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Killers of fishing. The Most Impressive Dams on Earth

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Can enormous constructions of concrete and stones be attractive to tourists? Yes, they can if it is wonderful earth dams. Some of them were built for electricity, others for fresh water capacity in the torrid regions. The highest dams suppress thousands of cubic meters water. In a case of the failure of dam, there will be a great disaster. It is hard to believe that these wonderful blue water huge reservoirs could be destroying. Dams stand against the destroying water power. A great number of dams became attractive for tourists because they are located in the picturesque natural areas.

Jinping-I Dam, China

Jinping-I Dam, located in China, is included in a list of the Guinness Book of World Records. It is the highest working dam in the world. Dam’s arches are 305 meters high. In 2012 it was commissioned. It took 7 years to build such tremendous construction. Jinping-I Dam is an integral part of the so-named hydro-electric power station. The dam is located in lower reaches of a river Yalung. It is important to note that it was built not only for electricity-generating needs.

Jinping-I Dam, China The area where the dam has placed often suffers from floods. This dam was built to prevent the region from this too. Thanks to the dam building, the soil erosion problem was solved. Earlier it was the second-place problem of this area. Jinping-I Dam is quite a complex technical construction. Engineers have foreseen everything, they knew about the often earthquakes in this region and this dam has to stand against them.

Dam’s length is 569 meters long. About 5 million cube meters of concrete were used for its building. This huge construction has located on the territory of Sichuan Village, near the body of Yalong River. This river will have more dams in the nearest future. Jinping-I Dam is the first in a plan of dams building. The main problem that disturbs builders is where to move people. During the Jinping-I Dam building, about 7,5 thousand locals were moved from these territories. Next - Chicoasen Dam

Chicoasen Dam, Mexico

Chicoasen Dam, Mexico Chicoasen Dam is a rock-fill Mexican dam. It was beginning to build in 1974. In 1980 it has begun to work, since that time, it became the biggest dam in North America. Its height is 261 meters and length 485 meters. The reservoir’s size is 52 600 square meters, about 1,6 billion cube meters of water stays here. Complete article

Gilgel Gibe III Dam, Ethiopia

Gilgel Gibe III Dam, Ethiopia Gilgel Gibe III Dam is the highest dam in Africa. The dam began to work several years ago, in 2015. As we know, Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world, that’s why the building of the dam became a major industrial step forward. Gilgel Gibe III Dam was built on Omo River. It is the third and most powerful in the cascade. The highest dam in Africa is 246 meters high and 610 meters wide. Complete article

Oroville Dam, USA

Oroville Dam, USA In California on the Feather River has placed Oroville Dam that is one of the most attractive in the world. This is a rockfill dam that has been built from 1961 until 1668. Oroville Dam is the largest in the world, 2 110 meters long and 235 meters high. This dam became known for the world in 2017 after a serious accident. Complete article

Mratinje Dam, Montenegro

Mratinje Dam, Montenegro Mratinje Dam is situated in Montenegro. It was built there in 1976. The dam is 220 meters high and 268 meters long. The dam is located in the canyon of Piva River. Now the dam is one of the largest in Europe. When the dam was built canyon of Piva was fully flooded. Now there you can see a wonderful lake, second-largest in the country. Complete article

San Roque Dam, Philippines

San Roque Dam, Philippines San Roque Dam in the Philippines is one of the biggest rock-filled dams in the world. It is placed on the Arno River. This dam is in a list of 20 largest dams of the planet. Its high is 200 meter and width – 1 200 meters. The dam composes a large artificial lake, which area is about 12 000 square meters. Complete article

Bakun Dam, Malaysia

Bakun Dam, Malaysia Bakun Dam has placed on the Balui River. This Malaysian dam is known all over the world, it adores with its tremendous size. Its height is 205 meters, length – 750 meters. The dam has been built for 15 years, the building was finished in 2011. The dam was built in order to power the area with electricity. Today Bakun Dam provide with electricity different parts of the country, such as Eastern Malaysia. Complete article

Almendra Dam, Spain

Almendra Dam, Spain Almendra Dam is located near the so-named Spanish village. Its height is about 200 meters. The dam has an artificial lake with area of 90 square meters. Its length is quite big – 567 meters. The dam has been built for 6 years from 1964 until 1970. The second name of this arch dam is "Villarino". Since the building the dam became a part of the huge water power system Duero Drops. Complete article

El Cajon Dam, Honduras

El Cajon Dam, Honduras El Cajon Dam was built in Honduras in 1985. Its height is 226 meters and length 282 meters. This dam was built on the Comayagua River that has the wild and headlong stream. The dam had to minimize the threat of flooding of this area. Engineers from the whole world took part in the building of this dam. There were specialists from Germany, Italy and even Switzerland. Complete article

Xiluodu Daba, China

Xiluodu Daba, China One of the largest dams in the world is situated in China on the Yangtze River. The height of Xiluodu Dam is 285,5 meters, 700 meters length. The dam and the power station took their names from the nearby Xiluodu Province. Originally this dam was built not only for electrical power but also for improvement of water quality. Complete article

Alberto Lleras Dam, Colombia

Alberto Lleras Dam, Colombia Alberto Lleras Dam is another touristic place of interest in Columbia. People usually call it "Alberto Lleras" as the principal software engineer. Nevertheless, the official name of the dam is Guavio Dam, in honour of the river. The dam was taken into use in 1989. Its height is 243 meters and length 390 meters. The artificial reservoir’s volume is 4 200 cube meters. Complete article

Karun-4 Dam, Iran

Karun-4 Dam, Iran Several dams has placed in Iran on the Karun River. The biggest is Karun-4 Dam. This arch dam was put into service in 2010. The dam has been built for 13 years. Its high is 230 meters and width 440 meters. The main peculiarity of this dam is the location – a narrow rocky ravine. This huge concrete structure looks splendid along with the mountain walls. Complete article

La Yesca Dam, Mexico

La Yesca Dam, Mexico La Yesca Dam is a world known dam in Mexico. It has begun to work only in 2012. The 220 meters high dam has been built for 5 years. La Yesca Dam is a 628 meters long rock-fill dam with a solid concrete pavement. The dam is located on the Santiago River near Guadalajara. Today it is quite popular touristic place of interest. Complete article

Dworshak Dam, USA

Dworshak Dam, USA Dworshak Dam is in a top 3 highest dams in the USA. Its height is 219 meters. This concrete gravity dam is a unique engendering construction. It has been building for 7 years and was finished in 1973. It does not only generate power but also saves the region from the floods. The first dam project was made even in 1953. For several years, specialists have been choosing the right place for dam building and place for the reservoir. Complete article
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