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Architectural elements preserved in their original form, a variety of unique historical and artistic artifacts, mysterious dungeons, and personal belongings of former famous owners – the greatest France castles have many interesting things that can surprise their guests. You can visit ancient castles in various regions of the country today. Some of them were built more than a thousand years ago. Some of them became famous for their participation in great battles. Other castles are known as former residences of French kings. Some castles served as prisons hundreds of years ago. Other castles were transformed into unique cultural centers during the Renaissance.

Chateau de Chateauneuf, France

The ancient Château de Châteauneuf is located in the commune of the same name in France. It was built in the 12th century. The first major reconstruction of the fortress took place in the 15th century. It has remained almost unchanged since then. The historical monument is located in the valley of the Burgundy Canal in an incredibly beautiful area. A rocky outcrop was chosen as the site of the castle. Its height is 475 meters. Château de Châteauneuf is almost a thousand years old. But it never ceases to amaze with its unapproachable appearance and impressive scale.

Chateau de Chateauneuf, France The length of the stone building is 75 meters. Its width is 35 meters. The castle has changed more than a dozen owners over hundreds of years of existence. But Catherine de Châteauneuf is considered its most famous owner. A beautiful girl with a strong-willed character and unearthly beauty became the owner of the castle at the age of 20. The history of the Gothic fortress was filled with incredible love intrigues and tragic stories from that moment.

The castle was badly damaged during the revolution. Georges de Vogue became the last owner of the fortress. He purchased it in 1936. The castle was donated by him to the state afterward. Château de Châteauneuf is a historical monument of national significance today. You can visit it all year round. Guests of the castle can see the preserved elements of its old decoration, a collection of antique furniture, and works of art during the tour. A walk through the courtyards and surrounding grounds of the castle is a mandatory part of the tour. There are many interesting hidden places on the territory of large-scale construction. Next - La Conciergerie

La Conciergerie, France

La Conciergerie, France The Royal Conciergerie Castle is one of the main attractions of Paris. Its history dates back to the 6th century. King Clovis initiated the construction of a castle on the island of Cité. Paris officially became the royal residence after the construction of the fortress. Each of the subsequent owners of the royal palace brought changes to it. The building combines elements of a wide variety of architectural styles today. The history of the Conciergerie as a royal residence ended in the 14th century. King Charles V was the last owner of the castle. He decided to set up his residence in the Louvre. The ancient castle in Cité was transformed into the Palace of Justice. Complete article

Chateau de Culan, France

Chateau de Culan, France The medieval castle of Culan is located in the valley of the River Arnon. The very first wooden was built fortress in its place more than a thousand years ago. It fell into disrepair after 10 years. The fortress was destroyed at this time. Construction of the new fortress began in the 12th century. The continuous formation of the new defensive structure lasted for more than 300 years. The beautiful castle has changed many famous owners. It belonged to Admiral Maximilien de Bethune in the second half of the 14th century. The castle came into the possession of the Duke of Sully at the end of the 16th century. Complete article

Chateau de Vincennes, France

Chateau de Vincennes, France The beautiful Castle of Vincennes was built for the French kings in the 14th century. The hunting estate was located on its site earlier. The castle was located on the territory of a vast forest at the time of construction. The large city of Vincennes has formed around it over the years. It is one of the main suburbs of Paris today. One of the first major reformations of the castle took place during the reign of Philip VI, in the 14th century. The castle significantly expanded its scope during this period. It had a new tower built. Its height was 52 meters. Complete article

Chateau de Chateaudun, France

Chateau de Chateaudun, France Chateaudun is one of the most beautiful castles of the Loire. It is located in the city of the same name. The castle was built in the 12th century. The area of the fortress was significantly expanded in the second half of the 15th century. It has remained almost unchanged since then. The old tower-donjon is preserved in the castle. Its height is 31 meters. A large chapel is also preserved in the castle. It attracts with its unique design. Complete article

Chateau de Malbrouck, France

Chateau de Malbrouck, France Malbrouck Castle is located in the vicinity of Metz. It is considered an outstanding historical landmark in France today. Its construction was started by the order of Arnold VI von Sierck in 1419. The fortress was recognized as one of the most powerful in the region later. It became one of the most important defensive structures. Many famous military leaders and wealthy dukes have owned the castle over the years. The castle was privately owned until 1793. Complete article

