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Greetings from ancestors. 15 Historical Monuments, with Riddles not yet Solved

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The world is full of historical monuments that mysteries are still not uncovered by researchers. These are tones weighted pyramids, made up from megalithic blocks, ancient catacombs and mounds, mystic labyrinths and sculptures. Who could build these unbelievable monuments? Are the mythological creatures a fiction or a fact? Could the ancient people be in contact with the extra-terrestrial civilizations? Who was the architect of the huge mounds and underground pyramids? These questions depict some issues that worry the researchers. They have been looking answers for them throughout the centuries.

Baalbek, Lebanon

Baalbek is one of the oldest towns in the world. It is located in a picturesque mountain region near Beirut. The parts of the buildings that were found there, amaze people with sizes and the architectural accuracy. All the buildings on the territory of the ancient town were built simultaneously with the great pyramids of Giza. It is hard to imagine how all the cathedrals and other buildings were built at those ancient times. One of the most interesting buildings that you can see even now is the ancient cathedral. It is situated on a large terrace which was built much earlier.

Baalbek, Lebanon It is made from huge megalithic blocks that weight from 300 to 800 tones. We still don’t know how people could move and set huge rough block of stone up. Here and now it is a great mystery. Stone blocks not even huge but also very heavy. Practically all stones have the regular geometric shape. The stones are tightly fit each other even it is hard to put the razor tip.

One more outstanding artefact that was found on the territory of the ancient town is the "Southern stone". This huge monolith weights about one thousand tons and is the hugest worked stone is the world. Its length is about 23 meters, width 5,3 meters and height 4,55 meters. Who made such unbelievable building in the ancient town and what was the purpose is still a secret. Many independent researchers claim that all these buildings belong to the “hand” of the inhuman creatures. Next - Newgrange

Newgrange, Ireland

Newgrange, Ireland Ireland has a great number of mysterious landmarks. One of them is the Newgrange – an unusual megalithic building – that has placed near Dublin. It looks like a huge mound that is dated not later 2 500 years BC. Its diameter goes up to 85 meters and height is about 13,5 meters. The main structural peculiarity of the mound is the underground hall, which length is about 19 meters and leads to the burial chamber. The chamber is built from huge stones. Their weight goes from 20 to 40 tons. Complete article

The Great Zayatsky Labyrinth, Russia

The Great Zayatsky Labyrinth, Russia There are several mysterious places on the Zayatsky Island in Russia. There were found about 10 labyrinths made from medium-sized stones of the right oval form. Their diameter goes from 3 to 20 meters. Apart from the labyrinths on the island were also found about 850 artificial stone ancient settlements, made from field stones of different size. Complete article

Terracotta Army, China

Terracotta Army, China One of the unique historical monuments was found in Xi'an nearby Qin Shi Huang's mausoleum. There were found more than 8 000 terracotta sculptures of Chinese warriors that were buried on the square with their horses. These sculptures were buried here with the first emperor of the Qin dynasty in 210 BC. We still don't know whose idea was to make this Terracotta Army in a burial place. Complete article

Por-Bazhyn Fortress, Russia

Por-Bazhyn Fortress, Russia A great number of ancient fortresses were saved in the word. One of the unique is Por-Bazhyn Fortress. You can find it in Republic of Tuva, Russia. Excavations suggest that it was built in the 8th century AD and has a precise planning and regular geometric forms. It is 211 meters long and 158 meters in width. The fortress has placed in a very remote area. Besides, it resembles an artificial island. Complete article

Underground pyramids of Etruscans, Italy

Underground pyramids of Etruscans, Italy The ancient Etruria pyramids were found in Italy. How they have appeared is still a mystery to everyone. The first pyramids were found accidentally under the wine cellar in Orvieto city. The underground halls have pyramided shape. They were made from the huge parts of calcareous sinter. For a long time, these pyramids were unknown because of their location. Complete article

Fulachtai Fia, Ireland

Fulachtai Fia, Ireland About 6 000 items were found in Ireland, today they are known as Fulachtai Fia. Also, they are known as burnt mounds. They commonly survive as a low horseshoe-shaped mound of charcoal-enriched soil and heat shattered stone. In the centre you can see a man-made full of water flute. Such things are common for Great Britain regions. The researchers find them one at a time, rarely 2-6 constructions. Complete article

Mounds of Cahokia, USA

Mounds of Cahokia, USA More than 100 Mounds of Cahokia were found on the territory of the American state Illinois. The researchers suppose that Cahokia was the biggest city in the whole North America in the 11th century. Right at that time, the mounds building began. The whole area of this wonderful historical goes up to 9 square kilometres. One main theory is that there was a time when these mounds were a part of huge ceremony complex. Complete article

Pyramids of Yonaguni, Japan

Pyramids of Yonaguni, Japan Pyramids of Yonaguni is another mysterious place in the world. They were discovered near the so-named Japanese island. Its area is about 28 square kilometers, also it has a resident number of population – about 2 000 people. For years this small island was attractive for divers, and fans of beach vacation. In 1980s the group of divers have discovered the complex of drowned rock terraces. Complete article

Gozec Circle, Germany

Gozec Circle, Germany In Germany on the territory of Gozec commune was found an unusual Neolithic building named Gozec circle. It is a complex of deep concentric form ditches, alternately with palisade 75 meters rings. In the palisade rings, we can see several gates. Actually, this part was reconstructed. Complete article

Fortress Saksayuaman, Peru

Fortress Saksayuaman, Peru In Peruvian city Cuzco you can find the ancient Fortress Saksayuaman. This place is also covered with mysteries. Today this old bulging is called a ”ceremonial place”. Several facts say that this fortress wasn't built for defense purpose. Massive stones were majorly used as built materials of this complex. On the stones we can see the graves of the treatment. Taking into account the fact that the fortress was built at the time of Inks, it is hard to imagine how the massive stones were treated and even more – transported. Complete article

Glastonbury Tor, UK

Glastonbury Tor, UK In the English county of Somerset has placed a mysterious Glastonbury Tor. A lot of legends and mysteries are connected with it. In the Medieval time there was built the stone Church of St Michael. Nowadays on the top of the hill we can see a wonderful church’s tower. One legend is that this old tower is the entrance to the Avalon, another says that near the tower was buried the King Arthur and his wife. Complete article

Statues of Temechea-Tohua, French Polynesia

Statues of Temechea-Tohua, French Polynesia On the tiny Nuku Hiva island, that is a part of French Polynesia, have placed the Reptilian Statues of Temechea-Tohua. There depicted the creatures that bear only a passing resemblance to the human. They look like aliens from the thematic literature and descriptions. They have huge oviform heads, that don’t go with the bodies. Complete article

Column of Chandragupta, India

Column of Chandragupta, India The column of Chandragupta is a real Indian Wonder of the World. This column is a part of the huge architectural Qutb Minar complex. It is a vertical pillar going to the sky for 7 meters. The pillar is made from iron, its weight is about 6,5 ton. The major secret of the pillar is that nothing had destroyed it within the time, even the chemical erosion. All this go against the modern chemical knowledge. Complete article

Shell Grotto, United Kingdom

Shell Grotto, United Kingdom The wonderful Shell Grotto has placed in Margate, Great Britain. There is no accurate date of the building and the original purpose of the Grotto. It was found accidentally by local, James Newlove, in 1835. He wanted to make an artificial pond at this place. During the irrigation projects, he found an unusual tunnel decorated with artificial mosaic from sea shells. It was subsequently learned that the tunnels were leading up to the huge underground 20-meter corridor. Complete article
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