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Remnants of empire. Monuments of Byzantium: the most famous buildings

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Huge domes with unusual external and internal design, elegant windows with rounded tops, artful mosaics, and frescoes – all these elements are characteristic of the classical Byzantine style. It reached its peak in the 5th century. However, beautiful buildings in the Byzantine style were also built in the Middle Ages, as well as in the Renaissance. You can see beautiful old temples and castles in various cities around the world today. Cultural centers and even markets are located in some spectacular Byzantine buildings today. Even though a single architectural style unites all buildings, each of them has its unique fate.

Basilica di San Lorenzo, Italy

The Basilica of St Lawrence is located in Milan. It is a unique architectural monument. Its age is more than one and a half thousand years. The very first mention of the basilica dates back to the 4th century. The exact date of its construction is unknown. According to some assumptions, Bishop Ambrose was the initiator of the construction of the basilica. It has been rebuilt several times over the years. But it still managed to keep the overall architectural style.

Basilica di San Lorenzo, Italy A new bell tower was built in it in the 12th century. You can see it even today. Late Antique mosaics are preserved in it. They are considered the main value of the basilica. It was originally built in the Byzantine style. The remaining four towers are its reminding today. They make the basilica look like Hagia Sophia. It is located in Istanbul. The religious monument is interesting not only for its interior decoration and the variety of artifacts today. Its beautiful surrounding area is also noteworthy.

Several symbolic monuments are installed next to the basilica. A series of antique columns is the most unusual element of the surrounding area. They are preserved fragments of ancient Roman buildings. These columns were part of the baths in the 3rd century AD. The Basilica of St Lawrence has lost almost half of its values and original design elements for more than a thousand years of existence. A beautiful fresco has been preserved on the wall behind the main altar. Visitors can also see an ancient sculpture of Padre Pio. Its age is more than a thousand years. The painting under the dome was made already in the Middle Ages. But it continues to be considered a true work of art. Next - Moody Church

Moody Church, USA

Moody Church, USA Moody Church is a real Chicago landmark. It is named after its founder. Dwight L. Moody came to Chicago from Boston in 1856. He was an ordinary shoemaker. However, he became known around the world as a religious preacher. Moody was the founder of several religious schools. The number of his followers became so large over time that it required the construction of a permanent building. So a beautiful Byzantine-style church appeared in Chicago. The Sunday school continues to operate there even today. Complete article

Saint Marks Basilica, Italy

Saint Marks Basilica, Italy Basilica of Saint Mark is one of the outstanding architectural monuments of Venice. Many connoisseurs of historical architecture call it "a piece of ancient Byzantium in modern Europe". The cathedral is valued not only for its unique architectural style but also for the variety of religious relics and works of art kept in it. The year 829 is considered the date of the basilica's foundation. It was in this year that the holy relics of the Apostle Mark were delivered to the city. They are kept in the cathedral today. They are considered to be its main relic. The holy relics of the Apostle Mark attract thousands of pilgrims from all over the world. Complete article

Smederevo Fortress, Serbia

Smederevo Fortress, Serbia Smederevo Fortress is located in the city of the same name. It is located in an incredibly beautiful area on the banks of the great Danube River. The construction of the defensive structure took place in the first half of the 15th century. The city of Smederevo has formed around the fortress afterward. The fortress is a monumental complex of impressive dimensions. It is built in the shape of an irregular triangle. Complete article

Uzhgorod Synagogue, Ukraine

Uzhgorod Synagogue, Ukraine The building of an ancient synagogue has been preserved in the Ukrainian city of Uzhhorod. It is also a striking example of the Byzantine style. Its construction was completed in 1904. The synagogue is not used for its intended purpose today. The Regional Philharmonic Hall is located in it. The construction of the synagogue was carried out on the donations of wealthy Jews from the local community. The building has a beautiful exterior and rich interior decoration. Complete article

