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Everyone is used to admire the legendary wonders of the world. Those are famous because of old myths and legends. However, there is also a lot of amazing man-made structures in the modern world. Enormous statues, temples and mosques strike with their incredible beauty. Those ones, as well as unique museums and mysterious ancient palaces can definitely be called a New Wonder of the World. In 2007, a list of the New Wonders of the World was formed. It introduced a small particle of the incredible architectural and cultural monuments, which the mankind has been creating during hundreds of years. In fact, the amount of the outstanding attractions of world significance is very large. Every affectionate traveler has to see them.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat temple located in Cambodia is one of the top large scale religious buildings of the world. It is the great monument of Khmer art known throughout the world. The luxurious temple dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu covers an area of ​​over 400 square meters. The three-tier structure with a complex system of passages and stairways is amazing. Construction of this outstanding temple took place in second half of the 12th century. Three centuries later,  the unique temple has come to a complete desolation.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia Europeans got acknowledged about this prominent religious sight in the second half of the 19th century. Since then the awesome temple was attracting an incredible number of travelers and explorers every year. The main attraction of Cambodia hides many secrets, especially those associated with the temple construction technology. It is composed of a surprisingly smooth stones that resemble polished marble. Masonry was carried out without the use of any solution. At the same time, the temple remains in good condition for more than 800 years.

Carved walls are fascinating. You can see the images of mythical characters, scenes from famous literary works, as well as war scenes along the temple. In total, there are over a thousand unique bas-reliefs on the walls of Angkor Wat. The fact that construction of the temple took a little more than 30 years makes it even more unique. Recent studies have also found out that the process of construction was accurately correlated with a number of astronomical events. Next - Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal, India The mausoleum and mosque of Taj Mahal is an outstanding architectural monument of world importance. It's located in the Indian city of Agra. Construction of the mausoleum lasted for 21 year and was completed in 1653. The story of its creation is incredibly interesting, tragic, and romantic at the same time. The mosque was built on the orders of Shah Jahan, the Mughal sultan. He decided to devote this magnificent building to his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, who died in childbirth of fourteenth child. Complete article

Neon Museum Boneyard, USA

Neon Museum Boneyard, USA Quite an unusual and unique center of global importance can be found in Las Vegas. This colorful city impresses with its fast rhythm of life. There travelers will have an opportunity to visit the Neon Museum, which is one of a kind. It has a vast open area, where hundreds of neon signs are collected. Once they adorned the city's popular casinos and hotels, and, after, went broken or became obsolete. The staff mends all signs that arrive in the Neon Museum Boneyard, so visitors will be able to enjoy bright lights in the dark. Complete article

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru One of the amazing wonders of the world that managed to survive to the present day is in Peru. That's the famous ancient citadel of Machu Picchu located in a picturesque mountainous area at an altitude of 2 450 meters above sea level. It was called the New Wonder of the World in 2007. Many amazing legends and mysteries tell about the city in the sky. By the way, until now researchers hesitate about the date of foundation. Complete article

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, United Arab Emirates

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, United Arab Emirates Located in Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the world. It was named in honor of the first President of UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The official opening of the mosque took place in 2007. The premises occupy 5 627 square meters.  Walls of the mosque can accommodate up to 40 000 people simultaneously. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque amazes with its elegant decoration. It is a true world champion by a number of features. Complete article

Camera Obscura and World of Illusions, United Kingdom

Camera Obscura and World of Illusions, United Kingdom The Edinburgh museum called The Camera Obscura and World of Illusions is a place, where miracle means a lot. Here, visitors have an opportunity to see the real inexplicable miracles. The interactive museum shows its visitors an amazing collection of color, light and optical illusions. Complete article

Sagrada Familia, Spain

Sagrada Familia, Spain Fans of outstanding attractions usually visit the Temple of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. That's the most famous long-term construction in the world and the outstanding work of Antonio Gaudi. Construction of the temple began in 1882 and still continues today. The first project of the temple has been represented by the well-known architect, Francisco del Villar. A year later, a work on the project was continued by Antonio Gaudi. He has made significant amendments to the original draft. Complete article

