complete article

Giola Lagoon, Greece

Giola Lagoon, Greece An amazing natural pool is located on the island of Thassos in Greece. It was named Giola Lagoon. You can see this unusual lagoon in the immediate vicinity of the village of Astris. The path to this natural attraction is not easy. It passes through a rather difficult cross-country area. The coast in this area of the island is a series of rocky formations. Once a beautiful lagoon was also an unremarkable rock. Complete article

Swimming pool at LeCrans Hotel, Switzerland

Swimming pool at LeCrans Hotel, Switzerland Swiss LeCrans Hotel is located in Carne-Montana. It also offers its guests to take a dip in a very original and unusual pool. It is part of the hotel's first-class spa complex. The pool is located on an outdoor terrace. It is equipped on a raised platform. Swimming in this pool guarantees an adrenaline rush at any time of the year. The pool is surrounded by snow-white snowdrifts in winter. Therefore, many people enter it with caution, having previously checked the water temperature. Complete article

Swimming pool in Nandana Villas, Bahamas

Swimming pool in Nandana Villas, Bahamas Travelers will have the opportunity to swim in the unique infinity pool in the Bahamas. It is located in the Nandana Villa resort. This pool is located close to the coast. It stretches to the beach. This pool has no sides or other visible restrictions. Therefore, the feeling that you are swimming in the open ocean is involuntarily created while swimming in it. Complete article

One and Only Pool, Maldives

One and Only Pool, Maldives Hotel “One and Only” is located in the Maldives. It has long been a landmark of world significance, not only because of its chic rooms and high status. A huge swimming pool with several dedicated rapids is a prominent feature of the hotel. Its edge merges with the ocean. Not everyone takes the risk of enjoying a swim in this infinity pool. The fear of not noticing the edge of the pool is very great. Complete article
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