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Elegant interior, unusual location and exclusive services - what can modern bathing facilities offer to customers today? Saunas are visited by the inhabitants of different countries. And every country has its own, unique peculiarities of the bathing culture. Having visited one of the popular ski resorts, you can sweat right in a cabin of a gondola lift, and in Berlin, which is famous for its nightlife, you can even visit a sauna, stylized as a nightclub. True adherents of a healthy vacation will like a natural sauna located at the bottom of a deep cave, nature lovers will be able to find original saunas among impenetrable forests. Each of the saunas presented in the review is unique and deserves attention even those travellers who never considered themselves fans of a bath holiday.

Strasbourg Bains, France

In Strasbourg is located one of the oldest bath complexes in the world. Municipal Baths or City Public Baths are considered an important historical sight of the city and amaze with the luxury of decoration. Marble floor with complex patterns, chic faience baths and a beautiful finish made of natural wood - the bath complex is one of the most spectacular architectural monuments of the city. Municipal Baths are located in Strasbourg, Krutenau district, on the Victory Boulevard. They are a large complex with various types of saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools.

Strasbourg Bains, France The complex occupies a beautiful building in the neo-Romanesque style, which was built in 1908. At the beginning of the 20th century, a significant part of the apartments and houses of Strasbourg was not connected to the water supply system, so city authorities decided to build a large bath complex close to its center, which all citizens could use. Despite the fact that the public baths have long lost their important paramount importance, they still remain a favourite vacation spot for townspeople and attract a lot of tourists.

You can not only recover excellently and swim in a huge pool there. An excursion to the baths can replace a visit to the local museum. Numerous symbolic bas-reliefs, fine marble decorations and marvelous mosaics - you can see a lot of real works of art there. Tourists planning to visit Strasbourg Baths should take into account that taking pictures in the complex is prohibited. Next - Cadyville Sauna

Cadyville Sauna, United States

Cadyville Sauna, United States An original private Cadyville sauna, located in the state of New York, is sure to appeal to lovers of relaxation in picturesque places and eco-tourism enthusiasts. The sauna is in the vast forest, near a creek. It has been built in a rocky terrain. One of the walls of the steam room is replaced by a rock, and other walls are faced with mirror panels on the outside. Complete article

Sauna for All, Czech Republic

Sauna for All, Czech Republic One of the most original attractions of the Czech town of Liberec is "Sauna for All", one of the most famous and original in the world. Its main feature is the location. The sauna has been built on stilts right in the middle of the river. The second and no less important feature is that the sauna is absolutely free, which is fully reflected in its name. Complete article

Sauna-Bulb, Finland

Sauna-Bulb, Finland A real leader in the number of original baths and saunas is Finland. In the hospitable town of Turku, travallers will be able to visit an original sauna-garlic. A small building, in which it was opened, indeed resembles a garlic with its outlines, a unique similarity is emphasized by the walls painted in yellow. The unusual sauna has one more feature - internal acoustics, which varies depending on how water gets to the heater. Complete article

Saunabus, Finland

Saunabus, Finland Guests of Helsinki can order a wheeled bus sauna for recreation. This is a classic Finnish sauna, which has been furnished in a big bus. The latter did not lose its original purpose after modernization. The sauna can be ordered to any neighbourhood of the city and to the surrounding areas. Some tourists go by this bus to watch city sights. Complete article

Sauna-Tram, Italy

Sauna-Tram, Italy In Milan you can also visit an unusual sauna, which has been opened in an old tram. The sauna is quite large and can accommodate up to ten people at a time. Sauna visitors are offered to relax by an unusual event - watching a documentary about the history of trams. A remarkable sauna and unusual location, it was installed on the dead-end branch of the old railway tracks. Complete article

