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High stone steps covered with cracks, lack of fences and a huge height - climbing the stairs is always associated with dizziness and great risk. Even from an ultramodern escalator in the shopping center, many are dizzy. To get the coveted portion of adrenaline, people have to go looking for the most terrible and dangerous ladders in the world. Stairways are carved in steep rocks and are laid along mountain ridges. Some dizzying stairs lead to deep ancient wells. None of the stairs presented in the review, you will be able to climb in a hurry, each step should be followed with extreme caution. Those who are not afraid of a rough journey, will open beautiful landscapes and hidden places. They will be able to admire panorama of ancient cities and sights, go around waterfals and visit a unique well, where even in the midst of a hot Indian summer a coolness reigns.

Escaliers du Roy d Aragon, France

On the island of Corsica is one of the most unusual and dizzying stairs in the world with a poetic name - King Aragon Steps (Escalier du Roy d’Aragon). The ancient stone staircase passes along the walls of the town of Bonifacio. According to one of the legends, it was built in the early 15th century in just one night. The staircase was cut straight in a steep rock. The angle of its ascent is at least 45 degrees. To pass it completely, you need to overcome 187 steep steps, which can be attacked by dizziness.

The exact history and purpose of the construction of the staircase in a steep rock is unknown. According to one version, it was cut through by the troops of King Alfonso, besieging the city, on the other - the staircase was cut down in order to provide the defenders of the city of Bonifacio an access to the cave lake with fresh water. At present, King Aragon Steps is one of the most popular sights of Corsica, which attracts curious tourists every day.

Although the staircase was built several centuries ago without using any special equipment and technology, it has a number of unique features. The design of the staircase is such that during lifting it, a feeling of "falling up" is created. The rock, in which the stone steps were cut, is directly above the sea, so travellers always have an opportunity to admire marvelous seascapes during the ascent. Next - Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven, China

Stairway to Heaven, China China is famous for its unique staircases, which pass in the most difficult and hard-to-reach mountainous areas. One of the most unusual and terrible stairs is to be found in Hunan, in the vicinity of the city of Lingzhou. A few years ago in a picturesque mountainous area was installed a huge spiral staircase. The construction got the romantic name "Stairway to Heaven". Complete article

Ladder Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Ladder Angkor Wat, Cambodia Located in Cambodia, the world famous temple complex Angkor Wat can interest not only amateurs of excursions, but also those who want to diversify their holiday with unusual entertainments. One of the main features of the ancient temple is its staircase leading to the entrance. Its stone steps are very narrow, so it is necessary to walk along the stairs as carefully as possible. Complete article

Stairs Half Dome, USA

Stairs Half Dome, USA In California is a legendary Half-Dome rock - a place of attraction for thousands of climbers and those who want to test their strength. An incredibly complex steep staircase with 400 steps has been cut down in the rock. To climb it, you need to have a good physical training. For the past several years, the main natural attraction of Yosemite Park is annually visited by about 50000 people a year, climbing the rock is allowed only as a part of organized excursions. Complete article

Stairs Pailon del Diablo, Ecuador

Stairs Pailon del Diablo, Ecuador An amazing natural landmark, known far beyond Ecuador, is a waterfall with the frightening name the Devil's Cauldron (Pailon del Diablo Waterfall). To make looking at its beauty more convenient, a spiral staircase has been cut down on a rock for numerous tourists. It literally covers the streams of the waterfall and allows you to view it from all sides. The staircase alternates with small observation platforms and against the background of the fantastic mountain landscapes surrounding it looks simply inimitable. Complete article

Stairs to Machu Picchu, Peru

Stairs to Machu Picchu, Peru Situated in a complex mountainous area of Peru, the ancient city of Machu Picchu will be another attractive place for those who like to walk on steep stairs. There are an incredible number of them on the territory of the city, and to explore all the main attractions, you need to spend a lot of energy. Complete article