Duomo di Milano, Italy

Duomo di Milano, Italy No less famous is the Milan Cathedral or Duomo di Milano located in the heart of the historic district. It's considered a shining example of the outstanding architectural style, Flamboyant Gothic. Construction of this cathedral  took several hundred years. The process has begun in 1386 and was completed only in the 19th century. The Milan Cathedral is the fifth largest in the world. The spectacular architectural structure is characterized by a variety of spiers and fine sculptures, a complex system of pointed towers and turrets. Complete article

Electric Ladyland Fluorescent Museum, Netherlands

Electric Ladyland Fluorescent Museum, Netherlands In Amsterdam, travelers will have an opportunity to visit the surreal Electric Ladyland Museum, the world's only museum of the fluorescence, which strikes with colors and incredible exhibits. The founder of the museum is the unusual local resident Nick Padalino. He decided to name his museum after the last album of Jimi Hendrix. The museum is a wonderful gallery with a collection of rocks and minerals of the most incredible shapes and sizes. Artistic lighting makes forms really unusual. Thanks to light common gray stones are painted in a rainbow of colors. Complete article

Alcatraz Museum, USA

Alcatraz Museum, USA Travelers who prefer to visit the most unusual museums in the world are sure to pay their attention to Alcatraz Island Museum in USA. Guests of this unique museum don't walk along poorly lit halls and watch strange exhibits. They travel to the amazing island located in the San Francisco Bay. Complete article

Golden Gate Bridge, USA

Golden Gate Bridge, USA Golden Gate Bridge can be called an outstanding man-made structure. It's laid in San Francisco, USA, across the bay of the same name. The bridge was opened in 1937. It connects the city of San Francisco and the southern part of Marin County. From its opening and until 1964, it remained the longest suspension bridge in the world, with the length of 2 737 meters. Complete article

Church of Savior on Blood, Russia

Church of Savior on Blood, Russia The unique architectural structure, which has the full right to be called the new wonder of the world, is found in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Church of the Savior on Blood owes its unusual name to a historical event. In 1881, the Russian Emperor Alexander II was mortally wounded at that place. The temple was originally built as a monument to Tsar-Martyr, donations for its construction were collected throughout Russia. Complete article

Alhambra Castle, Spain

Alhambra Castle, Spain The special place among the prominent attractions of Spain is occupied by the Alhambra Castle. This unique architectural monument has witnessed many important historical events. The citadel is located on al-Sabika hill at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level. The initiator of its construction was Mohammed I, the Moorish ruler. In the middle of the 13th century he ordered to build new fortifications on top of the mountain. The fortress has being constructed for more than several centuries. Every year, it was expanded and supplemented with new buildings and picturesque gardens. Complete article

Eiffel Tower, France

Eiffel Tower, France It's difficult to find someone who would be unfamiliar with the main attraction of Paris, the Eiffel Tower. This architectural landmark was named after the author, the architect Gustave Eiffel. The unusual tower with an arch was built for the opening of the World Expo, which took place in Paris in 1889. The structure served as the entrance arch. Initially, the tower, whose height is 324 meters, was planned as a temporary structure, but after the end of the exhibition it wasn’t taken away. Complete article

Christ The Redeemer, Brazil

Christ The Redeemer, Brazil Christ the Redeemer monument is the most important national symbol of Brazil. It was officially elected as one of the seven new wonders of the world. The concrete statue is located atop of Corcovado Mountain in Rio de Janeiro. The height of the structure is 38 meters. The idea of ​​building the statue appeared in 1921, on the eve of the hundredth of Independence Day of Brazil. Authorities in Rio that at the time was the capital of Brazil immediately ordered the construction of a new monument. Already in 1931, Brazil had the new national symbol. Complete article
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