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Charm of Italy 16 Most Fascinating Objects of Unesco in Italy

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Magnificent castles, luxurious palaces, large gardens with hundreds-year old trees, wonderful national parks with outstanding sceneries and archaeological areas - Italy is full of the great world meaning landmarks. The unique historical districts of many cities are included in a world heritage site list. Fans of walks won't get bored in the picturesque places of Italy. There you can find not only the unique historical landmarks but also unusual nature areas.

Valcamonica Rock Carvings, Italy

In Valcamonica Rock Carvings is placed in one of the largest collection of petroglyphs. Walter Lang was the first who found these unique ancient paintings in 1909. Later there were found about 140 000 petroglyphs but the most recent researching works increased this number to unbelievable 300 000. You can find them throughout the whole valley. Most of them are concentrated in Darfo Boario Terme and Capo di Ponte regions.

Valcamonica Rock Carvings, Italy The oldest paintings appeared there about 6 000 years ago. On the territory of the valley, there are a lot of interesting walk routes. The most popular is Capo di Ponte area where has placed the Naquane National Park of petroglyphs. There you can see not only a great number of outstanding archaeological areas but also places where the ancient people lived.

The ancient pictures you can find not only on rocks and in caves but also on huge stones. They are placed throughout the whole valley. For thousands of years these stones weren't covered by natural disasters, nevertheless, the ancient petroglyphs were saved. The best time for visiting Valcamonica Rock Carving is a warm period. At this time, you can adore not only with petroglyphs but also with natural wonders of this area. Next - Old Town of Rome

Old Town of Rome, Italy

Old Town of Rome, Italy The unique historical sightseeing of Rome and Vatican City are also in the list of the UNESCO Heritage Site. A great number of Roman historical sightseeing is known all over the world. Roman Forum, Colosseum, Pantheon and Emperors Forum are the most popular antique landmarks. Millions of tourists come to see them year by year. Complete article

Historic Center of Florence, Italy

Historic Center of Florence, Italy Florence is one of the most adorable Italian city. It is known worldwide thanks to its unique architecture and historical landmarks. The historical centre of Florence is full of old churches and cathedrals. One of them is La Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore. The first cathedral has appeared there about thousand years ago. The cathedral that we see today is dated from the 13th century. The main peculiarity of the old cathedral is the old clocks. Its hands don’t work, as usual, they move in the reserved direction. This church’s clock has appeared in 1443 and work until now. Complete article

Venice and its Lagoon, Italy

Venice and its Lagoon, Italy Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world. It adores people with the unique architecture and cultural possessions. The adorable buildings of the 14th-16th centuries and a complex system of channels make this city a unique one. Venice is a magnificent city on water. The main symbol of the city is the Catholic cathedral of Saint Markus. The cathedral is built in Byzantine style that is not typical for European countries. Complete article

Piazza dei Miracoli, Italy

Piazza dei Miracoli, Italy The Piazza dei Miracoli is a very popular place in Pisa. A lot of travellers know it under the name of the Square of Miracles. The square is surrounded by the outstanding Medieval monuments. Together with the square, it became an important sightseeing of the universal importance. Near the square has placed the Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta of the 1603 year. There were used the most beautiful marble types. Also, the cathedral is decorated with 16-17th-century wall paintings. Complete article

Old Town of San Gimignano, Italy

Old Town of San Gimignano, Italy San Gimignano is a small walled medieval hill town in the province of Siena, Tuscany. It is one of the most beautiful and interesting towns in Tuscany. In 1990 its historical centre became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The historical symbol of the city is a complex of strengthening structures and 14 towers. Every tower has its own history because every tower was built by one local family. Complete article

Historical center of Siena, Italy

Historical center of Siena, Italy The historical part of Siena is also a world heritage site. This area has saved its Medieval aura. Piazza del Campo is a place where most of the excursions begin because around the square you can find a lot of interesting architectural buildings. A wonderful Palazzo Pubblico, a part of saved historical works – the Mangia Tower. Complete article

Crespi d Adda, Italy

Crespi d Adda, Italy In Lombardy, you can find an outstanding historical Crespi d'Adda village. All the territory is inscribed in the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Crespi d'Adda is an unusual factory village that was founded at the turn of XXth century. Cristoforo Benigno Crespi, a textile manufacturer from Busto Arsizio, bought the valley between the rivers Brembo and Adda, with the intention of installing a cotton mill on the banks of the Adda. Then there were built the factory and houses for workers. Complete article

Castel del Monte, Italy

Castel del Monte, Italy Near Andria has placed a marvellous and mysterious Castel del Monte. From Italian, it translates as a castle on the mountain. The name was given thanks to the location of the castle. Castel del Monte was built in 1240 at the direction of Friedrich II Rotbart. A great number of mysteries are connected with this emperor. There were rumours that the emperor was a secret member of the Teutonic Order and the castle was a place where the participants held meetings. Complete article

Old Town of Pienza, Italy

Old Town of Pienza, Italy The smallest town of Tuscany – Pienza – is one of the nicest in this area. Its population is not so big - just 2 000 people. Today it is quite hard to imagine that earlier on this territory was placed a small village. At the beginning of the 15th century Pius PP. II has rebuilt this village in a large town in Renaissance style. In 1459 the town has drastically changed. Complete article

Royal Palace of Caserta, Italy

Royal Palace of Caserta, Italy Royal Palace in Caserta is the largest building of the 18th century in Europe. That’s why it deserves a lot of touristic and architectural attention. The palace is covering an area of about 245 000 m2. There have placed 1200 rooms. It is unbelievable but the palace was built in 28 years from 1752 until 1780. The wonderful palace is surrounded by a huge park area. On its territory, you can see a lot of nice fountains and sculptures. The park has a great number of rare plants and trees. Complete article

Savoy Residences in Turin, Italy

Savoy Residences in Turin, Italy In Torino we can find palaces of an incredible beauty of Savoy Residences. In 1997 this architectural complex was included in a list of UNESCO world heritage site. In 1562, Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy, moved capital to Turin and commenced a series of building projects using the best architects available at the time. The palaces were built for the demonstration of wealth and power of Savoy Residence. Only the best materials and the most precious metals were used for inner and exterior decoration. Complete article

Botanical Garden of Padua, Italy

Botanical Garden of Padua, Italy In Padova you can find the oldest botanic garden of the world. It was set up in 1545. The garden was a special place for medicinal herbs production that was used at the faculty of the medical university. It was under the umbrella and locked with a high forbidding fence. Complete article

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast, Italy Amalfi Coast since 1997 is also a world heritage site. This region attracts with the natural sightseeing and the unique architecture. There is placed a world-known colourful Positiano Village. It was built at the edge of the mountain. Also, it is possible to get to the seaside from it. Painted houses are the old tradition of this places. People still colour their houses in bright colours. Panoramic photos, made from the coast, are placed in every regional guidebook. Complete article

Dolomiti, Italy

Dolomiti, Italy Dolomiti is the natural object of the world meaning. A lot of people know this mountain region as a nice place for skiing and snowboarding. Today this mountain group is a central object of the so-named national park. Its area is 15,9 thousand square meters. It has 18 peaks of 3 000 meters long. The highest peaks are covered with snow and lower areas are rich with beautiful pine and greenwood forest. Complete article
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