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Some of them are located in incredibly beautiful rainforests, others fall into unique deep caves, while others fall in the ocean - waterfalls with amazing features are in various parts of the world. Some waterfalls were partly created by man, and the others have been formed for millions of years under the influence of natural forces. All unique natural sights are characterized by an incredibly harmonious view. You can admire this natural splendor and the noise of water endlessly. Many famous waterfalls are located on the territory of large national reserves, thousands of tourists visit them every year. To get to some fabulously beautiful waterfalls is rather difficult, they are reliably hidden in hard-to-reach mountainous areas or among impenetrable jungles. Do you want to enjoy natural beauty and diversify your vacation with an exciting excursion? Then be sure to visit one of the most amazing waterfalls of the planet!

Augrabies Falls, South Africa

In South Africa there is the unique Augrabies Falls, which is located on the territory of the National Park of the same name. The height of this waterfall is about 60 meters. From one of the local dialects its name is translated as 'place of big noises'. One of the main particularities of the Augrabies Falls is its gorge, whose depth is 240 meters, and the length is 18 km. The waterfall looks very impressive. Its noise is heard from far away.

Augrabies Falls, South Africa The Augrabies is the third-highest waterfall in Africa. This indicator gives it even the legendary Victoria Falls. Its name the waterfall got in 1778. The name came up with a Finnish researcher Hendrik Jakob Wikar. The waterfall is incredibly powerful and affects with the amount of falling water. In the period of high water, it throws about 7000 cubic meters of water per second. For comparison, we can say that the world-famous Niagara Falls resets about 6800 cubic meters of water per second.

Tourists who visit this unique natural attraction of Africa have an opportunity to admire the incredible scenery. The waterfall is surrounded by spectacular hilly ground covered with sparse vegetation. Only at first glance the surrounding nature may seem meager and uninteresting. In reality it hides a lot of unbelievable features. Next - Barron Falls

Barron Falls, Australia

Barron Falls, Australia One of the most beautiful and most popular waterfalls in Australia is called Barron. The waterfall is located on the river of the same name. Experienced travellers recommend visiting this natural sight during the rainy season when the water volume is maximum. Tourists visiting the coastal plain of Cairns during periods of droughts will see only a small stream of water instead of the mighty waterfall. Complete article

Baatara Falls, Lebanon

Baatara Falls, Lebanon In the region of Tannourine in Lebanon is located the Baatara waterfall. It is noteworthy, that it falls into the limestone cave of the same name. The unique geological formation was discovered relatively recently in 1952. Today, the waterfall with a height of 255 meters is one of the most striking natural attractions in the country. The cave into which the waterfall drops is equally interesting. It is often called 'the Cave of the Three Bridges'. Complete article

Cascata delle Marmore, Italy

Cascata delle Marmore, Italy One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Italy is the Cascata delle Marmore (Marmore’s Falls). At first sight, you can hardly believe that this waterfall is man-made. It was created by the ancient Romans. The height of the waterfall is 165 meters. Since its creation, it remains the highest artificial waterfall in the world and one of the highest waterfalls in Europe. The Cascata delle Marmore is located in the surroundings of the city of Terni. Its source is the Velino river, the waterfall flows into the valley, which is formed by the Nera river. Complete article

Cummins Falls, United States

Cummins Falls, United States In the state of Tennessee is the largest private waterfall in the world – Cummins Falls. It is located on the Blackburn Fork State River. The height of this waterfall is 26 meters. By volume, it is the eighth largest waterfall in the state. The main feature of the waterfall are large swimming bowls. Here you can comfortably enjoy water procedures surrounded by bubbling cascades of water. Bowls are located on two levels, one of them is shallow and the other is rather deep. Complete article

Detian-Banyue Falls, China - Vietnam

Detian-Banyue Falls, China - Vietnam On the border between China and Vietnam is the picturesque Detian-Banyue Falls, which is long considered a landmark of world importance. The height of the waterfall is 30 meters. It consists of three cascades which are divided into many separate streams by trees and stones. The waterfall looks simply incredible, and the thunder produced by it can be heard at a considerable distance. All the power of the Detian-Banyue waterfall can be estimated during the flood period. And when it is completed, the waterfalls located in different states are divided into two. Complete article

