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Mini-oceans. The Coolest and Largest Oceanariums in the World

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The sea has always attracted people with its harmonious beauty and plenty of hidden secrets under the water column. The ocean impresses with its greatness; the world in its azure waters is unique and incredibly interesting. To admire it, many master dive skills and go to the most distant parts of the globe. There is a more affordable way to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world, which is to visit one of the most famous oceanariums of the planet. Visitors can not only see rare marine life, but also stroll through the long transparent mazes, surrounded by sea water, dine in underwater restaurants, and even stay overnight in one of the rooms and sleep next to a shark lurking behind the glass.

Churaumi Aquarium, Japan

One of the most famous and amazing aquariums in the world is Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium situated in the northern part of Okinawa, in the city of Motobu. The oceanarium, which visitors can see today, was opened in 2002. During the first 8 years of operation, it was visited by 20 million people. The first aquarium in this place was built in 1975. Later, it was decided to build a new four-storey building. In total, the building houses 77 tanks. The place boasts a collection of 26 000 marine animals, which belong to 740 different species.

Churaumi Aquarium, Japan The main feature of the site is its central aquarium, which amounts to 7 500 cubic meters. Its front panel is made of plexiglas with a thickness of 60 cm; the width is 22.5 meters and height is 8.2 m. At first glance, it looks like a huge screen similar to those in the modern cinemas. There are comfortable chairs in front of this screen, so visitors always have an opportunity to sit back and watch sharks and exotic fish slowly swimming in azure water.

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium will appeal to fans of thrills. It has a special hall dedicated to sharks called Shark Research Lab. Here, in addition to the aquarium with animals, there is a great collection of artifacts that includes the huge jaws of a 16-meter long shark. The aquarium features a high quality technical equipment. The water for its inhabitants is pumped directly from the ocean. After that, it’s pre-cleared and warmed up to a certain temperature. Next - Sydney Aquarium

Sydney Aquarium, Australia

Sydney Aquarium, Australia Another world famous aquarium is located in Sydney. The center was opened in 1988. Today, it attracts visitors with one of the richest collections of marine life in the world. This aquarium is famous for its spectacular underwater tunnel system, which guarantees a memorable trip. The realistic sense of the total immersion into the deep is arranged there. Huge sharks and shoals of colorful fish are floating above heads of tourists. The marvelous underwater scenery is seen here and there. Complete article

L'Oceanografic, Spain

L'Oceanografic, Spain In Valencia, travelers have an opportunity to visit not just an aquarium, but a real oceanographic park with an area of ​​11 000 square meters. It occupies a spectacular building in futuristic style and presents to visitors an incredible collection of marine life from around the world. The total volume of the aquarium is 42 million liters. Complete article

Lisbon Oceanarium, Portugal

Lisbon Oceanarium, Portugal There is a magnificent aquarium in the Parque das Nacoes in Lisbon, which is also one of the largest and most visited in Europe. An arrangement of the oceanarium is very amazing. It is equipped with five large aquariums, each of which represents a collection of one of the inhabitants of the oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Indian and Arctic. Opening of the Lisbon Oceanarium was held in 1998. The sight is located in a building that was constructed specifically for the World Exhibition. Complete article

The Georgia Aquarium, United States

The Georgia Aquarium, United States Atlanta has the largest oceanarium in the United States. It is a landmark of national significance. The total volume of the aquarium is 32 000 cubic meters; it is inhabited by about 120 000 marine animals and fish. The vast territory of the oceanarium is divided into several thematic exhibitions. There is also the excellent dolphinarium, Dolphin Tales. Complete article

Marine life park, Singapore

Marine life park, Singapore There is an incredible oceanarium in Singapore. The total volume of water in its aquariums is more than 45 000 cubic meters. More than 10 000 fish and marine animals that belong to 800 different species are living there. One of the outstanding features of the place is its central aquarium. Its main panel is the largest in the world. Its width is 36 meters and height is 8.3 m. Against this huge screen, people look really tiny; it allows them to enjoy the effect of the presence and feel a part of a huge ocean. Complete article

