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Power, inaccessibility and a halo of secrecy - these are the main associations that many people have when mentioning military bases and forts. Huge funds have always been invested in their construction, but practically all military installations are united by one destiny: over time they lose their strategic importance and become unnecessary. Some bases and forts, after losing their military status, acquire a second life. They are converted into factories and museums. A significant part of the historical military buildings simply surrender to the power of time and slowly collapses, attracting only those who are interested in exploring abandoned ruins. Abandoned military facilities are literally in every country of the world. The most interesting among them and will be presented in this review.

Fort Carroll, United States

In the United States, on the territory of the state of Maryland is a unique island-fort of Carroll. It was built in the middle of the 19th century and was used as an army training ground during the Second World War. After the end of the war the fort came to desolation. Since the time of the creation of the man-made island, there has always been a shortage of funds for the fort's construction. Its final appearance was strikingly different from the original plan.

Fort Carroll, United States Thin walls, relatively small armament and a constant threat of flooding prompted the refusal to use the fort even as a training ground. Perhaps the only useful feature of the military structure was a lighthouse located on its territory, which facilitated navigation to ships. In 1958, the man-made island was put up for sale and bought by a businessman Benjamin Eisenberg for only $ 10000. He expected to build a casino or entertainment center on the fort's territory, but these plans never came true. Fort Carroll remains absolutely deserted today and is gradually being destroyed. The island is still owned by a businessman, but it does not represent any obstacle to its visit. Absolutely everyone can sail to the ancient fort and walk around its territory, admiring the ruins. There is an islet in Chesapeake Bay, not far from the coast of Baltimore, so it's easy to get to it. It will be interesting for nature lovers to visit the island. In warm season a large part of it is covered with dense vegetation, the old military fort became home to hundreds of birds. Next - Maunsell Sea Forts

Maunsell Sea Forts, United Kingdom

Maunsell Sea Forts, United Kingdom The sea forts of Maunsell are one of the most unusual military installations, that are by fate in ruins. They were built during the Second World War at the mouth of the Mercy and Thames rivers. Already in the late 50-ies of the last century the structures were out of order and stopped being used. In the 1960s, one of the abandoned offshore platforms was captured by one of the local residents, proclaiming its territory an independent state of Sealand. The rest of the forts are still in desolation. Absolutely everyone can visit them. Complete article

Balaclava Naval Base, Russia

Balaclava Naval Base, Russia In Crimea, fans of unusual excursions will have an opportunity to visit the once secret submarine base, which is located in Balaklava. In the days of the USSR, this base was one of the largest military facilities of the state. Its scale is so large that 14 submarines could lurk in the docks at once. The construction of the base began in 1954 and lasted 9 years, it was completely finished in 1963. The complex was highly safe, it was capable of withstanding a nuclear explosion with a capacity of 100 kT. Complete article

Base Hetel, United Kingdom

Base Hetel, United Kingdom In Great Britain, there are also military facilities that can arouse interest of curious travellers. A good example of this is a military base of Hetel - the former military base of the Royal Air Force, which was actively used during the Second World War. The military base is located in the outskirts of the city of Noridge and is one of the few military facilities in the world, which after the loss of the original meaning got a second life. Complete article

Fort Ord, United States

Fort Ord, United States In the United States, Fort Ord is available for visiting. It was built in 1917 and used for military purposes until 1994. Some of the buildings of the fort were destroyed, and some are still empty today. In 2012, the old fort was declared a historical object and is now protected by the state. The military base has been converted into a tourist object open for visitors. Complete article

Aerodrom Zeljava, Croatia

Aerodrom Zeljava, Croatia A unique military facility is the Zhelyava air base, located in Croatia. It was built on the border with Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1968. The construction of the unique underground airfield took 20 years and cost more than 6 billion US dollars. For comparison, it can be said that today's defense expenditure of Serbia and Croatia is only about two billion. Complete article

Saint-Nazaire Base, France

Saint-Nazaire Base, France On the Atlantic coast of France, not far from the city of Saint Nazaire is the abandoned submarine base of the same name. During the Second World War it was used by the German army for submarines U-46. The military base was built in occupied France in 1943. At the time of construction, Saint Nazaire was one of the largest underwater complexes. Its length was 300 meters, the width is 130 meters. The area of ​​the military complex was 39000 square meters. For the construction of the base, 480 thousand cubic meters of concrete have been used. Complete article

Maginot Line, France

Maginot Line, France France still has a historical military object, which is worth seeing for all fans of exciting excursions. The complex of the fortifications under the generic name Maginot Line was built in the 30s of the last century and stretched along the borders with Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg. The decision to build a large military complex was made by the authorities of France, due to the experience of the First World War. In many respects it was due to the endeavor to secure the neutrality of Belgium in the event of war operations. Complete article

Nekoma Base, United States

Nekoma Base, United States One of the main attractions of North Dakota is the Nekoma military base, which is not far from the city of the same name. This abandoned base is particularly noticeable by the unusual pyramidal structure. To this day, it remains unknown why this form has been chosen for the construction of the defense system. Once, the base was used for deployment of the large air defense system. Tourists who visit the abandoned military base nowadays can see the remaining parts of the old radar equipment. Complete article

Bunker Devil, United States

Bunker Devil, United States On the coast of San Mateo County in California is a bunker with a cruel name Devil's Slide. The bunker was named in honour of the rock of the same name. The secret object was built on the coast in 1930. Originally, it served as a center of military technology development. For many years, the location of the bunker was kept secret. During the Second World War the bunker was used as an observation point. At that time, the soldiers who were guarding it had only used the simplest devices - a compass and binoculars for observing ship navigation. Later, the monitoring point was equipped with a radar system. Complete article

Fort “Emperor Alexander I”, Russia

Fort “Emperor Alexander I”, Russia In Russia, special interest from a historical point of view is represented by structures that were once part of the Kronstadt defense system. Among them is the famous 'Fort Alexander I' which is also known under the unofficial name Plague Fort. The building is located on a small artificial island, not far from the island of Kotlin. The fort was built in the first half of the 19th century. It was used as a defensive structure for the protection of the Gulf of Finland until 1896. Complete article

Forte Rose, Montenegro

Forte Rose, Montenegro Those who want to hike through the really deserted and hidden military facilities can travel to Montenegro and visit the suburb of Herceg Novi. In the western part of the Lustica peninsula there are ancient Forts Roses, which until recently remained outside the attention of tourists. Drowning in thickets of wild trees and plants, the ruins of old military buildings look simply amazing. Lovers of history in Montenegro will hardly find a better place to relax. Complete article

Obruchev Fort, Russia

Obruchev Fort, Russia Another interesting historical object of Kronstadt is the Fort Obruchev, whose construction began in 1896, during the next reconstruction of the fortress. The fort, whose size and power are still impressive today, was named in honour of the Chief of the General Staff, Obruchev. He designed the plans for modernization, and when he retired, a pleasant surprise awaited him - a decision to name one of the forts by his name. The fort has survived several sieges during the Soviet-Finnish War and the Second World War. The fort was completely abandoned in the 1950s. Complete article
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