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Hundreds of years ago the strong supportive walls were built around all large towns. They saved the town from the unwelcomed guests. The most powerful fieldworks were built in the coastal cities. These cities were the main targets of pirates. Also, such fieldworks were built in the trade cities which were attractive for robbers and conquerors. Some fortress cities were built inaccessible and secure, that’s why they have saved till our days. As many years ago, the fortresses have its own atmosphere of safety because are surrounded by the inaccessible walls. Inside the fortress there is a great number of cunny historical streets and valuable architectural monuments. If you want to get into the past – you have to choose one of the following cities.

York, England

York is one of the most outstanding cities in England from the historical point of view. Over two thousand years at the place of the modern city there was the Rome fortress "Eboracum". The capital of Northern England appeared there in 71-year A.D. About three million tourists visit York yearly. Their main aim is to see the unique historical places and artefacts.

York, England The main symbol of the fortress city is the fortress walls, that were built in the 14th century. These walls have 10 gates, some of them are the unique architectural monuments. A great number of palaces has been saved in the city. The Royal Theater, founded in 1765, has also been saved. Fans of walks will like the medieval district Shambles. Streets in this district have saved unchanged since the 15th century. There you can walk on picturesque and medieval streets.

The craft stall, souvenir shops have placed in the old buildings. There you can buy wonderful memorable gifts. The most adorable palace has been saved in York. Nowadays there has placed the historical museum. Its collections are multi-faceted, there was collected thousands of artefacts, from the old household items and weapons to the crucial historical documents. York Minster, a large Gothic Cathedral, is the main outstanding landmark in the city. It was built in 13th-14th centuries. York is a real asset for lovers of walks in historical places. Next - Campeche

Campeche, Mexico

Campeche, Mexico On the Mexican coast has placed an old town Campeche. It was always the main aim of pirates. That’s why the fort systems of fortification were built year by year. Some parts of this system were saved until our times. The most interesting touristic district is the Old Town. An architectural landmark of this place is the variety of ridiculous sculptures. They are everywhere, the most unusual sculptures are located next to the Cathedral church. Complete article

Harer, Ethiopia

Harer, Ethiopia The old city Harer is situated in the western part of Ethiopia. It is known worldwide thanks to its unique historical sightseeing. Today it is the main Islamic city of the country. More than that it is one of the largest commercial centres. The historical city, located at the top of the hill, attracts tourists by its historical atmosphere. Here you can see not only saved fragments of the old strengthening structures but also adore with the view of the Amir Abdullahi City Hall. Complete article

San Gimignano, Italy

San Gimignano, Italy The wonderful Italian town San Gimignano is very popular among tourists of Tuscany towns. This town began to flourish in the medieval period. Since that time, it has stayed practically unchanged. San Gimignano in 1990 was included in a list of the world UNESCO heritage. Complete article

Taroudant, Morocco

Taroudant, Morocco Taroudant city is situated in the southern part of Morocco. The town is known as the "Grandmother of Marrakesh" because it looks like a small Marrakesh. The main peculiarity of the town is the powerful walls, that were saved from the Medieval times. The first town was established there more than a thousand years ago. Taroudant flourished in 16th-17th centuries. As earlier, today the town is the trade center. There you can buy rare Moroccan spices, handicraft products, awesome fabrics, jewelry and even clothes and shoes from locals. Complete article

Brugge, Belgium

Brugge, Belgium Brugge is one of the most picturesque town of Europe. It has unique medieval landmarks. Not only fortress walls and some fragments of the fort but also a lot of unique medieval buildings were saved till our days. The Church of Our Lady is one of them. It was built in the beginning of the 13th century. The outstanding architectural monument of the 12th century is the Saint Salvator's Cathedral, the Basilica of the Holy Blood. Complete article

Toledo, Spain

Toledo, Spain Toledo is the most beautiful and picturesque city among all Spain historical cities. From the 6th century till the middle of the 16th century this city was the capital of Spain. Nowadays you can see a lot of historical monuments that resemble about its rich past. The wonderful Alcázar Fortress is the main symbol of Toledo. It makes people stare at its inexpugnable walls. During the excursion around this fortress you can visit the main skydecks, from which opens the panoramic view of the river. Complete article

Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan Pakistani fortress-city Lahore is also known all over the world. It was established thousand years ago. In the 16th-17th century it was at the top of the development. At that time Lahore was the capital of the Mogul Empire. Tourist visit this city in order to see the magnificent architectural complex – Shahi Qila fortress that was built in the beginning of the 17th century in the center of the city. Several years ago this fortress was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Complete article

Pingyao, China

Pingyao, China Pingyao, the ancient Chinese city, is also under UNESCO protection. A great number of historical monuments have been placed there. The first city was settled there in the 9th century. Pingyao became flourish during the reign of the Ming dynasty in the 14th century. The main property of the ancient town is the unique architectural city image. Pingyao is the only city in the country that has saved completely the whole complex of the Medieval strengthening structures. There are about 100 under the State’s Protection landmarks. There also included museums and samples of architecture. Complete article

Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan Baku – the largest city of Caucasus – is one of the oldest city in the world. There was saved the complex of the Medieval defensive system. As long years ago, the heart of Baku is the Old Town. Nothing has changed since the medieval time. You can see the complex of the old baths, ancient palaces and narrow paved with stone streets. The most symbolic landmark of Baku is the Maiden Tower. With this tower is connected a number of legends. Complete article

Obidos, Portugal

Obidos, Portugal Obidos attracts people by its outstanding Medieval sightseeing. This small Portuguese town, with the population of 3 thousand people, was founded in the 12th century. The Obidos Palace is the main historical symbol of the town. Its fort walls surround the town for 1 565 meters long. The powerful defensive walls were beginning to build in the 12th century and finished in the 14th century. Complete article

Xian, China

Xian, China Xian, the Chinese city, will like people who have always dreamt to visit it. This city has a rich history in 3 000 years. For a long time it was the capital of China. Also, the largest and numerous. Today Xian is the well-known world tourist centre. Every year it is visited by several million of travellers. The main historical sightseeing in the city is the wall. It was saved since the Medieval time. Complete article

Ichan Qala, Uzbekistan

Ichan Qala, Uzbekistan Uzbekistan's historical town Ichan-Kala is surrounded by the powerful strong walls. Nowadays you can see wonderful buildings of the 14th century on its territory. Among them, there are adorable Medreces, Mosques, minarets, mausoleum, baths, caravanserais, marvellous palaces and saved parts of the fortress buildings. Its official status the town received some time ago, in 1968. Today its whole territory is under the state protection. Complete article

Avila, Spain

Avila, Spain Avila is a Spanish town of the incredible beauty. It has placed on the right shore of the Adaha river. The first strengthening structures were built there at the time of the Rome Empire. Nowadays guests of the town can adore with the medieval monuments. The immense fort wall surrounds the town. It has been built from the 11th till the 14th century. Its length is over 2 500 meters long. The wall has 9 gates and 88 observe towers. Complete article

Carcassonne, France

Carcassonne, France The old French town Carcassonne was surrounded by two forts at ones. The first was built as early as in the 5th century, another after 8 centuries. Île de la Cité is the main historic district because the Medieval fortress was placed there. The first fort was built there more than 2 500 years ago. For hundreds of years it has been extended and rebuilt. Complete article
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