Ladder Florli, Norway

Ladder Florli, Norway The longest wooden stairs in the world can be found in Norway. It is located on the territory of a small town of Florli. The length of the stairway is 1600 meters, it consists of 4444 steps. This amazing staircase is one of the main attractions of the city and leads to the important historical object - the power station, which was built here in the early 20th century. The staircase has no fences and creaks noticeably during the walk. The height difference between the first and the last steps is 740 meters. Complete article

Statue of Liberty Stairs, USA

Statue of Liberty Stairs, USA The Statue of Liberty, located in the USA, is one of the most recognizable monuments on the planet, visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world. The monument enchants with its impressive size. Together with the base, its height is 93 meters, and without the base is 43 meters. One of the main attractions of the USA can be visited in the course of excursions, whose participants will be offered a wonderful view from one of the two viewing platforms. Complete article

Haiku Stairs, USA

Haiku Stairs, USA On the Hawaiian island of Oahu is the famous Haiku staircase, which many tourists know under the unofficial name 'Stairway to Heaven'. The staircase was built in 1942 during the construction work on cable laying. In the first half of the 20th century, on the island of Oahu there was a large US naval base. Originally, the staircase was completely wooden. And already in 1950 it was replaced by a metal one. Complete article

Montagne de Bueren, Belgium

Montagne de Bueren, Belgium Montagne de Bueren (The Soldier's Staircase) is one of the main historical landmarks of the Belgian city of Liege. The staircase begins in the Or Chateau district and rises to a hill, where a fortress was located a few centuries ago. Today the park of the citadel is located here. This is a historical complex, which includes the surviving elements of construction and fortress walls. To see it, tourists need to go through 374 steps. The legendary Soldier's Staircase was built in 1875. Complete article

Ladder Duomo, Italy

Ladder Duomo, Italy Milan Cathedral is also an outstanding monument of world significance. One of the main features of the architectural landmark are beautiful staircases. During walks on them the head can spin not only from a steep rise and hundreds of steps, but also from incredible beauty. All lovers of extreme entertainments are offered to climb to the roof of the cathedral, where the viewing platform is located. For this it is enough to overcome 500 steps of a dizzying ladder. There is a staircase from the north side of the cathedral. Complete article

Crouching Tiger and Turtle, Germany

Crouching Tiger and Turtle, Germany Not always a ladder has an exact practical purpose. An excellent example is an original attraction, which can be seen in Duisburg. "Tiger and Turtle" staircase resembles a roller coaster with its outlines, but visitors of the attraction are offered not to pass, but to take a difficult route. An unusual installation can also be seen as a symbolic monument. The main material used for its construction is zinc, and it has been decided to build an attraction in the place where zinc mining was previously conducted. Complete article

Ladder Abaneri, India

Ladder Abaneri, India Not all of the most breathtaking stairs of the planet lead up. A good example of this is a staircase, which is located in the old Indian city of Abaneri. In ancient times, city inhabitants built a deep well, at the bottom of which they were escaping from the exausting heat. It is to the bottom of this well that the legendary Abaneri staircase leads. Like many centuries ago, today the bottom of the well is filled with water. A hundred years ago, everyone could bathe in the well, but today the historic landmark is open exclusively to pilgrims who are allowed to wash their feet in the well. Complete article

Stairs to Schlossberg, Austria

Stairs to Schlossberg, Austria One of the main attractions of the Austrian city of Graz is the Clock Tower Schlossberg. Its top is clearly visible from any part of the city.The only way to go up to the tower is to walk along a steep staircase with the same name. A steep staircase of zigzag shape was carved right in the rock, it has 260 steps and starts from the Schlossbergplatz square. Complete article

Ladder Gastelugache, Spain

Ladder Gastelugache, Spain Not far from the coast of the Gulf of Biscay is a tiny island of San Juan de Gastelugache, which is very popular with nature lovers and amateurs of quiet rest. One of the main attractions of the islet is the Gastelugache staircase, it is laid over a complex hilly terrain and leads to the hermit's hut, built on the edge of a steep cliff. To achieve the only "residential" building on the island, its guests need to overcome 237 steps. Complete article
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