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From convicts to civilized people. Famous Unesco Sites in Australia

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Exotic islands with unique plants and animals, the world's largest coral reefs, survived monuments of colonial architecture, and incredibly interesting cultural centers make Australia rich in surprising places. Many of them have long been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Australia is ideal for outdoor activities. Tourists will have an opportunity to visit incredibly exciting nature reserves and to get acquainted with the rich historical heritage of the continent. Travelers may see aboriginal tribes that haven’t changed their way of life for thousands of years. A kind of attractions to choose is up to you. However, guests of Australia definitely won’t be limited in impressions.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

One of the main attractions of Australia and the natural site of world importance is the Great Barrier Reef, whose length is 2 500 km. It consists of a little less than 2 900 separate coral reefs and 900 islands. An area of the Great Barrier Reef is 344 400 square km. The reef is so huge that it can be easily noticed from space. In 1981, the site was included in the World Heritage List.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia Scientists were able to determine that the reef began to form 8 000 years ago. Its transformation is held continuously. The rapid growth of corals contribute to certain climatic conditions, such as water temperature, which in this area doesn’t fall below 17.5 degrees Celsius. The colony of coral polyps form a unique ecosystem. The place has become home to thousands of species of marine life, including exotic fish, horsefish and starfish, as well as large underwater inhabitants, i.e. dolphins and whales.

There is no surprise that the Great Barrier Reef attracts fans of scuba diving from around the world. In order to enjoy the unique natural attraction, it is not necessary to go under water. There are tours on a glass-bottomed boat in this area. Just a few parts of the vast reef are available for such tours. There are several islands nearby that are equipped for having vacations. There guests can find accommodation in luxury hotels, a lot of amazing  entertainment options, as well as an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the main natural attraction of Australia in full its splendor. Next - Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens

Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens, Australia

Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens, Australia Fans of architectural attractions are sure to be impressed by the Royal Exhibition Building, located in the suburban area of ​​Melbourne. Together with Carlton gardens, it represents the great architectural, historical, aesthetic, and social value. The beautiful garden is an example of landscape art. It has been set more than a hundred years ago. It is full of rare species of trees, including century-old plane trees, rare oaks and cedars, as well as amazing evergreens. Each year, the garden is decorated with flower beds. Artificial lakes make the place wonderful. Complete article

Willandra Lakes Region, Australia

Willandra Lakes Region, Australia Those who like to walk around the scenic natural places, have to pay an attention to ​​Willandra Lakes Region. This beautiful and incredibly amazing place covers an area of ​​approximately 2 400 square km. Contrary to expectations, travelers won’t see lovely lakes there. Once, about two million years ago, there really have been 19 lakes that dried up over time. Complete article

Sydney Opera House, Australia

Sydney Opera House, Australia Among the most recognizable architectural landmarks of the world, a special place is occupied by the Sydney Opera House. It has long been an important symbol of not only Sydney, but the Australian continent as a whole. The building features remarkable sail-like shells that form a roof. They make the musical theater differ from other constructions in the world. The theater is located in Sydney harbor. Earlier, there was a tram depot, and before that - the fort and a number of fortifications. Complete article

Gondwana Rainforests of Australia, Australia

Gondwana Rainforests of Australia, Australia The rainforests of the east coast of Australia represent a grand natural landmark. They occupy a vast area that embraces about 50 nature reserves. Those are the most extensive subtropical forests in the world. The total area reaches about 370 thousand hectares. The main value of the rainforest is a unique cluster of ancient vegetation and numerous geological formations with long history. Complete article

Australian Convict Sites, Australia

Australian Convict Sites, Australia A lot of amazing historical monuments remained on the continent in memory of the active colonial expansion that was conducted by Europeans in Australia. Once, British Empire built  dozens of penal settlements; eleven of them survived to our times. Today, they are historical monuments of world importance. The prison complex is situated near to Sydney and Fremantle, as well as on the islands of Norfolk and Tasmania. Complete article

Shark Bay, Australia

Shark Bay, Australia Shark Bay located in the north-western part of Australia's is one of the most visited natural attractions in the world. Every year about 120 000 travelers from around the world come to this unique place. The main value of the bay is algae, which cover more than 4 000 square km of its area and allow to consider the unique ecosystem of the gulf. In addition to algae, the bay is home to various species of plankton, medium-sized fish, and shrimps. These places also attract dugongs. Complete article

Heard and McDonald Islands, Australia

Heard and McDonald Islands, Australia Uninhabited Heard and McDonald Islands are located in the southern Indian Ocean. They are surrounded by a halo of smaller islands that are uninhabited and attract attention of researchers. These islands are of volcanic origin that determines their rocky structure. The archipelago features a harsh climate. During a significant part of the year, the island is covered with snow. Main representatives of flora on its territory are lichens and mosses. Complete article

Purnululu National Park, Australia

Purnululu National Park, Australia Nature lovers visiting Australia have to go to the Purnululu National Park that is located in Western Australia. This reserve was founded in 1987. It was listed as the World Heritage Site in 2003. The unique park covers an area of ​​over 239 hectares. It is famous for various landscapes, unique geological formations, as well as its multifaceted flora and fauna. Complete article

Kakadu National Park, Australia

Kakadu National Park, Australia Kakadu National Park also has its own unique characteristics that allow it to be considered a landmark of world importance. The reserve was named after the eponymous tribe that lived on its territory. Today, the park has great etiologic, archaeological, and natural value. During the study of the local caves, scientists have found traces of the so-called rock art in X-ray style. The age of the oldest drawings is 18 000 years. Complete article

Lord Howe Island Group, Australia

Lord Howe Island Group, Australia The archipelago of Lord Howe is the Australian landmark that is amazing in all respects. Its largest island of the same name occupies an area of ​​14.5 square km. This island is self-managed. A little more than 340 people live there continuously. The Lord Howe Island Group gained a status of world-important landmark due to its unique nature. There you can meet a lot of endemic plants, which can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Complete article

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia One of the most famous sanctuaries in Australia is the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park located in the northern part of Australia. It was founded in 1958. Each year, the park is visited by more than 200 000 tourists. Unique historical and natural attractions are concentrated in its territory. A significant part of the reserve is occupied by the desert. However, here you can find almost the full range of plants that are documented in Central Australia. Complete article

Wet Tropics of Queensland, Australia

Wet Tropics of Queensland, Australia The State of Queensland also has the grand tourist attraction of national significance called Wet Tropics of Queensland. These extensive rainforests can safely be listed among the most beautiful in the world. Local places feature rich exotic vegetation and an abundance of picturesque rivers and waterfalls, mountains and valleys. The area of ​​tropical forests is 8 940 square km. A stroll there will be full of exciting discoveries. Complete article

Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island, Australia At the east coast of Australia there is the scenic Fraser Island. It became famous thanks to incredibly picturesque sand dunes. The coast is completely covered with white sand. Dense tropical forests lie in center. Some parts of the coast are shallow. These places are incredibly scenic; azure water together with white sand dunes form truly surreal landscapes. Fraser Island has another great feature; there are 40 freshwater lakes within its territory. Sometimes they are called the Hanging Lakes. Complete article
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