Basilica of San Vitale, Italy

Basilica of San Vitale, Italy A beautiful early Christian basilica is also preserved in Ravenna. It is considered a striking example of the Byzantine style. It was named after Saint Vitale. The basilica has been a UNESCO site since 1996. Unique mosaics are considered to be its main value. They managed to survive in their original form after hundreds of years. Construction of the basilica began in 527. The Bishop of Ecclesia was its founder. Complete article

Venetian Arsenal, Italy

Venetian Arsenal, Italy The Venetian Arsenal is also an architectural landmark of world significance. It was built to equip warships in 1104. The Republic of Venice actively participated in the Crusades in the early 12th century. It needed powerful warships. The arsenal building was significantly expanded in the 14th century. New buildings were built for it. Many historical buildings managed to survive unchanged to this day. Complete article

Sacre-Coeur Basilica, France

Sacre-Coeur Basilica, France Guests of Paris can see the Sacre Coeur Basilica. It is also an interesting example of the Byzantine style in architecture. Its construction began in 1875. It lasted until 1914. The building is striking in its scale. The height of the bell tower of the church is 94 meters. It is not surprising that it is in this basilica that you can see the largest bell in the French capital. It is called "Savoyarde". The basilica is located at the top of Montmartre hill. It is the highest point in the city. Complete article

Hagia Sophia, Turkey

Hagia Sophia, Turkey Hagia Sophia has been a hallmark of Istanbul for hundreds of years. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site today. The very first cathedral was built in its place by order of Emperor Constantine in 360. As shown by the research of archaeologists, the ancient acropolis was located in its place earlier. Its surviving fragments were actively used during construction. The very first cathedral was destined to last only 75 years. It was destroyed by fire. Complete article

Wilshire Boulevard Temple, USA

Wilshire Boulevard Temple, USA You can see a very interesting temple on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. It is the most striking example of Byzantine architecture in the city. The beautiful building with a huge dome and rosette windows was built as a synagogue for the local Jewish community in 1862. Construction and decoration of the building were fully completed in 1929. The height of the spectacular building is more than 40 meters. The diameter of its dome is about 30 meters. The huge dome has a yellow-orange finish. Therefore, it looks most impressive on a sunny day. Complete article

Cadogan Hall, England

Cadogan Hall, England You can visit many concert halls in London. But Cadogan Hall is considered one of the most unusual and interesting. It is located next to a beautiful public garden in the Chelsea area. A wealthy art connoisseur named Mohammed Al Fayed is the founder of the concert hall. The building in which the concert hall is located today was a church in the past. It lost its religious significance in a certain period. The historic building has been in disrepair for several years. Complete article

Church of All Nations, Israel

Church of All Nations, Israel The beautiful Church of All Nations is located in the Garden of Gethsemane in Israel. It was built by a famous Italian architect in 1924. The stone is kept in the church. It is its main value. Jesus Christ was in the Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane on this stone. Pilgrims from all over the world come to worship this great shrine. The church attracts ordinary travelers with its unique architecture and interior design. Complete article

Fonthill, USA

Fonthill, USA The ancient Fonthill Castle is considered one of the most mystical and beautiful castles in the United States today. It was built in four years. The construction work was fully completed in 1912. Archaeologist Henry Mercer was the first and one of the most famous owners of the castle. It was under his leadership that the finishing work of all forty-four rooms took place. All the rooms in the castle were decorated by hand. The interior was a unique combination of Gothic and Byzantine styles. Complete article

Arnolfini, England

Arnolfini, England Arnolfini Art Center is located in Bristol. The most beautiful historical building of the first half of the 19th century became the place of its location. A large tea warehouse was located in this building in the past. The art center was founded here in 1961. The art center is used for a wide variety of events today. Several art galleries operate in it. There is a modern cinema here. A popular bookstore and cafe are located on the ground floor. Complete article

West Side Market, USA

West Side Market, USA The West Side Market is a true Cleveland historic landmark. It is the oldest active market in the city. The opening of the market took place in 1840. The building originally built for it was quite small. The city's population grew over the years. The market has expanded several times for this reason. The building, which visitors to Cleveland can see today, was finally completed in 1912. It remains almost unchanged to the present time. Complete article
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