Bath Gloskar, Finland

Bath Gloskar, Finland Travellers who rest in Finland near Lake Larsmo, have an opportunity to visit a sauna, which is located on a real ferry. It has been built on a unique project and represents an impressive size complex, whose weight is 36 tons. A very beautiful sauna has been built on the ferry. It resembles a fairy-tale castle, up to 20 people at a time can have rest in it. Guests of the sauna are served by a professional crew. They will have an opportunity not only to soak in a real Finnish sauna, but also to make an unforgettable water trip on lake Larsmo. Complete article

Banja Funicular, Finland

Banja Funicular, Finland Those who are not afraid of heights, will surely like an original cable car bath. It was opened in the most ordinary cabin of the gondola lift, which, among the others, is distinguished only by a beautiful finish made of light wood. The "extreme sauna" in located the famous La Jolla ski resort. The cabin of the lift, in which it was equipped, rises to a height of 500 meters in 40 minutes and descends back, visitors of the sauna will have an opportunity to enjoy incredibly beautiful landscapes of snow-capped mountains during the rest. Complete article

Gellert Gyogyfurdo, Hungary

Gellert Gyogyfurdo, Hungary Budapest is famous for its unique thermal springs and baths. No wonder that one of the most beautiful bathing complexes in the world is located in the Hungarian capital. Thermal bath Gellert forms a single complex with a hotel of the same name and has been named after a high hill, at the foot of which it is located. The main feature of the historical thermal bath, built more than a century ago, is its unique architecture. Complete article

Daikoku-yu, Japan

Daikoku-yu, Japan For residents of Japan, bathing is also an important part of their national culture. Japanese public baths or sento are widespread in the country. They are significantly different from European, the main features of sento public baths are lack of rush and full observance of the ritual of rest. One of the most popular national baths should be looked for in Tokyo, Daikoku-Yu was opened in 1927. Complete article

Liquidrom Bath, Germany

Liquidrom Bath, Germany In 2005, the opening of a unique bath complex "Liquidrom" took place in Berlin, which is a cross between a state-of-the-art sauna and a night club. The complex occupies a spectacular building in a futuristic style, it has a chic panoramic sauna and a real Finnish sauna, as well as massage rooms and even a salt cave. One of the favourite places of rest for visitors is a huge swimming pool with artistic lighting. The pool is filled with sea water, and also supplemented by a special system of underwater music. Complete article

Grotta Giusti, Italy

Grotta Giusti, Italy Tourists who prefer recreation in picturesque areas can go to Tuscany. Here is a unique bath complex, which was opened in the natural cave of Giusti. Now it is a part of the infrastructure of the prestigious Grotta Giusti Resort Golf & Spa Tuscany. The depth of the cave in which the thermal complex has been built is about 200 meters, on its bottom there is a hot spring. Complete article

Bath Friedrichsbad, Germany

Bath Friedrichsbad, Germany Modern Baden-Baden will also surprise its guests with a unique historical bath complex. In 1869, at the initiative of the Duke of Frederick I, beautiful public baths were built in the city, which became a tribute to the traditions of the past centuries. Once upon a time in the territory of the modern city there were ancient Roman baths, bathing in which was the best way to restore physical and emotional health. The historical baths of Friedrichsbad are characterized by an incredibly beautiful design. Rare species of marble and wood were used for their decoration. Complete article

Sauna Deco, Netherlands

Sauna Deco, Netherlands A real landmark of national importance for the Netherlands is a Deco sauna, located in Amsterdam. This small sauna, located in the heart of the city, is a true embodiment of the Art Deco style. In its interior there is a variety of exquisite elements made of bronze. A special charm of the room is attached to stained glass windows and unique antiques. Complete article

Dragon Hill Spa, Korea

Dragon Hill Spa, Korea In Korea, the most amazing bath complex called Dragon Hill Spa is in Seoul. It is often called "Disneyland Bath" and is a real center for family leisure, In the seven-storey complex, in addition to traditional saunas and swimming pools, there are many more interesting places to relax. In the center is a large spa, as well as a fitness center equipped with modern sports equipment and massage rooms. For the convenience of guests, several cosy restaurants and cafes are opened in the complex, and a golf course is located in the open adjacent territory. Complete article
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