Chateau d Amboise, France

Chateau d Amboise, France Amboise Castle is the main historical symbol of the city of the same name. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Count Fulk “Nerra” was the first owner of the fortress. It was run by the Amboise family for a long time during the Middle Ages. The building acquired its present appearance at the end of the 15th century. Charles VIII was the owner of the castle during this period. He invited the best Italian architects and artists to carry out the reconstruction in his main residence. The Castle of Amboise acquired unique features of the Renaissance during this period. Complete article

Chateau d Angers, France

Chateau d Angers, France The beautiful Angers Castle is one of the largest in France. Its total area is about 25,000 square meters. The very first fortification was built in its place in the 3rd century. The territory of the present city of Angers was under the rule of the Roman Empire at that time. The Romans built the first fortress here to protect the conquered lands from barbarian tribes. The fortification lasted until the 9th century. It came under the jurisdiction of the County of Anjou in 851. Complete article

Chateau de Loches, France

Chateau de Loches, France Loches Castle is located in the Loire Valley. It was built in the early 9th century. It attracts attention with its unique architecture today. The oldest donjon tower in France is preserved in this castle. Count Fulk Nerra built the very first stone fortress in this place. He was a famous conqueror. The Count was famous for his cruel temper. The construction of the donjon was begun in 1005. It lasted more than 60 years. The tower's height was 38 meters after completion. The thickness of the walls of the tower reached 3 meters. It was considered almost impregnable. Complete article

Chateau d If, France

Chateau d If, France Chateau d If is located on the island of the same name in the Mediterranean Sea. It can be called one of the most famous castles in the world today. The fortification was built for the defense of Marseille in 1531. King Francis I initiated the construction of the fortress. However, the fortress was transformed into a prison less than a hundred years later. Especially dangerous criminals were kept in it. Chateau d If retained this gloomy status until the 19th century. It was decided to open a museum in it after the prison closed. Complete article

Chateau de Rivau, France

Chateau de Rivau, France Château du Rivau is located in the commune of Lémeré. It also deserves the attention of fans of walking through historical places. The first fortification was built on its site in the 13th century. It was a fortified feudal dwelling at that time. It was quite small in the area. Pierre de Beauvau, who was close to the royal court, became the owner of the castle in the early 15th century. It was under his leadership that a small fortified building was transformed into an impregnable castle. Complete article

Chateau de Lichtenberg, France

Chateau de Lichtenberg, France The defensive castle of Lichtenberg was built in the 13th century. It is named after its first owners, the noble Lichtenberg family. The castle was distinguished by a very beautiful and refined design from the moment of construction. Many unique architectural elements were lost in the 17th century. The army of Louis XIV captured the castle at this time. The castle retained its important strategic importance until the 19th century. It gradually fell into disrepair later. Complete article

Chateau de Chaumont-sur-Loire, France

Chateau de Chaumont-sur-Loire, France The beautiful Chateau de Chaumont-sur-Loire is located on the banks of the Loire River. It attracts travelers with its well-preserved architecture and wonderful surrounding landscapes. The exterior of the building is an amazing combination of Renaissance and romantic style. An old English garden has been preserved on the grounds of the castle. You can see majestic trees nearby. They were planted in these places more than a hundred years ago. It is not surprising that such a beautiful place is used for the annual International Festival of Landscape Art. Complete article

Chateau du Haut-Koenigsbourg, France

Chateau du Haut-Koenigsbourg, France You can visit the medieval château du Haut-Koenigsbourg in the town of Selestat. It is surrounded by a large park on top of a hill. It is difficult to assume that the castle was built a little over a hundred years ago looking at this castle today. The fortress was built in the Middle Ages. It lay in ruins in the 19th century. It was completely restored for Kaiser Wilhelm II. Complete article

Chateau de Montbeliard, France

Chateau de Montbeliard, France Montbéliard Castle is the main historical symbol of the city of the same name. It is located on the top of a cliff. The small settlement was located at the foot of the cliff during the reign of the Roman Empire. The first observation tower was built to protect it. The first official mention of the current castle dates back to the 11th century. Representatives of the Montbéliard House were its owners during the early Middle Ages. Complete article
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