Erawan Waterfall, Thailand

Erawan Waterfall, Thailand Not far from the city of Kanchanaburi in Thailand is the Erawan Waterfall, one of the most picturesque waterfalls in the world. The waterfall consists of 7 cascades, which smoothly flow down the slopes. The height of the cascades is berween 3.5 and 24 meters. The waterfall seems incredibly smooth and calming, admiring it gives a pleasant feeling of euphoria. The waterfall ends with a beautiful waterpool, the water in which has a rich azure hue because of the high limestone content. Complete article

Hidden Valley Waterfall, Belize

Hidden Valley Waterfall, Belize Hidden Valley Falls is a legendary group of waterfalls in Belize, located on the territory of the Mountain Pine Ridge Nature Reserve. The height of the waterfall is 457 meters, it is incredibly beautiful, and in combination with the surrounding landscapes makes a fantastic spectacle. The area, where the waterfall is located, is unique from a botanical point of view. Mountains surrounding the falls are covered with pine trees. Nowhere else on Earth do pine trees grow so close to the equator. Complete article

Huangguoshu Waterfall, China

Huangguoshu Waterfall, China Beautiful Huangguoshu Waterfall is located in China in Guizhou Province, on the river Bai He. This waterfall is one of the largest not only in the country but also in East Asia. It looks incredibly harmonious and is surrounded by picturesque landscapes. The height of the waterfall is more than 77 meters, and the width is about 101 meters. The main cascade of the waterfall, whose height is 67 meters and the width is 83 meters, is the largest one. Complete article

Tat Kuang Si, Laos

Tat Kuang Si, Laos In Laos there is a wonderful waterfall, that deserves the attention of all curious tourists and nature lovers. It is the Kuang Si Falls, located in the surroundings of Luang Prabang province, and is one of its most striking and popular sights. The waterfall begins on the top of a steep hill and consists of 50 cascades, which alternate with incredibly beautiful basins of turquoise colour. Despite the fact that for a calcareous tuff such a number of cascades is not something outstanding, this does not in the least diminish the uniqueness of Kuang Si Falls. Complete article

Manawaiopuna Falls, Hawaii

Manawaiopuna Falls, Hawaii On the Hawaiian island of Kauai lies incredibly beautiful Manawaiopuna Falls, which is located in the central part of the island and is 105 meters high. Many travellers know this waterfall under the unofficial name – the Jurassic Falls. And all thanks to modern cinema. A few years ago, a waterfall lost in the rainforests was unknown to anyone. Everything changed when several scenes of the movie 'Jurassic Park' were shot alongside it. Complete article

McWay Falls, United States

McWay Falls, United States On the territory of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park in California is a unique McWay Falls, which is characterized by a number of interesting peculiarities. The main feature of the waterfall is its close location to the ocean. So one can actually say that it falls into the ocean. The source of the waterfall is an eponymous stream. The same name also has a charming beach on which it falls. Complete article

San Rafael Falls, Ecuador

San Rafael Falls, Ecuador San Rafael is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ecuador. It is a demonstration of the incredible power of nature and has a height of 150 meters. The waterfall is located in a special natural area, at the foot of the active Reventador volcano. At the moment, the highest waterfall in Ecuador is located on the territory of Sumako Nature Reserve, whose distinctive features include incredible lush tropical vegetation. Complete article

De Syv Sostrene, Norway

De Syv Sostrene, Norway In Norway you will find the legendary De Syv Sostrene (the Seven Sisters) waterfall. It is legendary in the literal sense of the word - many beautiful legends are associated with this natural attraction. The name of the waterfall is due to the fact that it is divided into seven separate streams. The maximum height of a stream is 250 meters. All local residents know the legend about seven sisters - beautiful girls to whom a viking warrior once came to woo. The sisters told him to get the most beautiful veil and the next day to come to choose a future wife. Despite the courage and strength, the viking could not decide the choice. He approached the sisters with a veil in his hands, and froze in indecision. Nowadays, locals associate the snow-white waterfall with a wedding veil. Complete article

Hanging Glacier Falls, Chile

Hanging Glacier Falls, Chile On the territory of the Queulat Puyuguapi National Park in Chile is an amazing waterfall, named the Hanging Glacier, whose name is literally translated as 'waterfall of the hanging glacier'. The name completely reflects the main feature of the waterfall - it really flows from the Ventisquero Colgante glacier. The height of this strange waterfall is about 80 meters. Usually, it consists of two streams of water, but sometimes, a third stream appears in the period of peak melting of the glacier. Complete article
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