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Natural Zen. 15 Sparsely Populated Places for Solitude with Wildlife

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The modern world is full of noisy motorways, crowded streets, beaches and even parks full of tourists. Among all of these, it is quite hard to find a private place where you can relax and adore with nature. There are some underpopulated places deprived everyday routine that is very popular among those who are chasing a peaceful vacation. Small mountain villages and settlements, exotic islands with an unusual style of life, remote from large cities northern towns. All these places are perfect for people who are seeking for calmness and fresh air. There you can feel that you are the unique part of the world, not just a man. By the way, it is quite hard to get there. You have to apply force and spend enough time to get there. The final prize will be a place where it is extremely hard to find a man, you will be surrounded by a wonderful natural scenery.

Halstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is a nice Austrian town with popularity about 1 000 people. It has placed in a remote mountain area on the shore of Hallstatt Lake. Today this town with all nearby area is included in a list of UNESCO world heritage. In 1311 the world knew about this place. People were attracted by rich salt mines at this region. Mines, where the salt was getting, are the oldest in Europe. At the end of the 16th century locals built there a unique pipeline.

It was about 40 kilometers long. The pipeline was built for transporting salt to the nearby Ebensee city. Since the foundation of the town, the main local problem is a lack of earth. The area is restricted with a lake on the one part and lofty mountains on the other part. That’s why the town doesn’t have a permanent burial ground, bodies are covered with the earth only for 10 years. After this period the bones of dead people are taken from the earth, blanched and transported in a local chapel.

The main entertainment for tourists in Hallstatt is the old salt mines. Before the excursion you have to wear a special protective outerwear suit. During the excursion you will see a complex labyrinth of old mines. The local architecture also attracts tourists. There were saved a lot of wonderful Medieval buildings. Fans of nature will also fall in love with this town. It is possible to order a boat trip or to walk in the piedmont area and adore with the private atmosphere. Next - Supai Village

Supai Village, USA

Supai Village, USA Supai Village is an Indian settlement in Arizona. It is one of the most remote, hard to get and beautiful place in the whole world. This small settlement has placed at the ground of the Grand Canyon. It is impossible to get there by even one overland transport. A postman comes here by mules. The nearby road has placed 13 kilometers away from the settlement. The only possible transport there is a helicopter. Complete article

Oymyakon, Russia

Oymyakon, Russia Oymyakon is one of the most thinly populated and isolated places in the world. The reason covers in its climate. The temperature goes lower 60 degrees below zero Celsius in winter. Its population is about 500 people, notwithstanding the severe living conditions, locals don’t want to leave their houses. Every single day they have to struggle against difficulties of the subpolar region. Complete article

Kerguelen Islands, France

Kerguelen Islands, France In the southern part of the Indian Ocean has placed the Kerguelen Archipelago. It is a perfect place for fans of escape leisure and walk in picturesque places. The archipelago consists from 300 islands and rocky formation. The main island has the same name as the archipelago – Kerguelen Island. Its area is about 6 675 square meters. There is not a permanent population, regularly the researchers visit this island and sometimes tourists come here. The researchers come here in order to explore the nature. The major island inhabitants are seals and penguins and some rare seabirds. Complete article

Alеrt, Canada

Alеrt, Canada The Canadian Alert village is the most northern settlement in the world. There live less than 10 people. By the way, the village has a huge military base and the Meteorological Watch Office. That’s why in the village live about 70 soldiers and some groups of researchers. Tourists visit this remote village with severe climate once in a lifetime. Complete article

Cape York Peninsula, Australia

Cape York Peninsula, Australia As for areas that people have already discovered, there has left sevaral places that are inhabited. The places where you can stay along and to adore with the nature beauty. One of such places is Cape York Peninsula, Australia. Its 137 000 square kilometers area is covered with wild tropical forests. This huge territory is a home for less than 18 000 people and most of them are Australian aborigines. Complete article

Engelberg, Switzerland

Engelberg, Switzerland Engelberg is one of the most prestigious ski resort of the world. Apart from a great number of attractive peculiarities, it has saved its comforting and sympathetic atmosphere of the calm vacation. Travellers have a lot of facilities that make a recreation comfortable. There you can find charming hotels that resemble old guesthouses. Also, there has placed a number of marvelous restaurants with popular national culinary delights in their menu. Complete article

Ladakh, India

Ladakh, India India is one of the most populous country in the whole world but even there we can find some quite uninhabited districts. A fine example of it is a Ladakh district. Its thickness of population is just 3 people per square meter. But other than that, Ladakh is the highest region of the country. It is open for visitors only 5 months in a year. Since old times this hard-to-get mountain region was a place for many monasteries and other religious holy places. Every year these places are visited by a great number of pilgrims. Complete article

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador The most underpopulated area of the planet is Galapagos Islands. This archipelago consists of 19 islands, its whole area is about 8 010 square kilometres. The population of the islands is varying about 25 000 people. Travellers, who want to visit places that are far from the civilization, will like this outstanding and terrifying area. Every island has its own unique nature sightseeing. The main symbol of Baltra island are iguanas that were brought here as a part of the experiment. Complete article

Medog, China

Medog, China Medog is the most isolated and depopulated region of China. There live just about 10 000 people. Until 2010 there wasn’t even a road that will help locals to get to the nearby towns. This region lies on the territory of 31 300 square kilometers. Today its major value is the historic cultural heritage. Medog is a town where has placed a lot of religious holy places. There were saved several small villages which live as their ancestors thousands of years ago. Complete article

Cocos Islands, Australia

Cocos Islands, Australia The archipelago of an incredible beauty has placed in the Indian Ocean – Cocos Islands. The whole area of the archipelago is 14 square kilometres and population is about 600 people. The territory consists of 27 coral islands, of which only two – West Island and Home Island – are inhabited. Other islands are under the nature power. Nevertheless, that is easy to get to Cocos Islands, they aren’t as popular among tourists as other world islands. Complete article

Laura Village, Marshall Islands

Laura Village, Marshall Islands Laura Village is an island situated in the Marshall Islands. This village is also in a list of the most underpopulated places in the world. At approximately 3 meters above sea level, Laura has the highest elevation of any islands in the Majuro Atoll. The main landmark of Laura Village is the same-named beach with the crystal-clear water and tiny white sand. Complete article

Al-Hajjarah Village, Yemen

Al-Hajjarah Village, Yemen In Yemen, you can visit an isolated Al-Hajjarah Village. Earlier this village was a prosperous town where people mostly worked in a trade industry. The main peculiarity of it is the saved old stone houses that were built on the rocks at the edge of the gulf. Stones for the building were taken from the nearby stone pits. The houses stay close to each other and remind a united inaccessible bastion. Complete article

Filicudi Island, Italy

Filicudi Island, Italy Filicudi Island is a great example of an isolated vacation. There you can escape from the city noise and unwilling thoughts. This 9,5 square kilometers long Italian island has population for more than 230 people. There you can see several small villages but the main value of this place is a wonderful nature. Since 1997 almost all territory became a nature reserve, where various excursions are held. Complete article

Togian Islands, Indonesia

Togian Islands, Indonesia Togian Archipelago, consisted of 60 islands, is one more isolated place in the world. Only 6 islands are big enough, they look like small rocky shapes that are covered with flora. Such islands look very outstanding. Within years the water has formed a lot of grottos in these rocky islands. There are several picturesque beaches with a snow-white sand and azure water. There isn’t any touristic infrastructure on the islands. Complete article
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