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Storages hidden in the permafrost, military protected areas and classified historical bunkers - only the elected are allowed to the territory of these objects. For many years, they have hidden the most important information, that can completely change the perception of the world around them. So what is hidden behind the 'No Trespassing' sign? A unique cultural object, a religious shrine, a military base or a scientific center, in whose walls experiments that amaze with their cruelty are conducted? Most of us can only guess about the true purpose of such objects, fanned by a halo of secrets and legends, they continue to remain inaccessible.

Svalbard Globale Frohvelv, Norway

In Norway, near the town of Longyearbyen, there is a unique vault, which is unofficially called the "Doomsday" repository. In reality, it is the largest seed store in the world, where seeds of all agricultural crops cultivated on the earth are preserved. The repository is a deep tunnel, which has been cut through the permafrost. Such a complex location of the granary was chosen not accidentally. At a given point of the planet there is relatively little tectonic activity, and the temperatures are so low that the seeds will be preserved even without the help of special refrigeration equipment. The repository of the "Judgment Day" is a kind of insurance in the event of a global catastrophe. If the civilization is destroyed, the survivors will be able to use the seeds to restore the lost crops.

Svalbard Globale Frohvelv, Norway The Svalbard Global Seed Fund Bank was built in two years, its official opening was announced by the Government of Norway in 2008. The length of the tunnel is 120 meters, its space is quite enough to accommodate 4.5 million seeds. The store is highly reliable, it can successfully withstand both the largest earthquake and an entry of a nuclear warhead. In total, there are more than 1400 seed banks in the world, among which the depository of the "Judgment Day" is the largest. Not surprisingly, the entrance to its territory is forbidden to outsiders, at present only some scientists and breeders have access to the repository. Next - Grotte de Lascaux

Grotte de Lascaux, France

Grotte de Lascaux, France On the territory of the south-western region of Perigord in France, a unique sight is located, the access to which have only few people. It is the cave of Lascaux. This cave was discovered in 1940 and is characterized by a variety of remarkable rock drawings. The main characteristic of the latter is that their age is from fifteen to seventeen thousand years. Archaeologists believe that their authors may be representatives of Solutrean culture. Complete article

Scientology Church Storage, USA

Scientology Church Storage, USA Scientology is a great international movement, the founder of which is the American fantasy writer Ron Hubbard. The movement is based on a system of pseudo-scientific ideas and principles that describe peculiarities of man's mind as well as its interaction with the universe. The main value of the movement are the texts of its founder, for keeping of which a special secret base has been built. It is located in the desert of New Mexico. The Mail Online publishing company has published the aerial photographs of Basis for the first time. Complete article

Metro-2, Russia

Metro-2, Russia In Moscow, under the network of busy city streets, there is a complex system of underground transport communications under the secret name D6. The secret metro line was built during the reign of Stalin. It passes at a depth of 210 meters - greater than the depth of a usual operating metro. According to some reports, the secret metro connects several important governmental and administrative institutions, including the Kremlin, the General Staff Academy, Zheltovsky's house and Vnukovo-2 airport. Complete article

Area 51, USA

Area 51, USA In the United States, many myths and incredible stories are associated with a classified military base of Zone-51. The base is located in Nevada. It is more than 130 km away from Las Vegas. Partly, it is the high secrecy of the object that is the cause of many incredible rumors and stories. Many believe that on the territory of the base wrecked alien ships are kept, as well as the remains of extraterrestrials. The secrecy of the base is really very high, it will not be possible to get close to it either by land or by air. Complete article

Storage Mormon, USA

Storage Mormon, USA In the United States near Salt Lake City is a beautiful Granite Mountain, which for many years have been attracting the attention of not only lovers of picturesque nature, but also desperate researchers of the unknown. The fact is that in this mountain there is the Mormon Vault. Here, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints keeps its most important documents. Complete article

Roughs Tower, United Kingdom

Roughs Tower, United Kingdom The Roughs Tower sea fortress, which represents an ancient sea platform, not far from the harbour town of Haridge, is a unique object. The platform was built during the Second World War for the protection of the port. And in 1967 a strange event happened to the former strategic object. The platform was captured by a retired Major Paddy Roy Bates, who proclaimed the captured fortress as an independent principality of Sealand. Complete article

Archivum Secretum Apostolicum Vaticanum, Vatican

Archivum Secretum Apostolicum Vaticanum, Vatican In Vatican there is a private storehouse of the Pope, in which the most valuable documents of the Roman Catholic Church are presented. Among the documents collected in the archive, literally everyone is unique. The age of some documents is more than 1200 years. In total, according to researchers' estimates, more than one million artifacts are stored in the depository. The length of the archive racks is about 84 km. An access to the secret object, besides the Pope, have only attendants of the highest ranks of the church. Complete article

Science Park Porton Down, United Kingdom

Science Park Porton Down, United Kingdom The scientific park 'Porton Down' is one of the most secret and inaccessible objects of Great Britain. The park is located to the northeast of the city of Porton and was founded more than a century ago. During the First World War, chemical weapons were developed here, which the British supplied the German army with. After the war the chemical weapons tests were continued at the base. What kind of development took place in the park for many years - remains unknown to this day. Complete article

Pioneen Center, Sweden

Pioneen Center, Sweden One of the most secret objects of Sweden is located in Stockholm, we are talking about the center "Pionen". The bunker was built during the Cold War as a shelter for the government, and later a secret complex began to be used as a data center. Currently, the center belongs to the Internet provider Bahnhof. To get to the place of storage of secret servers, you need to go through a long tunnel that goes deep underground. Complete article

Yaman Tau, Russia

Yaman Tau, Russia One of the most interesting secrets of Russia is connected with the Yamantau base, which is hidden under the eponymous mountain in the Southern Urals. For the first time the existence of a secret base was told to the world by the newspaper The New York Times. It wrote about an underground complex in the mountains to which automobile and railway lines had been brought. Despite the fact that officially, the existence of the base has not been confirmed, incredible rumors about this secret facility continue to multiply. Complete article

Club 33 in Disneyland, USA

Club 33 in Disneyland, USA Some inaccessible objects of the planet do not hide important strategic and scientific secrets. An excellent example is Club 33 located at Disneyland. This private club is one of the most closed institutions in the world. In addition, it is the only institution on the territory of the amusement park, where guests are offered alcoholic beverages. Complete article

Room 39, North Korea

Room 39, North Korea In North Korea there are also secret organizations, whose real activity ordinary people can only guess. One of the most interesting among them is the so-called Bureau 39, which is also known under the unofficial name 'Room 39'. This organization is located in Pyongyang and was founded in the 70s of last century. According to some assumptions, it is engaged in financial operations and literally laundering the state's money through operations with classified accounts in China and Switzerland. Complete article

Coca-Cola Storage, USA

Coca-Cola Storage, USA Business secrets are just as important as military secrets, and they are just as cautiously protected. A good example of this is the formula of Coca-Cola, which has been kept secret since the world-famous drink was produced. Until 2011 the recipe of the drink was kept in SunTrust bank. A few years ago, a new, separate storage facility was built for this purpose. Complete article

Grand Shrine of Ise, Japan

Grand Shrine of Ise, Japan In Japan, in the small town of Ise is situated the main shrine of the country - the Great Temple of Ise. Only the priests of the temple can enter its territory, as well as representatives of the imperial family. Ordinary travellers can only admire the religious shrine from afar. The main temple of the country looks more than modest. It is built of wood and decorated in accordance with centuries-old traditions. Complete article
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