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Persistent aborigines. The Most Extreme Settlements on the Planet

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The great distance from the mainland, lack of regular traffic, severe climatic conditions and a terrible crime situation are just a few reasons why some towns and villages can be called extreme. However, all of these cities and towns are inhabited by people who adapt to harsh weather, lack of communication with the outside world, and even to a high level of crime. A visit to some of the towns and villages of the ranking might be life-threatening, whereas just a trip to other settlements can become the ultimate adventure.

Dallol, Efiopiya

Located in the village of Ethiopia Dallol is definitely considered one of the most extreme on the planet. That's the hottest place in the world, which you can reach only using caravan routes. The exact number of inhabitants of the settlement is unknown. The most detailed studies were carried out in this sultry area in 60s of the last century. Then researchers found out that the mean annual temperature in the region of Dallol is 34 degrees Celsius, which is the absolute maximum in the world.

Dallol, Efiopiya There are several salt deposits in the region; salt extraction is carried out today. The first settlement in the hot desert was founded over 50 years ago, a significant part of its population was engaged in the development of the mountain mines. When the industrial potential of the mines dried up, the majority of residents left the village. However, some of them stayed. They now continue to work with salt deposits.

Tourists can visit the region only while accompanied by a guide. It won't be easy to get there. Despite the rapid development of industry in the past, the region never had any roadways. Today, there are no roads to get to the lost settlement. Only caravan routes can bring tourists there. Besides huts of local people, the main attraction of the region is a volcano that bears the same name with the district. The last eruption was in 1926. Next to the sight, you can see a lot of sulfur lakes. The scenery is incredible. Staying near the volcano and sulfur lakes is very dangerous for health, so a tour is always limited in time. Next - Tristan da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha, United Kingdom

Tristan da Cunha, United Kingdom One of the most remote settlements on the planet is located on the island of Tristan da Cunha. The population of the island that is situated in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean, is about 250 people. The place is located within a huge distance from the continents. It is more than 2 800 km off the South African coast and more than 3 300 km off the coast of South America. Tristan da Cunha is the largest island of the archipelago of the same name. That’s the only island where people live. Complete article

Verkhoyansk, Russia

Verkhoyansk, Russia The coldest city in the world is situated in Russia. The average annual temperature in Verkhoyansk is -18.6 degrees Celsius. Its population is more than 1 100 people. Local residents love their city and don't leave it even because of harsh climatic conditions. Verkhoyansk is the northernmost city of Yakutia. In winter, the temperature is often below 60 degrees subzero. This far northern city was founded in the 17th century. For many years, political exiles have being sent there. Complete article

Cherrapunji, India

Cherrapunji, India In India, travelers will have an opportunity to visit a small town of Cherrapunji, which is considered the rainiest settlement in the world. It's raining here literally every day. On average, it's about 12 000 mm of rainfall per year. About 10 000 people constantly live in the town. Daily walks down the street with an umbrella or raincoat become a commonplace for them. The town has a large cement factory, and there are several industrial centers for the extraction of coal and limestone in the surrounding area. Complete article

La Rinconada, Peru

La Rinconada, Peru One of the most extreme settlements in the world is in Peru. La Rinconada is situated in the Alps, at an altitude of 5 100 meters above sea level. This tiny town is the highest settlement in the world. It was founded by settlers, who were attracted to these remote places by the discovered reserves of the gold ore. Despite the fact that it is very hard to live at such a height because of thin air and harsh climatic conditions, the population of La Rinconada is still growing steadily. Complete article

Java, Indonesia

Java, Indonesia The settlement, located on the island of Java, is worth to be mentioned among the most extreme. Here, people literally live on a volcano. The island features the world famous Merapi volcano that is the most active of the 128 volcanoes in Indonesia. On average, the structure erupts twice a year, and large destructive explosions occur every seven years. Literally, every such an explosion takes lives and razes settlements. About 500 000 people live in the immediate vicinity of the volcano. Complete article

Motu, China

Motu, China The isolated town of Motu in China has a population of about 10 000 people. Only a 200-meter long suspension bridge connects this settlement with the outside world. Not everyone dares to pass through it. All other roads were destroyed by mudslides and avalanches. Adherents of the Buddhist religion consider Motu to be sacred. It is visited by devotees and pilgrims each year. Complete article

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile In Chile, the most extreme is the town of San Pedro de Atacama. It is situated right in the barren Atacama Desert. The place is considered one of the driest sites in the world. In average, there falls no more than 10 mm of rain per year. About 5 000 people are constantly living in this desert town. San Pedro de Atacama is one of the few extreme settlements in the world, which can be very amazing to tourists. Here, you can see a lot of unique attractions. Complete article

Illoqqortoormiut, Greenland

Illoqqortoormiut, Greenland A town with a complicated name Illoqqortoormiut is situated in Greenland. That's the northernmost settlement in the world; its permanent population is about 500 people. Getting to this remote town, which was founded in 1925, is very difficult. A few months in the year, it can be reached by helicopter or by boat. The main mean of transport that connects the town with other areas of Greenland is a plane. Complete article

Pitcairn, United Kingdom

Pitcairn, United Kingdom To the South of Pacific there is a nice island of Pitcairn. It is the largest island of the archipelago of the same name. The area of ​​this island is a little more than 4.5 square km. According to recent data, about 50 people live there constantly. The history of this tiny island is very rich and amazing. The first settlements on its territory were founded in the late 18th century. The initial settlers were rebels from Bounty ship. Today the island has a bay named after that ship. Complete article

Longyearbyen, Norway

Longyearbyen, Norway In Norway, on the island of Spitsbergen there is the town of Longyearbyen, where life may also seem extreme for many residents of large cities. This town that was founded in 1906, is home to about 2 000 people. The crime rate in this city is one of the lowest in the world. However, there are firearms in virtually every home. Local residents need it to  protect themselves from polar bears in the event of an attack. Complete article

Adak, USA

Adak, USA There is a picturesque Aleutian archipelago in the United States; this is where the town of Adak is situated. This settlement was founded after the Second World War as a military base. After some time, it has lost its strategic and military importance. However, this small town close to the mainland is still home to around 300 people. Adak is the Alaska's southernmost town, which is characterized by the wet and windy climate. Most of the year, the sun is hidden behind the overcast. Fogs are very often in the town and gusty winds rarely stop there. Complete article

Slums of Makoko, Nigeria

Slums of Makoko, Nigeria The most extreme settlement in Nigeria is the Makoko slum. Many parts of it are known under the unofficial name, the Black Venice. Makoko is one of the areas of Lagos, it borders with the most advanced and modern districts of the city with banks and office centers. Black Venice consists of few streets built just over the water. People here live in wooden huts. Just an appearance of these structures could plunge into horror. It seems that dilapidated wooden houses may collapse into the water at any time. Complete article

Coober Pedy, Australia

Coober Pedy, Australia Australia has one of the most unique cities in the world, Coober Pedy, where the life may seem impossible for many people. This city is known informally as the world capital of opal. This region owes about 30 percents of world reserves of this mineral. The main feature of the town, which makes it an extreme life, is its harsh weather. Exhausting hot and catastrophic dust storms have forced natives to literally hide under the ground. Complete article

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico The most extreme city in Mexico is Ciudad Juarez. That's not because of the risk of natural disasters or harsh weather. The main problem of this city, which, at first glance, doesn’t differ from other Mexican cities, is its unfavorable crime situation. The actual owners of the city are large criminal groups, and clashes between them affect ordinary citizens. Murders and other crimes are happening every day. Local authorities and the police in any way can't establish peaceful life in the city. Complete article
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