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Big queues, unpleasant smells, close booths without coat hangers - such unpleasant associations arise in many people at the same mention of public toilets. Can I enjoy visiting a public toilet? In a sense, of course, it is possible, but it is not always possible to experience the aesthetic pleasure of visiting a public restroom. Before reading this review, forget everything that you have ever known about public toilets, for each of the following is a true work of if not artistic, then of engineering art. Innovative technologies, luxurious finishings from precious metals and stones, fine hand-made art painting and walls decorated with genuine works of art. In the world, there are a lot of amazing restrooms that can be called real attractions.

Urilift, UK

The followers of the walks and night-time entertainments, which often took the emergency on the city streets, were considered one of the main problems of London. Even the impressive punishments did not help solve the problem. But the unique lift toilets Urilift have done this. They were designed in 1999 by Dutch engineer Mark Schimmel. The distinctive feature of these street vestibules is the construction.

Urilift, UK The toilets really look like real cylindrical lifts that literally grow from under the ground and then descend again. These unique toilets do not spoil the city landscape and are very comfortable. Once up to three people can be in the toilet cabin. You can see this technology wonder on the busy streets of London, not far from nightclubs and bars.

The toilets are controlled by the quarter policeman, who presses the button on the console in the evening and switches on the hydraulic motor. The lift toilets grow from under the ground and remain on the surface until 6 in the morning. Then they go down again. At the time of the day one can only recognize them by means of large round hatches on the ground on the roads. These unusual public toilets are free. However, the women must take into account that these toilets are intended for men only. After setting up the toilets Urilift on London's streets, the neighborhoods were much cleaner with lively nightlife. In the day, this secret is hidden under the earth and does not spoil the harmonious streets. Next - Mirror WC

Mirror WC, UK

Mirror WC, UK On the streets of London, not far from the gallery of the contemporary art of Tate, one can still notice a strange 'mirror toilet'. This is a small cabin, which is lined with glass panels from outside and ideally fits the urban landscape. The author of the design of this original toilet under the name 'Griffin the moment!' Is the well-known designer Monica Bonviccini, who has made a real urban sight from the cabin of the public toilet. Complete article

Toilet in Singapore Zoo, Singapore

Toilet in Singapore Zoo, Singapore In Zoo 'Singapore' you can see not only the rare animals and birds, but also a very interesting public toilet, designed in thematic style. The toilet structure is very unusual - it is half-open and surrounded by lush brushwoods of green plantings. For the guests of the zoo, the toilet is free of charge and quite worth seeing. Complete article

Sunshine Toilet, China

Sunshine Toilet, China The largest public toilet in the world can be visited in China. The toilet is located in the popular tourist city of Chongqing and is one of its main attractions. 'The sunny toilet' has been registered in the Guinnes Book of Records and is located in the large 4-storey building, whose area is 1,000 square meters. In this building there are more than one thousand urinals and cabins, which are differently designed. Complete article

Golden Toilet, China

Golden Toilet, China In Hong Kong one can fulfill the longing dream of many millionaires and sit on the golden Klobecken. For this one must find the unique business 'Goldenes Haus' on the streets of the city. In this shop is the unique toilet, which is made from the Reingold. Every detail of the interior in this toilet is the jewel, including the golden, in the center Klobeckens. The floor planted with the gold bars, the walls tiled from the gold tiled walls, and even the golden toilet brush placed next to the toilet seat-such a strange wardrobe can only be seen in the Hong Kong jeweler's shop. Complete article

Vienna Opera Toilet, Austria

Vienna Opera Toilet, Austria The opera friends can visit the unique 'Operntoilette', which is located in the capital of Austria. The Musiktoilette is located in the immediate vicinity of the building of the Viennese Opera in the pedestrian tunnel. The entrance to the toilet costs about 60 Eurocents. The toilet is characterized not only by the exquisite aristocratic design, but also by the pleasant music accompaniment. In the cabin you can hear the world famous opera singers. Complete article

Toilet of Modern Art, Austria

Toilet of Modern Art, Austria Another public toilet, which can be found in Vienna, will please the followers of contemporary art. The viewable toilet is very easy to find. It is located not far from the famous Hundertwasserhaus, in the original decorated souvenir shop 'Hundertwasser Village'. In addition to the shiny shop windows with a wide variety of souvenir production, there is a small bar, and the cellar was equipped with a unique toilet. Complete article

Space Toilet, Japan

Space Toilet, Japan In Tokyo, there is an interesting museum, which attracts more and more tourists each year. It is the state museum of developing science and innovation. One of his most striking exhibits is the real space toilet, which can be seen at the international space stations. Certainly the WC, calculated for use in weightlessness, has the numerous facilities whose purpose-setting seems at first sight inexplicable. Complete article

Toilet Tank, Japan

Toilet Tank, Japan The tourists who visit the Japanese city of Akashi have a chance to see one of the most original public toilets on earth. The unique WC is located in the popular Café The Mumin Papa. The modern designers have made a real aquarium out of it. The walls of the toilet imitate the rocks, and the partition walls between the cabins are made of plastic and filled with the water. Complete article

Toilet at Madarao-Kogen, Japan

Toilet at Madarao-Kogen, Japan The hotel Madarao-Kogen is located on the popular ski resort Madarao Kogen, which is located in the Iiyama district, admiring visitors with the original thematic design of the toilet. Sitting on the cobblestone, you can notice that the walls and the door are decorated from the inner side with the unusual photographs of the realistic mountain landscapes. Complete article

Toilet with Glass Floor, Mexico

Toilet with Glass Floor, Mexico One of the most terrible toilets in the world can be found in Mexico, in the city of Guadalajara. A few years ago, the unique design-high-end penthouse was set up in one of the city's high-rise buildings, the main features of which are the WC with the glass floor. The penthouse is on the 14th floor of the building, its toilet was built above the deep stone pit. When entering the transparent glass floor, it seems that you simply enter the abyss. This original toilet is more suitable for fans of the nerve kinkel. Complete article

Toilet at Shoji Tabuchi Theatre, USA

Toilet at Shoji Tabuchi Theatre, USA One of the smartest toilets in the world is the Shoji Tabuchi Theater, located in the American city of Brenson. The finest traditions from the end of the 19th century were taken into account when designing the sumptuous toilet. Thus saw the toilets in the palaces of Japan in the Meiji period. Complete article

Toilet at Kohler Arts Center, United States

Toilet at Kohler Arts Center, United States Another incredible toilet, in which the border between art and functionality is very fine, can be seen in the John Michael Kohler Art Center. All the pride of this toilet is the unique hand-made painting created by six talented painters. Complete article

Toilet at Sofitel Queenstown, New Zealand

Toilet at Sofitel Queenstown, New Zealand The most unusual and bold design from WC in New Zealand is to be found in Queenstown, one of the city's most chic hotels - Sofitel Queenstown. On the first floor of the hotel is the original Manneroilette, designed by the famous designers Mark Perriam, Brett Tailor and Cam Marsh. According to her peculiar idea, the room above the pissoirs was adorned with the photos of women in full size. For the exclusive recording were the well-known photo-models invited. Complete article

Toilet at Dolce Gabbana Gold, Italy

Toilet at Dolce Gabbana Gold, Italy The most glamorous and chic toilet in Italy is Milan, the famous Dolce and Gabbana Gold. The design of the toilet corresponds to the glamor and elegance that prevails in the restaurant. The toilet is decorated with the splendid decor of shining glass and the gold bamboo. The luxurious marble washbasins, the golden mirrors and the incredible lighting that the design interiors emphasize - in this toilet you can spend a while watching the chic interior design. Complete article
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