Dubai Aquarium, UAE

Dubai Aquarium, UAE Guests of Dubai should not lose an opportunity to visit one of the most amazing aquariums of the planet. Facilities are located in the territory of the largest shopping and entertainment center in the Middle East, Dubai Mall. The total volume of its aquariums is 10 million liters. The place features more than 33 000 inhabitants. Environment for watching marine life is just fine. Complete article

Nordsoen Oceanarium, Denmark

Nordsoen Oceanarium, Denmark In Denmark, in the town of Hirtshals, there is the famous Oceanarium of the North Sea. Nordsoen Oceanarium is a unique entertainment center. A memorable visit is guaranteed to everyone. The total volume of its tanks is 4 500 cubic meters; they are inhabited by 70 species of fish. To some this collection may seem quite modest, but each of the inhabitants of this amazing oceanarium is the rarest resident of the sea. Only in Nordsoen Oceanarium, you can simultaneously watch several sunfishes, slow movements of which are fascinating. Complete article

AQWA, Australia

AQWA, Australia An aquarium, which is able to surprise even the most experienced travelers, is in Perth, Australia. AQWA features the luxurious design. The volume of its main tank is more than three million liters. The main attraction for the visitors is walk through a transparent tunnel, the length of which is 98 meters. The Australian coast is rich in the most diverse marine life. To make acquaintance with them easier, the territory of the oceanarium is divided into five thematic areas. They are dedicated to the inhabitants of the coast of Perth, the Big South Coast, Marmayon Marine Park, Far North and Shipwrecks Coast. Complete article

Duman Oceanarium, Kazakhstan

Duman Oceanarium, Kazakhstan Surprisingly, one of the most incredible aquariums of the planet can be found among the desert steppes of Kazakhstan. The Duman Oceanarium, which was opened in 2003, presents to the visitors a rich collection of marine life featuring about 2.5 thousand representatives. The volume of the central aquarium is 3.5 million liters. A project of oceanarium was developed by the best specialists of the Chinese company Asiocean International, as well as specialists from Russia. Actually, Duman is a huge entertainment complex, which in addition to the huge aquariums with marine life and traditional acrylic tunnel, has lots of amazing surprises. Complete article

The Deep Aquarium, England

The Deep Aquarium, England In England, travelers are invited to visit The Deep Aquarium located in a scenic area at the confluence of the rivers Humber and Hull. Opening of the oceanarium was held in 2002. Today, it is home to 3 000 marine species, including seven species of sharks. The total volume of its aquariums is 2.5 million liters. Not everyone knows that the Deep Aquarium is not just an oceanarium, but one of the world's largest marine research centers. Complete article

Aquarium of Genoa, Italy

Aquarium of Genoa, Italy In Italy, the largest aquarium is located in Genoa. It is the second largest in Europe. Opening of the oceanarium was held in 1992. It was built specially for the opening of Genoa Expo'92 exhibition. The center plays an important educational, environmental, and even historical role. Its opening was timed to the remarkable day - the 500th anniversary of the discovery of New World by Christopher Columbus. Complete article

Siam Ocean World, Thailand

Siam Ocean World, Thailand In Bangkok, one of the most popular shopping malls, Siam Paragon, houses Siam Ocean World aquarium. Its opening took place in 2005. It is the largest oceanarium in South-East Asia. There, you can see the huge aquarium with a screen, comparable in size with a cinema screen. Here, visitors can admire a lot of rare inhabitants of the deep sea, including glowing jellyfish, rare species of tropical fish, and starfish. Complete article

AquaDom, Germany

AquaDom, Germany In search of the most original of the aquarium in the world, many travelers go to Berlin. Here is the famous AquaDom that is located in the upscale Radisson Blu Hotel. That’s an essential element of the unique design. The height of the cylindrical tank is 16 meters. It has not only decorative, but also functional meaning. Inside the huge cylinder made of the durable acrylic there is an elevator that remains the most fascinating attraction for hotel guests and visitors. Complete article
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